Going Nuts – 72% Americans Will Hit Emotional Breakdown If Lockdown Orders Are Not Lifted By Mid-June

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Apr 29 2020
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Australia, New Zealand and South Korea are among a few countries that have managed to contain the Coronavirus outbreak, allowing them to gradually re-open their economies and lift the lockdown orders. They now join China in restarting manufacturing and other business sectors. The favourite Bondi Beach reopens to swimmers and surfers in Sydney effective April 28.


In Europe, some countries have also started taking some steps to end the lockdown since a week ago, even though they’re still fighting with Covid-19. Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Austria and Germany are some that allow non-essential shops like bookstores, car showrooms, flower shops, hardware stores, hair and beauty salons, and even schools to re-open.


In Italy, a series of restrictions will be lifted as soon as May 4, including the manufacturing sector. For the first time in six weeks of complete lockdown on March 17, children in Spain are allowed to go out for a maximum of an hour. In France, President Emmanuel Macron has announced the ease of lockdown on May 11, the same day that Netherlands’ day-care centres and elementary schools will re-open.

Coronavirus - Germany - Sanitizer and Face Mask

Economy and unemployment are the two biggest reasons countries in the European Union have no choice but to gradually lift the lockdown. For example, Germany’s unemployment has dropped to a “historic low”, according to the latest barometer revealed by the German economic institute Ifo. All 4 sectors – manufacturing, construction, services and trade – saw sharply lower employment.


Similarly, economy and unemployment are the biggest reason why U.S. President Donald Trump is furious about the Coronavirus pandemic. With 6 months left before the 2020 Presidential Election, Trump and the White House have little options but to put all the blame on China. It’s easier to blame the Chinese than to defend Trump’s late response to the outbreak.


But there’s another reason why the U.S., despite leading the chart in both the number of Coronavirus cases and death toll, has also begun lifting the lockdown orders. While it’s true that Asia has controlled the virus more effectively than the U.S. and Europe because by default the Asians are more obedient, it’s a different story with the Western countries, especially the Americans.

Coronavirus - Americans Wants Freedom Rejects Lockdown

Americans are growing more and more impatient with the lockdown. As the champion of democracy and human rights, most Americans don’t like to be caged and told to stay at home. Having lived a life of freedom, it’s only natural that most of the people in this nation are not able to bear the life of a lockdown much longer. They missed very much going out for a movie or patronizing a restaurant.


In a 20-minute survey done by Kelton Global from April 3-6, a whopping 72% of 1,895 U.S. citizens over the age of 18 said they would most likely reach a “breaking point” by mid-June. Yes, they would snap if the “stay at home” orders are not lifted by then. And if the lockdown lasts more than 6 months, 100% of the respondents said they would basically go nuts.


In fact, when the survey was first carried out, 16% said they had already hit their breaking point. Interestingly, of those who admitted they had snapped, 20% were women while 12% were men. The study also found that 50% of the women believed they will reach the emotional break-down within 4 weeks and 76% said they would in 2 months.

Coronavirus - Americans Wear Mask

In the same breath, the research discovered that Generation-Z were more susceptible to emotional meltdown – 35% of those of those aged 18-24 as compared to 22% among those aged 45 and above. It also exposed the issue of financial security – 39% polled said the lockdown has caused financial difficulties while only 17% said they were financially comfortable.


However, at the same time, a huge majority (69%) of Americans feel “extremely worried” about flying on an airplane again or taking a cruise (76%). Similarly, 62% of the people were concerned about going to a restaurant and 58% were troubled about using a ride-sharing service such as Grab. More than half (53%) feel equally worried about going to hospital if they suffer a medical emergency.


As Covid-19 continues to affect and transform the Americans way of life, Dr. Martin Eichholz, Kelton Global’s Chief Insights Officer, said – “Our findings highlight the increasingly serious implications of stay-at-home orders, and puts some urgency on the actions of politicians and organizations who try to manage the COVID-19 fallout.”

Coronavirus - Loneliness Lockdown

But what is driving the majority of the Americans to such a melting point? The top factors included loneliness, constant anxiety, and frequent arguments with one’s spouse or family members and extreme worry over activities like visiting the grocery store. Many believe that the country – even the world – may never return to “normal” again.


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Countries such as Australia, New Zealand didn’t receive as PRC tourist as expected and they stop international travel earlier. Malaysia also managed to control the outbreak however requires prolong period of lockdown due to the lack of self discipline in their citizens. I was in Australia during January for a short trip and back to Singapore after CNY. Now look at Singapore, two months of circuit breaker. I came back to Malaysia in early April and sent for quarantine. Nicely managed by KKM, Nadma and all those involved. I believe that Malaysia can lift the MCO and allow green states to operate. The longer they close the country, the worst it will get. More and more businesses will close down. While I do read your piece from time to time. I belive that there is no one way to get out of this mess. Millions will die in the coming months due to the virus and we are just delaying the inevetible.

Just give the Americans more booze and drugs and encourage them to have more sex. And they will be fine, and happy.

