Trump’s First War – Iran Could Be The First Muslim Country To Be Hit

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Feb 02 2017
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Donald Trump is willing to make radical changes in American policy. He has proven that with a few very controversial executive orders. One person’s food may be another person’s poison. Therefore, while the liberal swamp is foaming at the mouth protesting Trump administration, the conservative camp is celebrating with champagne.


Just because President Trump runs the country the controversial and unconventional way, that doesn’t mean he’s a totally idiot. In fact, history might tell us that Trump could be one of the smartest U.S. presidents. For now, it’s safe to bet Donald Trump will try to establish a good relationship with Russia, something which is unprecedented but most welcomed by Vladimir Putin.


If Trump’s “America First” foreign policy is an indicator, he would not care, let alone continue the lost wars in Syria, Libya or even Yemen started by supposedly America’s ally Saudi Arabia. He has no problem letting Russian President Vladimir Putin takes all the credit ending the Syrian Civil War simply because it was Barack Obama who lost it, not him.


Many think Trump’s foreign policy could be the end of United States’ world dominance. They think China and Russia could rise and replace America’s military role overnight. But Trump has said his priority is on military spending than a balanced budget. And he has hired retired Gen. John Kelly, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and retired Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis for top jobs.


Whether it’s to divert attention or just a show of his strong leadership, eventually Trump administration would go to war. The unlucky nation could be Iran. After scamming billions of US dollars from the former incompetent President Barack Obama, Tehran should know better than to provoke Washington under Trump administration.


The clearest signal that President Trump is targeting Iran – militarily – was when National Security Adviser Michael Flynn declared Wednesday – “As of today, we are officially putting Iran on notice.” It appears Trump is moving away from Obama administration’s policy of diplomatic engagement, which ultimately led to a 2015 multinational nuclear deal.

Nuclear Deal - Cartoon Iran Nuclear Compliance Meter

However, Iran mistook its victory as a sign of permanent U.S. weakness. The Shia-Muslim of Iran hadn’t expected Donald Trump’s presidency victory, therefore, has been testing ballistic missiles and couldn’t give two hoots about the then-President Barack Obama. The White House has condemned and warned of consequences including the possibility of new U.S. sanctions.


But the defiant Iran consistently ignores the threats and has even warned that new U.S. sanctions could constitute a violation of the nuclear deal, suggesting that the country is ready for a war. Besides tougher sanctions, Trump administration doesn’t rule out military force as one of the options.

Donald Trump - Punching Gesture

Iranians would be the biggest fool if they think President Trump would play by the book the same way Barack Obama did. Washington could replay the same game that Tehran played on Obama – violating United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231 – by launching surprise drone airstrikes targeting Iran’s elite military unit – the Islamic Revolutionary Guard.


Sure, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif could claim that none of Iran’s missiles had been designed to carry a nuclear warhead. But the newly appointed U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley, in her debut at the UN Security Council, told reporters the U.S. would be warning “people across the world” about the risks of Iran’s actions in the region.


Not only Iran was among 7 Muslim-majority countries whose citizens President Trump barred from the U.S. in an executive order last Friday, Iran is also Israel’s greatest threat. And Trump has promised to protect Israel, unlike former President Barack Obama who had chosen to backstab Israel and betray Jews just before he left the Oval Office.


In a reverse role, U.S. Navy ships now could easily provoke Iranian military vessels, hoping the Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps would do something stupid, thus giving Trump administration a justification to start a war with the country. Because Vladimir Putin is so eager to become Donald Trump’s buddy, its likely Russia would play a neutral role in a U.S.-Iran War.

United States vs Iran - War

Suddenly, it makes perfect sense for President Trump to befriend President Putin. Iran, a nation which regularly shouts “Death to America” has just tested its nuclear-capable cruise missile called “Sumar”. The cruise missile is believed to be capable of carrying nuclear weapons and may have a range of 2,000 to 3,000 km.


Hassan Rouhani was deliberately testing Donald Trump, as the cruise missiles are not mentioned in any United Nations resolutions that ban work on ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons. Mr. Rouhani could be in for his biggest surprise when he finally realizes Trump is not as weak as Obama was.


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Luv to see Trump gives Iran a bashing. They are no different from Saudi Arabia- a country of the world greatest hypocrites in the guise of their religion . Iran shud be taught a lesson before it becomes too arrogant and be a rogue nation like SA. All these Middle East countries are of forked tongue and when the calling comes they know not of concern for the others.I would not be surprised that their low mental faculty gives them false courage and that with little nuclear capabilities they thought they are the chosen one and blessed to conquere the “kafir” world.

Unlikely… There are many times USA had the opportunity to attack, even Saudi told america to attack Iran and they will finance the war… but USA choose not to.

There must be a balance of Power in the middle east, and Iran represent Shia Islam, 20% of Muslims while Saudi is Sunnis Islam, about 80%. Thus, why let the big fish eat the small fish? If USA wants to go to war, they will want Saudi to do the dirty job, like how they both finance Iraq to attack Iran in the 1980.

There is already a coalition of Sunni Military (which includes Malaysia) lead by Saudi. If there is going to be a war, USA will supply the weapons and Saudi will do the dirty job, which they won’t, thus – only proxy war like what we see now.

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