Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None – Anwar Is Terribly Upset For Being Called Monarchies Bootlicker

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Jun 07 2018
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Anwar Ibrahim, the prime minister-in-waiting, is a changed man. After spending years in jail – twice – for sodomy, he has either become a more humble and wiser man, or a vengeful man who believes the nation owes him the premiership. After being pardoned by the Agong (King), the grateful Anwar spoke highly of the monarchy, and even flew to Kelantan to meet the king’s mother.


Hence, the rumours spread like wildfire that Nurul Izzah, daughter of Anwar, would be married off to the king – Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan. Such marriage will absolutely boost Anwar’s name, artificially promotes his family among “blue blood” among the royalties in Malaysia. Unless Mahathir-Anwar is playing good-cop-bad-cop roles, Anwar appears to be consolidating his power.


Since his release from prison and given full pardon by the King, Anwar had visited different sultans – Johor, Selangor, Pahang, and Perak – and kissed tons of monarchies’ hands, of course. He also took the trouble to tell audience who attended his gatherings that he was pardoned dating back to 1998, referring to the year when he was fired by his boss Mahathir for sodomy.

Anwar Ibrahim Meets Sultan of Johor -Kissing Hand

Clearly, Anwar wanted the people to forget and erase the perception that he was once a sodomite. However, Mahathir has never said Anwar was innocent of engaging in anal intercourse. What Mahathir had said was he was informed by police that Anwar, then the deputy prime minister, had engaged in homosexual acts. Some people still think Anwar was a gay.


Anwar was never a leader material. In fact, he was once an Islamic extremist, being co-founder of Muslim Youth Movement (ABIM). His supporters were shocked when he joined UMNO in 1982, after being lured by then PM Mahathir Mohamad, a strategy to keep his enemies closer to him. He couldn’t resist the temptation of power and money awaiting him at the other side.


Hence, when Abdul Kadir Jasin, a former editor-in-chief of the New Straits Times, naughtily mocks PM-in-waiting for being the King bootlicker, Anwar Ibrahim goes berserk. He slammed Kadir over what he described as the latter’s “disparaging remarks” against the royal institution. Anwar, who has been whining, crying and bitching about freedom of speech suddenly become a hypocrite.

Abdul Kadir Jasin - Former New Straits Times Group Editor-in-Chief

Abdul Kadir sarcastically blogged – “I wouldn’t dare say that the Rulers are so insecure these days about their position that they need to be assured and comforted. On the contrary I think the Rulers are as confident and assured as ever before. Why shouldn’t they? They are guaranteed by the Constitution, lavishly provided for, wealthy and even Anwar kissed their hands!”


Kadir Jasin, arguably the mouthpiece of Mahathir Mohamad, was actually sending a message to the palace to cut the crap about championing the special privileges of Malay and Islam when the monarchies didn’t even bother to stop Najib regime from plundering and raping the country coffers to dry. The monarchies were partly to be blamed for the RM1 trillion in debts accumulated by Najib.


And the monarchies had the cheek to give a hard time to the new government’s proposal to appoint Tommy Thomas as the A.G. to cleanse the corrupted system. Mr. Kadir also exposed how the King’s expenses totaled RM256.9 million in a short period of 16 months, from Dec 2016 to April 2018. According to the Treasury, the government only allocates RM13.5 million annually for the King.

Malaysia Yang di-Pertuan Agong - Sultan Muhammad V

If Kadir didn’t fake the number, imagine the type of expenses the country is being burdened with by the various flavours of monarchies. Yes, Malaysia is the only country on planet Earth which has not one, not two but a jaw-dropping nine (9) monarchies. And if you care to add the “Agong” or simply the King, who is elected every 5 years among themselves, there are actually ten (10) monarchies.


Assuming each monarchy is being allocated a conservative RM13 million every year, that’s still an eye-popping RM130 million of taxpayers’ money to feed the 10 monarchies every year. But if each of them actually spends more than allocated, even at RM100 million annually, the ordinary people are sponsoring RM1 billion yearly for the 10 monarchies.


Adding insult to the injury, the Malaysian monarchies have zero value-add – no ability to attract hot money from tourism, unlike the monarchy in Britain. In a 2012 response to a freedom of information request under its former name as the British Tourist Authority, the British Royal Family attracted £17 billion (US$22.9 billion; RM90.7 billion) from overseas visitor attracted by the British culture and heritage.

