Russian Jet Shot Down – How Putin Brilliantly Turns It To His Advantage

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Nov 29 2015
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Unlike two months ago when a Russian 3-star general walked across street to the U.S. embassy in Baghdad and told them “We bomb in 1 hour. Stay out of our way”; this time the Russian had given prior information to the U.S. of the flight path of its Su-24 fighter jets. Surprisingly, a Russian jet was shot down when it shared information as compared when it didn’t.


Finally, something which could spark a World War III has occurred when a Turkish F-16 shot down a Russian Su-24. Not only an ejected pilot got sprayed with bullets by rebels Turkmen fighters (backed by Turkey) while parachuting, a Russian search and rescue helicopter that arrived was attacked and destroyed by rebels brandishing a US-made TOW anti-tank missile.

Turkey F-16 vs Russia Su-24

If the downing of Malaysian Flight MH17 was blamed on Russia immediately simply because it was shot by Russian-made BUK missile system, it’s only fair to blame U.S. when an American-made TOW anti-tank missile was used to attack a Russian search and rescue helicopter. As much as Turkey and U.S. play dumb on the crisis, it’s hard to deny both countries’ involvement.


Furious, President Vladimir Putin called the shot down a “stab in the back by the terrorists’ accomplices” and warning that there would be “severe consequences”. Unlike Prime Minister Najib Razak who was clueless as to the actual reasons to the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370’s disappearance and MH17’s downing, Russia has the technology and expertise to know precisely what had happened.

President Putin Warning President Erdogan - A Stab in the Back by the Terrorists AccomplicesRussia Su-24 Shot Down - President Erdogan Calls President Obama - Permission Granted

The Turks shot down the jet and did so within 17 seconds, with the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan admitted to giving the order himself. He didn’t bother to offer a clumsy excuse that it was a Turkish pilot mistake or something along that line. Turkey, however, offered its reason for shooting down the Russian jet – Putin’s boy had allegedly entered Turkey’s airspace.


Not only Turkey claims that its F-16s were simply defending the country’s sovereign territory, to which Russia denied, but it further justified that it had given “10 warnings to the Russian plane before it was shot down. Of course, one of the two Russian pilots who ejected and survived claims there were no warnings received whatsoever.

Russia Su-24 Shot Down - Video ClipRussia Su-24 Shot Down - Map of Flight Path

Even if Turkey is right that the Russian Su-24 strayed into its airspace, the plane was within Ankara’s borders for just 17 seconds before being attacked, so how could there be 10 “repeated warnings” before a decision to unleash missile from F-16 towards Su-24, a first of such attack since 1952? The plan was too perfect that Turkey’s minions were tipped to wait and record the jet being hit.


Putin has suggested that Turkey somehow knew beforehand of the Su-24 flight path because Obama administration had deliberately leaked the location and time of the Russian fighter jet’s information. Perhaps that was precisely what had happened. The very fact that Turkey dared to challenge mighty Russia for a war goes to show that it has the support and blessing of a superpower.

President Erdogan Meets President Obama - Plot to Provoke Russia

In a situation like Syrian War, it’s perfectly normal for a Russian Su-24 breaching certain airspace of Turkey. It wasn’t like the Su-24 was behaving in a hostile way towards Turkey. After the incident, amusingly, Ankara claimed it wouldn’t have had shot down the plane if it knew it was a Russian jet. But ISIS doesn’t fly a single jet fighter, do they? So, every fighter jet can be considered “friendly” plane, no?


Russia asks for an apology but Erdogan arrogantly warned Putin “not to play with fire”. Moscow is now using a popular Western tool – economic sanction. A plan to build a gas pipeline and a US$20 billion nuclear power plant construction in Turkey are two projects to be affected. Based on figures from 2014, Turkey is to lose roughly 4.5 million Russian tourists, the second biggest group after Germans.

Russian Tourists in Turkey

The last thing that Turkey wants is more impacts on its economy, considering its Lira has fallen about 20% against the dollar this year, making it harder to service its US$125 billion in foreign debt. But the lucrative “secret business” of oil trade with ISIS, at least 50% cheaper than market price, is too good for President Erdogen’s son to ignore.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why Erdogen personally issued the order to shoot down Russian Su-24 after Russia began delivering airstrikes against the ISIS infrastructure and destroyed more than 500 trucks loaded with oil, ready to be smuggled into a Turkish oil company, allegedly owned by the president’s son, Bilal.

Turkey President Erdogan and son Bilal

Turkey wanted revenge for the business lost while the U.S. wanted revenge after it was humiliated in the annexation of Crimea, not to mention Russia’s success in bombing ISIS. Washington must have thought that Putin could be trapped into declaring a war on Turkey, a fellow NATO member, hence giving the Western countries a legitimate reason to punish Putin, the same way they did to Hitler during World War II.


Unfortunately, Putin is too smart for both Obama and Erdogan combined. Perhaps he knew all along that Obama would pass the flight information to Erdogan. And he pretended to be furious at the barbaric act of Turkey in shooting down its fighter jet and search and rescue helicopter. If social media comments are any indicator, global supports seem to be on Putin’s side.

ISIS Oil Trucks Bombed - Putin - Erdogan

Putin doesn’t want a war with Turkey, not that it doesn’t have the nuclear power to finish the country once and for all. When was the last time Putin cares about his men’s life? But the pilot who was killed – Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Peshkov – is awarded Russia’s highest honour of the Hero of Russia medal, not to mention his family’s mortgage to be fully paid off.