“Millions will die in the coming months due to the virus and we are just delaying the inevetible.”

Are you also resigned to the fact that you would be among the “millions”?

Bye for the “coming months”.

If not for tomorrow…

The coronavirus is the Almighty’s punishment for the Yanks for being Yanks.

Except for the hillbillies, Yanks are exceptionally very anxious, nervous, twitchy, touchy lot. And except for those of their east and west coast, most Yanks are also exceptionally thick folks.

These folks are somewhat similar to their geography, they are one almost ok ear on each side with a big hollow, void, emptiness in the middle, a big hole in the head.

Yanks can be said to be the most brainwashed in the whole world.

And that is on top of the scary fact (except for the elite of both coasts), a rather unsettling majority of the country is dumb. A easy and hilarious way of finding out short of reading serious research is to visit YouTube where you can find Yanks answering questions about the world – and their country. Some videos show college students doing their level best at answering – with their “educated” stupidity!

But it does not mean Malaysians are all that much “better” than them Yanks whom a considerable number of Malaysians worship and look up (or even suck up) to.

So you can expect Yanks to be very edgy with their almost-lockdowns when they cannot be taught that the virus is quite a dangerous thing, and staying indoor is a good idea for one and all.

Imagine the morons panicking over the mere hint of a lockdown, and the first thing they can think of is to charge to the stores to buy all the toilet papers they can lay hands on!

Unlike Malaysians who can quite easily and creatively do the trick of cleaning up in countless ways without toilet papers, the Yanks can only make a mess of their mess. So one up for Malaysians assh*les.

Unlike Malaysians who can sit at home and do nothing but continuously watch the crap output from television, Yanks get bored with many thousand more channels of crap than us, and they cannot suffer endless repeats like Malaysian cabbages can.

The lockdown is actually a wonderful thing – at least for me.

The first delight is being able to drive with less morons around, Malaysians are rather hopeless “drivers” and having them around when you drive is not only a visual pain, they are a danger to everybody else – and themselves.

I am all for one passenger, ok, two now, per car. It may not be convenient for some, but for many Malaysians, having more than one in the car means they can have five hundred. Haven’t you seen cars with armies of three past and three present generations wobbling and swerving all over the roads?

It is the same with motorbikes, the monkeys can take lots more than three on their bikes. And still ride dangerously!

We don’t get the monkeys using their car or bike horns and their specially-tuned noisy exhausts as much during lockdown. Maybe it is just because they can’t affor petrol, they have lost their jobs, or the Ah Longs and the banks have repo their vehicles.

We also do not get them monkeys wandering aimlessly around shopping precincts or sitting in cafes forever.

It is more quiet and peaceful with the MCO, very much less people go to work. And that is a good thing. That’s because since most Malaysians go to their office etc and pretend to work or are not even in their offices etc, it is better they stay home so that they do not aggravate others by having to get grumpy when people turn up at their offices etc and expect them to pretend to work properly.

The same for schools. Since the children are not getting any proper education or one at all, it is better they stay home and play, idle, sleep or die in front of the television. They don’t have to put on their black shoes, and chances are they probably learn more through play than show up in dumb uniforms at school.

Since we have an unbelievable amount of holidays in a year, the lockdown is a good idea for some more holidays. Don’t forget one of the cheap and nasty ploy of our garbage moron politicians to win votes is to bribe the voters with holidays.

Our monkeys cause more problems turning up for work than if they stay at home, so what’s the problem with keeping them at home as much as possible to prevent them for causing all sorts of headaches and panics if they turn up at their offices etc and either “work” or don’t work anyway.

Our jobsworths, school children are a nervous twitchy bunch regardless of whether they are at home or outside. It is just a damn sight better they stay at home so that we don’t see them copy even more bad ways around them when they are outside.

Have you not seen how nervous, anxious, twitchy Malaysians are when they are “relaxing” in kopitiams or anywhere else?

Have you not seen those who simply must twitch and jerk their legs uncontrollably when they are supposed to be relaxing, enjoying the miserable company of their nervous anxious twitchy friends and relatives?

On a good sitting, you can see nearly every table with at least one “cool” person twitching his leg or legs continuously, from 50 to 150 beats per minute. All can do the feat of leg twitching without conscious effort – all like when they do anything else.

You can bet, unless they are masturbating, the “cool” monkeys do the same thing in their cars. When your attention is drawn to the occupant of the next car, the “driver” is either jerking off or doing his leg twitching, he is not having a regular fit. Mind you, he may be at the same time projecting his anxiety, nervousness, impatience because for him the traffic lights haven’t changed colours for over a lifetime now.

Good job, Malaysians have no access to firearms. And good job Malaysians are always having holidays. And Malaysians are always half-awake or totally asleep when they do anything or nothing. A Yank in his typical “freedom” loving mind would have flipped and taken his guns out to shoot at anyone and anything preventing him from khalwat, not doing social distancing – and having to wear a mask.

It would be nice, if not healthy if the new normal is endless lockdown, I hope that happens – even without the blessed virus, Amen.

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