British Queen Elizabeth - Tourism

Anwar claimed he has personally met and will continue to meet with the Malay rulers to get rid of the perception that Pakatan Harapan is anti-royalty. He said – “We have worked very hard to get Malay rulers to appreciate this new administration.” What grass has Anwar Ibrahim been smoking since he was released from prison?


Which part of constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy of federal and state level that the PM-in-waiting doesn’t understand? Why is he working so hard to get the monarchies to appreciate the new government, which was chosen by the people through ballot box? Should not he remind the monarchies to appreciate the people instead who actually pay for the royalties’ comfortable life?


Anwar also said it has been an “arduous” process to reassure the Malay rulers on Mahathir Mohamad’s administration. Was he suggesting the monarchies are dumb? Aren’t Prime Minister Mahathir, Deputy Prime Minister Wan Azizah, Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu, Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali and all the chief ministers (except Penang) ethnic-Malays and Muslims?

Malaysia Mahathir 2018 Cabinet

Again, unless Mahathir-Anwar combo is playing good-cop-bad-cop roles here, it is obvious the PM-in-waiting is consolidating his power by bootlicking the monarchies to ensure Mahathir quits when the 2-year period ends. Heck, he might be buying fire-power to boot Mahathir earlier than the 2-year time frame, as the impatient Anwar can’t wait to sit on the throne.


While Mahathir’s leadership has been proven – twice – the leadership of Anwar in driving the country is now in question. What Anwar failed to do since 1998 to topple a corrupt Barisan Nasional government, Mahathir did it in 2 years since 2016. Anwar failed to see the importance of a single common logo during an election, but Mahathir made it a mandatory.


Anwar failed despite fire-power from PAS (Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party) in the past two general elections. Mahathir succeeded even without PAS, who chose to support Barisan Nasional instead. Anwar campaigned tirelessly in both Sabah and Sarawak in the past two general elections. Mahathir didn’t even bother to step foot in both state but won nevertheless.

Election 2018 - Mahathir and Anwar Banner

More importantly, would Anwar dare cancelling the HSR high-speed rail project had he been the PM? Would Anwar appoint Lim Guan Eng as finance minister had he been the PM? Does Anwar have the network at international level to help the country’s financial problems? Going to IMF and reciting the name of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan will not help.


Kadir is the official spokesman of the Council of Eminent Persons that advises the Cabinet. Therefore, his piece of mind somehow has the blessing of Mahathir. Anwar Ibrahim should patiently wait for his turn. There’s a reason why Mahathir is the world’s oldest prime minister. And he should not take things for granted, that the “A” in “MAHATHIR Prophecy” refers to Anwar. It could be Azmin Ali (*grin*).


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M – Mahathir
A – Ah Deo, Ah Lim, Ah Lee, Ali, Ahmad, Ah Bian, Ah Tuah…..etc
Razaleigh Hamzah (180 year old)

Berambus with this Crap!!….Only Melayu Islam can Be PM is Pure Racism….on GE14 its UBAH…..Agong-Sultan Yield to the Will of the People or You will be Sultan Malacca Sooner than you think….Kita Analisis Puak Sultan dan cuba senarikan Apa Perbuatan Hebat sudah dilakukan 61 sejak Merdeka Kecuali makan Dedak, Minun Duit Korrupsi…Beristeri Ramai dan Cerai Ramai!…Berambus PengHina Islam dan Allah #1!!

this Anwar person is so power crazy.what he say will exactly do opposite.He power hunger.hypocrite,religious extremist.

Azmin too a royal bootlicker. Anwar is still the best choice. Let him enjoy his freedom. Anwar played a big role for PH win too, so rule him out all together is not fair. To scrap off royals from our system is not easy. Even Mahathir couldn’t do it in his first 22 years. Let them be there with limited power and budget.

Just let anwar become the pm as this is what the people wanted, this has been communicated before hand that anwar will be the next pm and the pple voted for it. If anwar fails to perform, we can always vote them out next general election.

We couldn’t risk to elect Anwar as the PM. Do you think he really cares about the poor or he cares about his own interests?? The religious extremist.. Lingkup Malaysia in his hand!!

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