Vladimir Putin has done a great job in marketing for global public supports, by playing the innocence cards. He is now seen as a hero while both Erdogan and Obama the villains. Most importantly, Turkey and U.S.’ idiocy has presented a legitimate excuse for Putin to deploy any military machines into Syria under the pretext of protecting its personnel.

Russia Su-24 Shot Down - Deployment of S-400 Air Defence System

Thereafter, Russia publicly announced the deployment of its cutting-edge S-400 air defence system, which arrived a day ago, to protect the Russian Hmeimim airbase in Latakia, Syria. With a range of 400 km and speed of Mach-14, it could hit bombers such as B-1, B-52; fighter jets F-16, F-22, F-35; stealth planes F-117A and even U.S. mighty Tomahawk cruise missiles.


Thanks to Turkey and U.S.’ arrogance and stupidity, neither country has justification to object Russia’s latest (and possibly future) gadget deployment to Syria. Suddenly, Moscow possesses a strategic base with ability to hit Turkey-US Incirlik airbase and British bases in Cyprus. What a sucker Erdogan and Obama have been for underestimating Putin’s intelligence.

President Erdogan Calls President Putin - Number Not in Service

Perhaps realizing what a fool he has been for starting the tension, Mr. Erdogan is reportedly seeking a face-to-face meeting with Putin, presumably to make up and suck up to him. So far, the Russian president hasn’t find it fit for such meet up while the Turkish president said his government is “really saddened” about shooting down the Russian warplane.


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“How Putin Brilliantly Turns It To His Advantage”

Yes indeed, another great article.

Just to share this…

Apr 34 2015 – http://21stcenturywire.com/2015/04/04/wall-street-journal-israel-caught-red-handed-aiding-al-qaeda-in-syria/

Nov 30 2015 – http://investmentwatchblog.com/did-obama-give-turkey-blessing-for-shooting-down-russian-jet-heres-a-clue/

“TEHRAN (FNA)- Turkey’s “unprecedented” provocation could well lead to a standoff reminiscent of the darkest days of the Cold War, political analyst Pyotr Iskenderov asserted, adding that by downing the Russian Su-24 bomber Ankara managed to achieve the unthinkable: it “outperformed” the Soviet Union’s archrival.

“It also proves the existence of a very dangerous geopolitical trend directly related to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, which have already become NATO or EU members, or cherish the dream of joining these organizations (often at any price),” the expert wrote for the Strategic Culture Foundation, Sputnik News reported.

Turkey, according to Iskenderov, decided to shoot down the Russian bomber because President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is confident that NATO and particularly the US will back him no matter what happens.

Moreover, “the desire to exploit the contradictions between great powers has always been an instrument of the (Neo)Ottoman Empire’s policy,” he explained in an article titled “Turkey Paves Way for Another Cuban Crisis.”

In addition, Turkey does not want the Syrian crisis to be resolved and is ready to add fuel to the fire if necessary, the analyst stated.

Protracted civil war in the neighboring country will allow Ankara to continue its illegal oil business with ISIL. It is also trying to pit the radical group against the Kurds as much as possible.”


“Putin can deprive Turkey of 30% of its territory”

The Treaty of Moscow (1921) — Russian-Turkish Treaty of “friendship and brotherhood”, signed on 16 March 1921 in Moscow between the government of the Grand national Assembly of Turkey and the government of the RSFSR.

In accordance with the agreement of the Armenian cities of Kars and Ardahan Turkey have departed. Mount Ararat was also in Turkey.

According to the Agreement, Russia extends it every 25 years, and now is just the date the next Contract is signed, Russia may not do it legally.

In this case, Turkey will be forced to return the vast territory…”

Dec 1 2015 – http://newswatchreport.com/item/219327_putin-can-deprive-turkey-of-30-of-its-territory

“‘Honeymoon’ over for lira after Turkey shoots down Russian jet”

The Turkish lira is already this year’s worst performing currency outside Latin America. But after a Turkish F16 jet shot down a Russian bomber near the Syrian border, analysts say the lira is likely to plunge even further, to record lows.

“It’s a bit of an abrupt ending of the honeymoon here for the lira,” Roxana Hulea, an emerging market strategist at Societe Generale in London told Bloomberg. According to her, the Turkish lira will slump to 3.1 per dollar (2.92 as of 8am GMT Monday).

In September, the lira fell to a record low of 3.0752 against the greenback. The Turkish currency won back eight percent through November 20, but last week’s slowdown extended the slide to 20 percent in 2015.”

Dec 1 2015 – http://newswatchreport.com/item/219470_honeymoon-over-for-lira-after-turkey-shoots-down-russian-jet

Hahahaha….I think there is a lot of loopholes of one sided arguments

The current situations was that Putin don’t have the choice in Crimea sanctions as he was facing bankruptcy of his state economic, besides, he is bidding for an international attention pre and post Paris Terrorism attacks although French willing and corporately to fight ISIS but now it got silence, all can Erdogan did to re-isolate Russia again just to close the port situated in the Strait of Bosphorus, an important gateway for Russia to ship their goods and services for their export and import business into the Mediterranean from the Black Sea that connects Western and Eastern Europe to the Middle East and Central Asia after Putin formed the Eurasian Economic Union with his former Russian Imperial Colony and former Soviet Republic under Soviet Unions as Russian Sphere of Influence.

Don’t you realise that Mr Putin is at the state of denial each time he came to face to face with the international journalists his home conference that setup with them. Russia is at the brink of bankruptcy as he tried to keep the rivalry wars with US by challenging and counter US influenced, he is totally messing up and killing his people with his kleptocracy as all his former ally who is oligarch businessmen all exodus massy to US!

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