Now Do You Understand Why Daim Said It’s Foolish For Anwar To Be Made PM Immediately?

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Jun 20 2018
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On May 15, just five days after the inauguration of Mahathir Mohamad as the world’s oldest prime minister, Daim Zainuddin fired a warning shot. He said it would be foolish for Anwar Ibrahim to be made prime minister immediately upon returning to parliament. The warning shot was aimed at Anwar, and not his boys, as Daim would like the public to believe.


Coming from the head of Mahathir’s influential “Council of Elders”, such statement was actually very disturbing. It simply means Anwar was absolutely impatient to be crowned as the next prime minister, so much so that he was prepared to break the agreement among the four component parties making up the Pakatan Harapan coalition.


Interestingly, Anwar revealed how the ousted former premier Najib Razak was “totally shattered” the night he lost the general election and called his jailed rival – Anwar Ibrahim – twice for advice on what he should do. Anwar claimed – “When he called on the night of the election, I advised him as a friend to concede and move on.”

Anwar Ibrahim and Najib Razak - Teh Tarik

Was Anwar the secret lover of Najib? Was Anwar the long lost biological brother of Najib? If not, does it make any sense that of all the people in the world, ex-PM Najib had chosen to call his enemy seeking advice or looking for a shoulder to cry on? You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell that Mr. Najib had called Mr. Anwar and offered him a deal to jump ship.


Mr. Anwar actually didn’t have to divulge the secret calls he received from the despicable Najib Razak. Nobody would know about the calls anyway. Since the revelation, Najib had neither acknowledged nor denied making such calls. So, those calls on May 9th must be genuine. But why did Anwar reveal the calls? Was he trying to brag about it?


There are two possibilities. First, PM-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim wanted to send a message to Mahathir Mohamad that his PKR (People’s Justice Party) could jump ship and form the federal government with Najib’s Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition. Second, Anwar was worried that the secret calls could eventually leak hence it would be smarter to disclose it beforehand.

Anwar vs Mahathir vs Najib - Painting

So, why didn’t BN (then 79 seats) and PKR (49 seats) joined forces on the night of May 9? Together, they have 128 parliamentary seats, more than enough to form the federal government. The problem was Najib could not allow Anwar to become the 7th prime minister for obvious reason. But if Anwar cannot be crowned, why should he join BN to begin with?


Clearly, Mahathir and Daim knew about the possibility that Anwar Ibrahim may throw tantrum if his desire to become prime minister soonest possible wasn’t entertained. That was why Mr. Daim warned that it would be foolish for Anwar Ibrahim to be made prime minister immediately. He told Mr. Anwar not to break the promise about the mid-term transition.


Daim also reportedly lectured Anwar – “You all tried how many elections and failed. Whether you like it or not, Mahathir succeeded.” However, armed with 49 parliamentary seats, Anwar has become arrogant and couldn’t accept that PM Mahathir, despite his party winning only 13 seats, continues to call the shot. Anwar told his boys to make “noises” about PKR being the biggest winner.

Daim Zainuddin

When PKR was at its weakest point, they cried, whined and bitched about equal partnership. So, they were given the Selangor state. Now that they have won the most number of seats, they demanded to be given the most ministries. Having ruled the country for 22 years, Mahathir, however, has decisively made the bold decision to reward all the 3 component parties with important ministries – except PKR.


Perhaps the 93-year-old prime minister could smell a rebellion and UMNO DNA in Anwar’s party miles away. He rewarded Mat Sabu of Amanah with Defence Minister. He appointed Muhyiddin of PPBM as Minister of Home Affairs. And he strategically pampered Lim Guan Eng of DAP with the Finance Ministry portfolio. That made Anwar Ibrahim fantastically furious.


It was an insult that a component party of Pakatan Harapan with the most number of parliamentary seats didn’t get any of the important portfolios. Besides requiring Lim Guan Eng’s track record, there was a political reason to appoint him for the prestigious finance minister post. Mahathir wanted to secure DAP’s loyalty in preparation for any eventuality.

Mahathir Mohamad and Lim Guan Eng - Whisper

As the first Malaysian Chinese in 44 years to hold the powerful position of finance minister, the ethnic Chinese community was exhilarating and extremely grateful. DAP’s strong 42 parliamentary seats suddenly became Mahathir’s fixed-deposit. Together with Amanah’s 11 seats, Mahathir has in his pocket 66 seats against Anwar’s PKR 49 seats.


We had written why Mahathir couldn’t care less about campaigning in Sabah and Sarawak. Sabah-based Warisan party, an ally of Pakatan Harapan, was part of Mahathir’s chess piece which ultimately contributed 8 seats. Sarawak’s former chief minister Taib Mahmud, popularly known as “Pek Moh (白毛 or white-haired uncle)”, was also part of Mahathir’s men.


