No, It Wasn’t An Accident!! – Here’s Why The U.S. Deliberately Bombed Syrian Forces

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Sep 19 2016
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A United States Central Command (CENTCOM) official declared they had been watching what they believed was the ISIS forces for a few days. Confident with their assessment, they launched an airstrike using two F-16 fighter jets and two A10 ground attack aircraft. KABOOM! As many as 62 soldiers were killed and 100 more injured – Mission Accomplished!


Had the above happened and up to 62 ISIS terrorists were killed, the U.S. would be looked up upon as the true world superhero. President Barack Obama would be treated with utmost respect. President Xi Jinping would not have had dared refuse a staircase to visiting Obama. President Duterte would not have had called Obama “son of a bitch“.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Calls US President Barack Obama - Son of A Bitch

Unfortunately, the 62 soldiers killed by the American airstrike were not ISIS terrorists but Syrian forces. The Obama administration expressed its “regret” for the airstrike, calling it a “mistake”, an “accidental” and “unintentional” airstrike targeting Syrian servicemen in violation of the ceasefire agreement. Russia, on the other hand, didn’t think so and had called for an U.N. emergency meeting.


During the emergency United Nations Security Council meeting on Saturday, held only hours after the U.S. airstrike, the U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power went bonkers, turned the table and accused the Russia of making a “stunt” and playing a “game” instead. Clearly, Samantha was trying to divert attention from U.S.’ screw up by accusing the Russia of distracting the incident.


Samantha pointed her finger at Russia, accusing Vladimir Putin’s boys of bombing civilians and blaming the Assad regime for the rise of ISIS. Was she trying to justify the U.S. killing on Syrian Army as such that since the Russians have been killing innocent civilians, it was perfectly alright for the Americans to do the same – killing innocent Syrian forces?


But was the accidental killing of 62 Syrian soldiers a “screw up” to begin with? First of all, it was a period of “ceasefire” agreed upon by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry one week earlier and came into effect on September 12. Therefore nobody, especially the superpower United States can start attacking.


Unless the U.S. gets special permission, of which they didn’t when their F-16 fighter jets and A10 ground attack aircraft allegedly entered Syrian airspace without authorization from the Assad government, the U.S. action can be considered as breaching the “ceasefire” agreement and therefore, should be condemned, which the Russia had done so by calling for the U.N. emergency meeting.


Secondly, the U.S. CENTCOM had been watching what they believed was the ISIS forces for a few days. Unless the U.S. intelligence was retarded, how could they make such silly mistake? Like it or not, it’s hard to believe the U.S. was suddenly so inspired to kill 62 ISIS terrorists, to the extent of breaching a ceasefire agreement, when they had let the ISIS prospered for the last 3 years.


As much as we would like to believe hero America was in the Middle East to kill bad guys ISIS like in Hollywood movies, the villain Russia is absolutely correct to question the United States sudden interest in the fight against Daesh (ISIS, IS, ISIL) in the eastern city of Deir ez-Zor military airport where Syrian forces have been the vanguard of the fighting force against the terrorists Daesh.


Thirdly, why would the Americans suddenly try to “help” the Syrian Army loyal to the Assad regime when Obama administration has consistently said the same Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was the evil that must be terminated? After all, the U.S. forces had done “nothing” when ISIS advanced on Palmyra. So, there isn’t a single compelling reason the airstrike was a mistake.



The airstrike which killed at least 62 Syrian forces was a pre-planned, co-ordinated, calculated and deliberate attack. The U.S., under Obama administration, has never wanted Syrian War to end. On the contrary, there’re tons of reasons why the America has wanted to sabotage the ceasefire and prolong the Syrian War.


Already called a lame duck and humiliated by even the Philippines President Duterte, it would be Obama’s greatest humiliation on the international stage if the Russia-US brokered ceasefire succeeded. Before the entry of Russia into the Syrian War, the U.S. had failed, or not interested, to a ceasefire which could at least stop refugees fleeing the war.

Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin would be seen as the world’s new leader, not Barack Obama, who could enforce a ceasefire. Secondly, United States, as a nation, would be a pariah state below Russia. Washington would be laughed at as a superpower that have been spending billions of dollars and 3 years bombing empty desert, until Moscow came and fixed the problems.


Thirdly, if the ceasefire succeeded, the U.S. and Western forces would eventually be sent packing as there would be no reason to stay in Middle East. Without its presence, the U.S. will not be able to dictate and tell the kingdoms in the region what to do. Essentially, Russia will fill the vacuum to become a new leader in the Middle East, something totally unacceptable to the U.S.



Fourthly, by attacking the Syrian Army stronghold of Deir ez-Zor, the U.S. has provided the Daesh terrorists an opportunity to regroup and advance on a hill overlooking the air base. ISIS has repeatedly attacked the government-held air base but failed, until now. If the ceasefire is broken, it will help the U.S., who has never been in favour of the arrangement from the beginning.


Fifthly, the U.S. wanted to use the airstrike to provoke the Russia and see Putin’s retaliation. If Moscow goes bonkers and calls off the ceasefire, Washington can conveniently accuse Russia as the one who breaks the agreement, not U.S. However, if Moscow does nothing but merely barks at the United Nations Security Council meeting, the U.S. can continue to sabotage the ceasefire.


In June, the Russians bombed a U.S.-backed rebel camp in southern Syria used by CIA-trained fighters. After the Russians bombed the camp in al-Tanf, American officials called the Russians on a special hotline and told them to stop bombing. But instead of halting their attacks, the Russians sent in another group of attack aircraft to bomb again, ignoring the American request to stop.


So, here comes the sixth reason – revenge over what the Russians had done. What the U.S. called rebels are considered terrorists by the Russia. Washington needs CIA-trained fighters (or rather terrorists) to battle Assad’s forces. And since the Russians have bombed their sponsored terrorists, it was only fair for the Americans to bomb Russian’s ally – Syrian forces.

Last but not least, the Obama administration desperately needs to divert attention from perception that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is to continue his lame duck foreign policy. After Clinton’s 9/11 drama where she was basically dragged and thrown into the back seat of a van (or rather black-painted ambulance) after developing a seizure, most likely due to Parkinson’s, Trump’s rating has been climbing.


Therefore, an escalating Syrian War would provide a good diversion for both Obama and Clinton. Obama could pretend and act tough while Clinton could throw baskets of empty rhetoric accusing Russia as the enemy of the U.S., the same way the Russians are being accused of poisoning Hillary Clinton. At the same time, pro-Clinton mainstream media could accuse Trump of working with the Russians.



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