Good Riddance – Here’s Why Najib-Appointed Police Chief Fuzi Should Not Only Be Fired, But Prosecuted Too

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Jun 11 2018
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Royal Malaysia Police is one of the most corrupt institutions, if not the most corrupt, in the country. Today’s corruption among the police officers in Malaysia is no different from that of Hong Kong in the 1970s. In fact, if you want to arrest all the corrupt Malaysian police officers, there will be only a handful left in the institution.


As reported by Straits Times Singapore, several chiefs in Malaysia’s police force are expected to be axed next month, including Najib-appointed Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Mohamad Fuzi Harun. The “No. 1” was appointed 9 months ago by ex-Prime Minister Najib Razak to replace Khalid Abu Bakar. Interestingly, Mr. Khalid is currently barred from leaving the country.


Not only was former IGP Khalid Abu Bakar the most corrupted police officer in the institution, he was also the traitor who tipped off then PM-Najib over charges to be slapped on him by former Attorney General Gani Patail. Khalid was one of four members of a task force involved in the investigation of 1MDB scandal back in 2015.

1MDB Scandal - Gani Patail, Zeti Akhtar, Khalid Abu Bakar, Abu Kassim

The MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) investigation papers on SRC International (involving RM42 million) concluded there were at least 37 separate charges that could be made against Najib. After Khalid’s mandatory retirement upon reaching the age of 60, Mr. Fuzi, a former director of the Special Branch, was promoted.


There was a reason why a guy from Special Branch was promoted when Noor Rashid Ibrahim was retained as deputy IGP, when he should have had been promoted instead. To pacify Rashid, Najib gave him a pay grade promotion. Fuzi was the first Special Branch director to become the country’s top cop since Norian Mai, who served from 1999 to 2003.


As chief of police intelligence, Fuzi was needed urgently to spy on Najib’s political opponents as well as to identify any threat against the ex-prime minister, not to mention to protect Najib’s “personal interest”. It didn’t take long for IGP Fuzi to prove his usefulness when he declared in March 2018 that there was no link between Jho Low (Low Taek Jho) and 1MDB scandal.

Mohamad Fuzi Harun - Inspector-General of Police (IGP)

The disgraced Fuzi said – “Based on investigation, Low never worked for the company nor did he make any business decision for the company. All business decisions were made by the 1MDB board of directors.” He also defended Najib from the 1MDB scandal, claiming that the seizure of the Equanimity yacht in Bali was merely a civil forfeiture against Low and not against 1MDB.


Obviously, IGP Mohamad Fuzi Harun was one of 17,000 political appointees that the new government inherits from Najib regime. It’s only natural that after the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) and the Attorney General Chambers, the Royal Malaysia Police is next to be “cleansed.” With 1MDB investigation in full force, Fuzi could be the next traitor like his predecessor Khalid.


However, protecting Thief-in-Chief Najib Razak wasn’t the only problems the government of Mahathir isn’t happy with Fuzi Harun. The police chief has on various occasions protected his corrupted men. For instance, when the director of CID (Criminal Investigation Department) Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd was caught in spinning a silly tale, IGP Fuzi stood by him.

Australia Commonwealth Bank Money Laundering Scandal - CID Director Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd

In March this year, the CID Chief was caught by the Australian Federal Police over AUD$320,000 in a Commonwealth Bank account, which the Aussie authorities suspected to be money from proceeds of crime, or as a result of money laundering. What puzzled the Australia was when Mr. Najmuddin didn’t want to claim back his money, despite claiming it was his hard-earned money.


Mr. Fuzi claimed Bukit Aman (headquarter of Royal Malaysia Police) had been aware of the account in 2016 and the Integrity and Standard Compliance Department (JIPS) had conducted an internal inquiry. He also said his boy had been able to provide documents to prove the funds originated from the sale of his house in Shah Alam, which was then worth RM700,000.


Yet, Fuzi cannot explain why his subordinate had no desire to claim back his “clean money” from the Australian authorities. Straits Times also reported that besides IGP Fuzi, at least 3 departments would be scrapped – Special Task Force for Anti-vice, Gaming and Gangsterism (STAGG), Special Task Force on Organised Crime (STAFOC) and Special Tactical Intelligence Narcotics Group (STING).

Malaysia Special Task Force on Organised Crime - STAFOC

The 3 special departments would be shutdown due to their suspected involvement in corruption and protecting the criminals they were supposed to rein in. Early this month, two top ranking officers from STAGG – ranks of Assistant Commissioner (ACP) and Assistant Superintendent (ASP) – were detained by MACC following the seizure of cash amounting to more than RM1.5 million on May 31.


When arrested, the MACC further seized RM341,000 in cash from them. The arrest then led to seizure of more cash and a number of luxury cars at the condominium of a suspect and at the STAGG office at Kuala Lumpur Police Training Centre. One of the crooks was ACP Ibrahim Darus, a junior during Fuzi’s era in Special Branch. When Fuzi was promoted as IGP, he promoted Ibrahim to the rank of ACP.


But even if IGP Fuzi is set to be fired, it’s not possible to find a complete clean police officer as his replacement. Even Deputy IGP Noor Rashid Ibrahim, rumoured to be one of candidates to taking over the police chief post, isn’t clean. There was a reason why his service was extended by Najib just weeks before the May 9th general election.

Deputy IGP Noor Rashid Ibrahim

As exposed by Sarawak Report, Mr. Noor Rashid’s car which was driven by his son was stopped in Cheras and subsequently found to contain illegal substances. Unfortunately, the police officers involved in the operation received punishment for stopping the “wrong” car and reporting the situation to their colleagues. The officers were all later transferred out of their jobs.


Protecting crooks such as Najib Razak and corrupt officers as well as family members aren’t the only thing that the police force has done. The most embarrassing moment was when even UMNO small gangster Jamal Md Yunos and Sabah former Chief Minister Musa Aman were allowed to slip out of the country illegally – under the nose of IGP Mohamad Fuzi Harun.

IGP Fuzi and Najib Razak


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Totally agree with the article. The whole police dept needs cleaning up.

The whole police team needs to be cleaned
Up with new energetic leaders in the force.

Very true..
The Whole polis department Bkt AMAN need to be changed
Nged ..
I hope and wish dato amar,becomes the next igp.
God bless him.

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