Rejected Again!! – The Huff & Puff About Christianity, Chinese & Communist Has Failed Miserably

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Aug 06 2018
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The Sungai Kandis by-election was a straight fight between opposition Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan ruling government. Unlike the May 19 nationwide election where there was 3-cornered fight, this by-election was supposed to be verification on the wild theory that a merger of UMNO and PAS would give birth to a very powerful party which will snatch back the federal government.


The results, however, say a different thing. Pakatan Harapan retains the seat when its candidate Zawawi Ahmad Mughni emerged the winner in the by-election with 15,427 votes giving him a  5,842 majority. His opponent Lokman Noor Adam from UMNO (Barisan Nasional) received 9,585 votes whilst independent candidate K. Murthy received 97 votes.


The state seat fell vacant after incumbent Mat Shuhaimi, who won the state seat with a 12,480-vote majority in the recent general election, passed away on July 2. He had obtained 23,998 votes against Barisan’s Kamaruzzaman Johari’s 11,518, PAS’ Mohd Yusof Abdullah (7,573) and Parti Rakyat Malaysia’s Hanafiah Husin (76).

Sungai Kandis By-Election - PKR Banner Zawawi Candidate

It’s actually a great humiliation to UMNO and PAS that they could not win the seat, despite both parties joined forces. As expected, UMNO secretary-general Annuar Musa, one of many empty vessels, shamelessly claims victory. He said – “It is a very encouraging start for us because the votes for Pakatan were reduced by about 12,000 or half of what it garnered in the 14th General Election.”


Mr. Annuar continued his babbling – “The people also showed their protest (against Pakatan) through the 9,583 votes given to Barisan Nasional (BN). To us, it is victory as we succeeded in preventing Pakatan from obtaining the 10,000 vote majority they had targeted.” Has he been smoking the same grass which Najib’s wife Rosmah made from her secret recipe?


This is the classic example of UMNO culture of “bodoh sombong (stupid yet arrogant)”. Only 49.4 % of the constituency’s 50,800 turned out to cast their votes this round – a historical low. Of course, Pakatan would not get back the same 23,998 votes during the May 9 general election, let alone the same 12,480-vote majority.

Lokman Noor Adam – ex-Finance Ministry Strategic Communications Director

Three months ago, it was 85% turnout (46,165 voters) but over the weekend it was merely 49.4% (25,109 voters). Theoretically, UMNO candidate Lokman Adam should instead get 19,091 votes – being the combined votes which UMNO and PAS candidates secured three months ago. That would mean Mr. Lokman should have won Sungai Kandis state seat.


That’s because unlike ruling government Pakatan, opposition UMNO and PAS supporters were supposed to be very angry, anxious and motivated for a victory after the electrifying campaign based on 3R (racial, religion and royalty). Tajuddin Rahman, one of UMNO warlords, had urged voters – 72% of them Malay-Muslims – to reject a “Christian-led” Pakatan Harapan government during his campaign.


Mr. Tajuddin bitched – “Look at our ministers now – Lim Guan Eng is Christian, Anthony Loke is Christian, Tony Pua is Christian, Hannah Yeoh is Christian. Teresa Kok (is also Christian). (Federal Territories Minister) Khalid Samad gets angry when I say her name; she is the only woman who has a kok‘.” Yes, not only did Tajuddin spew hatred against Christianity, he was also a pervert.

UMNO Warlord Tajuddin Rahman

In reality, only Hannah Yeoh and Theresa Kok is Christian. After spreading fake news that the entire Malaysian Chinese were Christians, Tajuddin, with support from UMNO, made a carpet accusation that all the Chinese were anti-monarchy. He said – “They want to establish a system of government like Singapore where there is no king, no sultan and no Agong (King).”


Barisan Nasional, now the opposition, had even spread fake news in social media claiming that DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang was born in China and migrated to Malaysia in 1957 at the age of 17 to support Malaya Communist Party leader Chin Peng. Mr. Lim was actually born in Batu Pahat, Johor in 1941 when the country was still known as Malaya and under the British rule.


Both UMNO warlords – candidate Lokman Adam and Tajuddin Rahman – had practically thrown everything, including the kitchen sink, at Pakatan Harapan the entire 14 days of campaigning. They huff and puff about Malays, Islam and Royalty losing power and dignity. Yet, they failed to influence the 72% Malays to come out in droves and teach Mahathir administration a lesson.

UMNO Warlord Annuar Musa

To save face after the defeat, Mr. Annuar Musa claimed that the Barisan campaign in Sungai Kandis had been moderate with UMNO President Ahmad Zahid Hamidi hardly giving any “ceramah” compared with Pakatan leaders. Was he saying that had Mr. Zahid personally campaigned, the result would be different and UMNO could snatch the seat? Then why didn’t the UMNO president do his job?


The real reason why Zahid was a pussy hiding in the closet instead of helping his boy was because even the UMNO President wasn’t optimistic about winning. Pakatan couldn’t care to bring out big guns such as DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang or PM Mahathir Mohamad. Had both leaders been mobilized, the majority will most likely be boosted. But why kill a fly with a cannonball?


Barisan, on the other hand, had unleashed its super heavyweight ex-PM Najib Razak, who had been campaigning almost on daily basis. Heck, even at the eleventh hour on the polling day, Najib desperately took to Facebook begging voters to give BN a chance, ignoring the Sections 26(1)(a) and (f) of the Election Offences Act which says no campaigning is allowed on polling day.

Sungai Kandis By-Election - Lokman Adam and Ex-Prime Minister Najib Razak

UMNO’s brother, PAS, had also urged its supporters to vote for the Barisan Nasional candidate. The astonishing failure to mobilize the same 19,091 supporters they did just 3 months ago speaks volumes about the rejection of the partnership between UMNO Malay Nationalist Party and PAS Islamic Party. Yes, even their die-hard supporters were disillusioned.


So, where was Najib’s buddy and close brother PAS President Hadi Awang? In the name of Muslim brotherhood and Islam dignity, should not “Holy Man” Hadi help Najib even though UMNO can no longer pay RM90 million bribe to PAS? Perhaps UMNO finally realized without access to gravy train like they did before, they could not buy votes anymore.


If an UMNO-PAS partnership cannot even capture a constituency with 72% Malay-Muslims, despite stirring up racial sentiments among the Malays until the kingdom comes, chances are they are game over. More importantly, it has debunked the “shiok sendiri (self-indulgence)” perception that UMNO and PAS is a mighty force if they join forces.

Najib Razak and Hadi Awang - Opposition Break-Up and RM90 Million

Recently, even Straits Times Singapore appeared to suggest that the defeated Barisan Nasional coalition government could rise again and make a political comeback. The argument was that only between 25%-30% of ethnic-Malay voted for the new Pakatan Harapan coalition government.


The Singapore mouthpiece, using figures from Merdeka Center, said 35%-40% of Malays voted for Barisan Nasional (BN) while 30-33% supported PAS (Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party). Therefore, a marriage between BN and PAS would secure 65%-73% Malay votebank. They still haven’t figured out that PAS strength is only confined in Kelantan and Terengganu.


The UMNO’s defeat is so pathetically humiliating that they could not even retain the 11,518 votes the party had secured 3 months ago, let alone seducing the extra 7,573 voters from PAS. It seems majority of the Malays in Sungai Kandis hate Najib Razak and UMNO more than the (fake) threat from Christianity, Chinese and Communism. And they definitely know how corrupt PAS is.

UMNO and PAS - Partnership Handshake


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