Taib Mahmud was supposed to switch side in the event Pakatan Harapan couldn’t win substantial seats. But that is water under the bridge now. Why do you think Taib Mahmud met with Mahathir and Daim on May 11? Sorry folks, the 82-year-old Governor of Sarawak was more useful a free man than a prisoner as far as Mahathir’s political manoeuvre is concerned.

Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud and Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad

Now that the Taib Mahmud’s PBB party had architected the death of BN Sarawak and together with other parties have pledged its support for Mahathir administration, the prime minister’s strength has grown. Sabah (8 seats) and Sarawak (19 seats) are now Mahathir’s fixed-deposit. Altogether, Mahathir commands a strong force of 93 parliamentary seats.


Even if Anwar Ibrahim declares his PKR will quit Pakatan Harapan, not all the 49 MPs will blindly follow him. Only 27 of the 49 PKR MPs are Malays. Now that UMNO is reduced to 54 MPs and assuming Anwar agrees to form a PKR-UMNO-PAS alliance under the pretext of protecting Malays and Islam, their numbers are only 99, still short of 13 seats to form a simple majority.


But even then, not all Malay-Muslims within UMNO or PKR have a death wish of transforming the country into a full-blown Afghanistan. At least UMNO warlord Nazri Aziz has declared that UMNO would rather work with Chinese-DAP than PAS (Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party). Therefore, it’s a wishful thinking that Anwar could become a prime minister in the PKR-UMNO-PAS alliance.


Anwar wanted the powerful finance minister, on top of prime minister, exclusively for himself. This prime minister-in-waiting could be another Najib Razak, if he has it his way. He needs to be controlled and guided. This is another reason why Daim Zainuddin warned that it would be foolish for Anwar Ibrahim to be made prime minister immediately.


It appears that Anwar Ibrahim is another narcissist like Najib Razak. Mahathir’s popularity has hit the roof, and Anwar isn’t impressed. He is trying everything to stay relevant, and get noticed. When Mahathir was trying to get the Agong (King) to accept Tommy Thomas without delay as Attorney General, Anwar rushed to the palace to get the credit.


When the Perak state government tried to get rid of BN appointees from GLCs (government linked companies), Anwar interfered and told the chief minister and excos not to be hasty in taking action on GLCs. Not satisfied with stealing thunder domestically, Anwar flew to London and announced Malaysia will investigate the Battersea Power Station deal.

Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Guan Eng - Took Finance Ministry

Still bloody mad after losing the finance ministry post to Lim Guan Eng, Anwar decided to lecture the minister, telling him to be cautious when issuing statements so that foreign rating agencies such as Moody’s will not get offended. Acting like a real prime minister, Anwar said Lim should leave the exposes of misconducts of the previous government to other ministries.


Amusingly Lim Guan Eng told Anwar that his actions of revealing the previous regime’s financial scandals were done on the instruction of Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. Mr. Lim also lectured Anwar that as the person in charge of the Finance Ministry, he was not in a position to instruct other ministers to reveal scandals which happened in his own ministry.


Anwar is trying too hard to boost his popularity that he didn’t realise he looks quite idiotic. You can bet your last penny that when he takes over from Mahathir in 2 years time, Lim Guan Eng would be booted from the finance ministry. Anwar Ibrahim believes he’s the best man for the job. And this is why Daim said it would be foolish for Anwar Ibrahim to be made PM immediately.

Prime Minister-in-Waiting – Anwar Ibrahim


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The writer is basing his articles more on assumption.

1. when did anwar voice his intent to becomes PM immediately ?
2. on record, anwar declares many times, he fully support Tun M and there’s no time frame
3. btw, do you all people knows the ‘real’ Daim…do you know, Daim’s tenure as MOF during Mahathir’s 22yrs, the Malay Reservation Land depleted to mere 12-15%
4. do you know Daim and cronies plundered billions before the ’97 financial crisis ?
5. anwar is 70+ yrs old, and ‘almost there’, as long as he doesn’t broke the ‘rule of law’ and robs the rakyat why worry so much about him
6. if we keep on harping about anwar, don’t you think its an insult to the intelligence of our PM and his government ?
7. i think it will be much better to focus, work hard to get back rakyat’s money thats’ being rob by najib rather than wasting our resources denigrating anwar night and day
8. so people, set our priorities on the right track for a better Malaysia, we have suffer enough for the last 60yrs under umno

Anwar has lost it !!! Period. His nonsensical antics are becoming an annoyance . Rakyat patience are at tattered ends and feverously all out to ensure the changes and reforms are in placed to revive the badly damage economy. Anwar Mr.Know All smart alecky way are no help but just a spolier. Anwar should not further aggrevate the situation as Rakyat are no more forgiving if politicians are too self serving.

Thank you for another thought-provoking article.

