Identified, Shot & Arrested – Terrorist Who Attacked French Soldiers With BMW

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Aug 10 2017
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The attacker who drove a BMW into 6 French soldiers has been identified and arrested in Paris. He had been intercepted while driving towards Calais, but not before engaged in gun battle with authorities where the terrorist was shot 5 times. An officer was also hit during the gun battle in the crossfire. The terrorist – identified as Hamou Bachir, 36 – is now under armed guard in an intensive care unit.


The 36-year-old Algerian illegal immigrant was intercepted while on the run after he ambushed French soldiers of the 35th infantry regiment with a BMW. The suspect was driving the same black BMW identical to the one used in the attack and the number plate recorded by video surveillance was used by police forces to track him down using GPS system.


It was considered a daring and direct attack at the French authorities as the soldiers whom the suspect had targeted were near the headquarters of France’s main intelligence service – the DGSI – and its counterterrorism service. Mr. Bachir  – who also uses the name Benlatreche – ploughed into a uniformed and heavily armed regiment as they took part in Operation Sentinel.

Terrorist Attack - A Security Perimeter At Site of Attack in Levallois-Perret, Paris

Local mayor Patrick Balkany has confirmed that the black BMW 2 Series was seen waiting to attack the barracks located in Levallois-Perret, a suburb of Paris. He said – “The soldiers were taken by surprise. They did not have a chance.” Six soldiers regiment were injured in the attack – two of them seriously. The attacker drove away after the attack.


It didn’t take long to track down the hired BMW which was integrated with GPS system. Spotted on the A16 highway, two specialist firearms units from Lille and Rouen managed to stop the vehicle. The suspect was told to get out of the car with his hands up. Instead, the suspect is thought to have a made “a sudden movement” as if he was taking a gun out, and then he tried to escape.


Hamou Bachir was then sprayed with five bullets, severely wounding him. So far, the French authorities have either refused or unable to link him as another radical Islamic terrorist. He’s got the beard, an illegal immigrant from a Muslim-majority country, pre-planned and ambushed soldiers and fled the scene. But the authorities still aren’t sure if it’s an act of terrorism.

Identified, Shot and Arrested - Terrorist Hamou Bachir

Since 2015, about 230 innocent people have died in France at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists. Although the Wednesday’s attack caused no deaths and hurt no civilians, it was the 7th attempted attack on security forces guarding France this year alone. The authorities had told the public not to speculate as the attack could be due to an ordinary “accident”.


Had Hamou Bachir not tracked (thanks to GPS) down, he could have entered Britain by now. The A16 motorway – where the suspect was arrested – is the quickest route from the capital to jumping on a ferry to Blighty. It is merely 40 minutes away by car from the port that connects France and the European mainland to the UK.


Although he was not believed to be on the national security list, Hamou was subject to deportation back to Algiers. At least 300 police were mobilised in the manhunt after Mr. Hamou’s deliberate attack in Levallois-Perret, an upmarket suburb to the northwest of Paris. The police are carrying out a raid at his home to establish the real motives.

Identified, Shot and Arrested - Terrorist Hamou Bachir - 40 Minutes Away From Port To UK

French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe said that despite a sustained “high threat” against France, the government is sticking to plans to lift a 21-month state of emergency. Defence Minister Florence Early said the incident marked a “cowardly act”, adding that “it did nothing to dent soldiers’ determination to work for the security of the French people”.


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