Drunken Refugees Riot In Germany Because Of Poor Mobile Phone Signal

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Mar 08 2017
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They were welcomed, fed, rewarded and pampered. But clearly the government of Angela Merkel has missed out the most important thing – cell phone signal. For poor phone reception, eight Muslim refugees – aged between 18 and 28 – went bonkers at the asylum home in Rees-Haldern, near the German-Dutch border, just a day after moving in.


Apparently, the eight men – two from Togo and six from Ghana – were returning from a food shopping trip when they began to complain how “unhappy” they were with their new hostels. The African nationals, who were drunk, claimed phone signal was not available anywhere in the building and blamed it on the hostels’ secluded location.

An African Refugee Tries To Get Cell Phone Signal

Intoxicated, their rage soon ran out of control as they decided to show the management their anger. Armed themselves with iron bars, the refugees / migrants staged a violent riot and smashed everything they could get their hands on – furniture, windows, doors and fittings. Staffs and guards were forced to take shelter in a secure room as the refugees tried to break into the room to harm them.


Two dozen armed police responded to the emergency calls from staff at the centre, as the men continued to destroy the temporary hostels. One officer, however, was hospitalized after suffering a “complicated break” in his foot. The refugees are being charged with criminal damage, property damage, resisting arrest, serious breach of the peace, and actual bodily harm.

African Refugees

It’s unknown if the rioters would eventually be released without any punishment, as the Merkel administration would normally do based on past experience. Since German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared “no limit” to the number of refugees the country would allow in September of 2015, cases such as this one have been common.


In a similar incident last month, five people were reportedly injured when Syrian migrants rampaged at a facility in Staufen, Germany. German police said last year that they had to attend hundreds of accommodation centres for refugees as a result of violent incidents. But riots and fights by refugees / migrants aren’t always mild and tame.

Kurdish and Turkish Refugees Clash On the Streets of Frankfurt

Days after Chancellor Merkel opened the door to migrants in 2015, fighting broke out between Kurdish and Turkish refugees on the streets of Frankfurt, Stuttgart and the German capital, Berlin, forcing the country to mobilize 4,000 soldiers. The clash was primarily due to thousands of refugees mainly from Syria – among them Kurds – flooded into the country.


Another reason that would spark a war between Kurdish and Turkish refugees is whenever there’s a new conflict between Ankara and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), something that has nothing to do with Germany but in Turkey. Thanks to Angela Merkel’s extraordinary hospitality, Germany has been transformed into a new battle ground for these refugees.

Refugees Recharging Cell Phone

Wait a minute – why is Merkel administration taking in refugees from Togo and Ghana when these countries are not involved in any war? Are they running away from poor WiFi back home? That’s the biggest problem with Merkel’s policy of open borders fantasy without proper checking and filtering. Anyone can claim to be war refugees and enter Europe to enjoy freebies.


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With all the problems Merkel’s Germany cannot send the refugees back.WHY?

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