That Al Juburi is going to be nothing but trouble. He will create UMNO 2.0 when he takes the PM seat.

Let’s hope nature intervenes before he succeeds.

His useless Wife is like a puppet, not contributing to anything substantial other than parroting Al Juburi.

He comes across as idiotic like you’ve mentioned because he doesn’t have much eduction coming from the Islamic U. Noodles between his ears, that’s it 🙂

Who is the author? Not shown. People must know there are mischievious hands trying to split PH and Anwar-Mahathir again like 1998.

Anwars sodomy cases were all his own making. Let’s be fair, he never gave evidence from the dock , thus saved himself from cross examination! Rakyat felt that he was being criminally prosecuted for his political stances Esp in rejecting Mahathirsm cronyism.The first trial judges at federal court opined that Anwars nose was not clean on the charge but let him off as the evidences n witnesses were faulty.

Rakyat won’t fall for another Najib! Anwar has no position and he acts like the father in law of king and grandad of future king!

Anwar is being watched closely! Azmin is anytime a better PM than Anwar

Regardless of assumption made by the writer,allwe want is the leader who care for the people and not someone who is power crazy. Pakatan can survive only by unite the four main parties (without Tun M PKR wouldn’t be able to win 49 seats as supporters see the coalition as Pakatan Harapan of Mahathir when they vote, not PKR/DAP/Amanah), keeping all parties in tact is the only way to continue to contribute to the people. It’s worrying for our future PM to publicly react against the cabinet rather than aligned to them. There is so much way for Mr Anwar to boost popularity by attending meaningful events representing the party and the country, any disagreement or opinion can be shared within the party meeting. Without fair distribution of power among the parties,the pakatan would be easily devided and that’s the last thing our Tun M wanna see and defeat the purpose of this revolution. Respect should be earned,not demanded. As leader of the Party, Tun M has actually show his successor a good lesson how to maintain the harmony within the party by distribution of power, regardless of the sub-party,since it’s PAKATAN HARAPAN that rule,not PKR/DAP/AMANAH/BERSATU.

We really hope for a better Malaysia that’s why PAKATAN HARAPAN succeed. I don’t want another Barisan National alike with concentrated power coalition ruling the nation without consider the voice of people. We are not asking for LGE must be the MOF head but if there is a better candidate,we don’t mind. Since that Tun M is showing good example to listen to people voice by not taking up the education minister position,we really hope his successor would continue to consider people voice. Otherwise,a new revolution would happen again in five years time,as we have shown on 9 May recently.

Brader, you’re the spouse of DPM. Not wakil rakyat, not party President, definately not Minister.

You wanna be like Rosmah? Interfere in politics from behind (pun intended). Then get ready your Birkin handbag and pink diamond ring. Maybe we open an office in Putrajaya for you. Next door to DPM office. Let’s call it Office of Deputy First Man of Msia (DFMOM).

With all we hv heard abt anwar we rakyat need to pray for Our Dearest Tun M. good healty so that he can serve longer than the stipulated time he has mentioned. May God Bless bless him protect him till ee can identify our next PM.

Very likely assumptions

Ketiga-tiga mereka ini BANGSAT….termasuk umno, kianat melayu islam…mudah2an berpecahlah mereka ini.
Keturunan Pengkianat…asal usul keturunan tali barut penjajah….

I sincerely think Anwar tak layak menjadi PM, sebab dalam PRU tempoh hari, Anwar langsung tak relevant. Mahathir, Mat Sabu, Lim Guan Eng dll bertungkus lumus berkempen utk memenangi pilihanraya. Lagipun, saya secara peribadi percaya yang Anwar memang terlibat dalam kes liwat, walaupun dia menafikan dan Agung sudah memaafkannya.

people attacking anwar for saying the truth. guan eng should stick and focus on his portfolio as finance minister, not trying to be ketua sprm. guan eng seems to know nothing and seemslike lost wandering in a jungle on his job as finance mister. his answer, i just follow tun m orders, just like a sheep, a person he used to cursed and slander. he needs to be balance both on his portfolios and his “responsibility” to uncover the debt scandal (he cant even tell rakyat the truth about the national debt, using his won standard as oppose to the standards used by other countries) 1 trillion??lol what a joke, dap supportes are a joke for failing to understand basic fact such as what to include in the national debt. certainly not 1 trillion. liar!

This article is bullshit. It seems pretty obvious that the writer is a pro-Daim stooge. Daim and his network of crooks are trying so hard to make Anwar appear to be the bad guy, spreading half-truths and false accusations (Najib goons would be proud). Malaysians are happy that BN has fallen, but Malaysians have not forgotten the evils of the past, which Mahathir has vowed to undo. Just let Mahathir and Anwar bury the hatchet lah. Driving a wedge between them is the last thing Malaysia needs.

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