The Incredible Police Story – Super Cops Broke Down Lawyer Siti’s Home, But Clueless About Gangster Jamal

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Jun 24 2018
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Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Mohamad Fuzi Harun have each struck gold again. As the new government moves forward to a new “Malaysian Malaysia”, it appears the extremely corrupted institution – Royal Malaysia Police – has continued to prove that it’s the most incompetent and ignorant institution in the country.


In the latest fiasco, lawyer Siti Kasim was detained at 12.40am Sunday (June 24) under Section 186 of the Penal Code for obstructing public servants from dispensing their duties. Siti’s home was raided by police as she was rescuing her client from her allegedly abusive mother. However, the police claimed Siti had kidnapped her own client instead.


Siti, arguably the most liberal Muslim lawyer, was clearly innocent when her client – Anis Nur Izzaty Ruslan – denied that she was being kidnapped by her lawyer. It was like a case where your daughter was giving a temporary shelter for her friend from her abusive mother but ended being arrested because the police decided your daughter had kidnapped her friend.

Anis Nur Izzaty Ruslan and Lawyer Activist Siti Kasim

Lawyer and activist Siti Zabedah Kasim, or better known as Siti Kasim, was allegedly abducted Ms. Anis who was undergoing psychiatric treatment at the Kajang Hospital following a police report lodged by Anis’ mother. When the police tracked down Siti’s condominium, the so-called kidnapped victim refused to leave and locked herself in the house.


Fearing that Siti’s client would injure herself or others, the policemen claimed that they had no choice but to break down the door to “rescue” the victim. Subsequently, the 24-year-old Anis Nur Izzaty Ruslan was sent back to the hospital to resume her psychiatric check-up. Her mother has lodged a complaint claiming that her daughter’s faith was in question.


Siti, however, has claimed that Anis was actually abused by her mother and had been “abducted” by the police together with the notorious Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS). A video posted on Facebook shows while at police station, Siti demanded that her client be freed. A woman, presumably Ms. Anis, was heard from another room, denying that she had been kidnapped by Siti.

Lawyer Siti Kasim Arrested For Kidnapping Her Own Client

Anis is said to have moved out of her parents’ house to escape her “controlling” mother who allegedly strangled her. She was questioned by JAIS before being taken to Hospital Kajang for a mental health assessment and was released thereafter. Since then, she has been staying with her lawyer Siti Kasim.


Interestingly, despite application for a 4-day remand for Siti Kasim, the Kajang magistrate’s court has rejected the police’s application after a full hearing from all sides of the story. Still, the defiant police said they will continue to investigate the lawyer for allegedly obstructing a public servant from discharging his public duties, despite the Magistrates’ Court ruling, probably to save face.


Lawyers for Liberty (LFL) executive director Eric Paulsen said the latest case was a clear abuse of police power. Paulsen said that from the video, one could see a grown woman seeking help from Siti but the police have instead arrested both the lawyer and the woman. Indeed, Siti should consider suing the police if they can’t prove that Anis has been kidnapped.

Mohamad Fuzi Harun - Inspector-General of Police (IGP)

However, despite the screw-up, it has proven that the Royal Malaysia Police can be very efficient if they wanted to. Now that the police have demonstrated its utmost commitment to nail Siti Kasim for the kidnapping allegation, perhaps Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and Police Chief Mohamad Fuzi can explain the failure of the authorities to apprehend gangster Jamal Yunos.


Yes, the police was fabulously motivated to “rescue” Anis Nur Izzaty Ruslan, so much so that they saw it fit to break down lawyer Siti Kasim’s home. But when the notorious mobster-for-hired Jamal Yunos fled under the nose of police, the entire force of 130,000 Royal Malaysia Police is being humiliated for its inability to “arrest” the fugitive.


Heck, the police force isn’t even sure if Jamal had actually fled the country or still remains hiding in the country, as alleged by the gangster himself. Adding insult to the injury, Mr. Jamal was even able to run his campaign as a candidate for UMNO Youth Chief, despite being wanted by the police in connection with nine criminal cases.

Jamal Yunos – Police Still Can’t Find Me Since May 25, 2018

Since his disappearance on May 25, not only has the Royal Malaysia Police been clueless as to Jamal’s whereabouts, the fugitive has also embarrassed the authorities, boasting – “I have had dozens of charges. But until now, I cannot be detected on radar. Only a person like this, who while hemmed in or even remanded, can get away, should be (elected) leader.”


So, why IGP Fuzi’s super cops can’t apprehend a thug such as Jamal since a month ago but can easily arrest an innocent liberal lawyer such as Siti within a day of complaint being lodged? Would it not be nice to hear police said they will continue to investigate Jamal Yunos for flashing his gun, intimidation, bribing, rioting and whatnot despite a judge ruling otherwise?


The best part was the incredible incompetency displayed by the police in the case of Christian Pastor Raymond Koh who was mysteriously abducted in February 2017. Has the police broken any home or door yet in its attempt to rescue Pastor Koh? It’s both horrible and entertaining to read the police was adamant to arrest someone for a fake kidnapping but couldn’t care less about a real kidnapping.

Pastor Raymond Koh - Abducted Since February 2017


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Looks like the JAIS and PDRM has an axe to grind with Siti. What happen to the empirical rule of law where an arrest warrant has to be issued and shown prior to an arrest. Seems that PDRM are very zealous in apprehending anyone if a police report is lodge but incompetent to ensure the suspect apprehended are under thight survaillance. The perception is that PDRM are influenced and political inclined in doing their job. The new Home Minister has yet to act tough and get a grip on his job as compared to other ministries which are moving like whirl wind disposing and discarding rubbish.

That’s PDRM professional conduct. If robbers, gangsters, they will hide behind a skirt. For civil citizens, they will breakdown doors to catch them. Way to go PDRM. Just wait when the real gangsters come. They wont stand a chance

These Bastard Jais, Jakim and PDRM are part of the IS Islam UMNO-PAS BTn racist Terrorist that flourish within the Police…Muhiddin You Better Demand Sacking and more Sacking of the Police and IF Need Be introduce a British or Australia as NEW IGP to clean up the Corrupted IS ISlam police force NOWWWWWW!! Next is to SHUT that BLOODY Jakim JAIS DOWN NOW and Increase the TABUNG HARAPAN to $3.33 Billion Ringgit Tomorrow….. useless wages paid to Useless people…. Property Rental…Maintenance..>GO TO HELL with the ongoing Islamic Agenda…and the Sultan-Agong-Govenor Melayu IS ISlam, council of Rulers are TUMPANG NAUT….to whoever in Power…YET give Perception they care when they do NOT GIVE A DAMN!!…..

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