Money Talks! – Saudi Prince Alwaleed Still Sucking Up To Trump … After 12 Months

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Oct 24 2017
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You might think that a wealthy Saudi Prince Alwaleed have more integrity and dignity than an ordinary guy – at least in money matter simply because he was already so rich. After all, he’s worth US$17.7 billion today (Forbes). But it turns out to be true that rich people are actually greedier, and Alwaleed is a classic proof of such species.


The first time Al-Waleed Bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud, a grandson of Ibn Saud, the first Saudi king, kiss Donald Trump’s butt was in November last year, just after “The Apprentice” TV-reality star – unexpectedly – won his presidency. He made a spectacular U-turn after criticizing Trump initially, calling for the presidential candidate to exit the race.


Understandably, Alwaleed was so disturbed because his beloved religion and fellow Muslim brothers were under attack as Trump was calling for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration following the San Bernardino massacre of Americans by two Muslim terrorists. He called Trump a disgrace to the American people, and confidently told Trump that he will never win the presidency.


Astonishingly, the Saudi prince not only congratulated Trump after his victory, he also urged the new U.S. president to let bygones be bygones, obviously hoping and praying the incoming Trump administration would not hold any grudges towards him. Magically, Alwaleed had forgotten entirely how Trump discriminated and insulted his fellow Muslims.


Close to 12 months today, Saudi Prince Alwaleed hasn’t got enough of sucking up to President Donald Trump. Jumping to Trump’s defence, he is now perhaps the strongest Trump supporter. While Democrats, and even fellow Republicans have been reserve about giving Trump the credits, Alwaleed openly declares that US$5.3 trillion in stock market value has been created thanks to Trump.


It’s not hard to understand why Alwaleed is so eager to make a public statement that he loves Donald Trump so much. His holding company – Kingdom Holding – which invests in Citigroup and Twitter, among others, have made “several billion dollars” since Trump was elected in November, 2016. Perhaps that explains why Twitter allows Trump goes ballistic with his tweets without getting suspended.

Saudi Prince Alwaleed with King Salman

In an interview on Squawk Box, the prince said – “There are a lot of good policies by Trump”. That is a head-scratching statement considering that even Trump fellow Republican lawmakers aren’t sure themselves what good policies they have made so far which could help them get re-elected in the 2018 midterm election.


At a time when Trump supporters who voted him to the Oval Office are having second thoughts about the 45th POTUS, Alwaleed instead urges American people to accept Trump’s style of making policy pronouncements on Twitter. Defending the U.S. president profusely, the Saudi prince said – “President Trump has his own way of governing.”


He said everything Trump has said is correct – “When he said that Puerto Rico is bankrupt and Puerto Rico will never pay its debt, he’s right. He is not wrong in this. When he says you should stand for the national anthem, he’s right on this. You have to respect your national anthem. When he says America first, he’s right too. You expect him to say America is No. 2?”

Saudi Prince Alwaleed - Saudi Flag Background

From a disgraceful racist to a brilliant president, that’s how far Saudi Prince Alwaleed has transformed as President Donald Trump’s top apple polisher today. Interestingly, when he changed his mind about Trump after his resounding election victory, Alwaleed also revealed that he has a grand wish – to meet with Trump.


However, unlike the world’s biggest crook Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak who managed to bribe his way to the White House, Alwaleed hasn’t found a lobbyist powerful enough to force the U.S. president to grant him a meeting – for a photo op (which Mr. Najib didn’t get due to last minute changes to prevent embarrassing and awkward questions by American reporters).


Perhaps Donald Trump still remembers what a “dopey Prince” Alwaleed was, a prince who “wants to control U.S. politicians with daddy’s money.” And after 12 months of lobbying through his favourite daughter Ivanka Trump without any success, it appears President Trump has more integrity and dignity than Saudi Prince Alwaleed after all – by refusing to a meeting.

President Donald Trump and Saudi Prince Alwaleed


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