Take A Tour Inside Emirates Airbus A319 That Rosmah Took For Her Cheap Award

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Jun 13 2016
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Prime Minister Najib Razak’s beautiful wife – Rosmah Mansor – has hit the headlines again, for the wrong reason. Naughty boy Rafizi Ramli, an opposition MP, exposed another lavish spending by Najib administration this week when he revealed Rosmah hired Emirate’s Executive Airbus A319 private jet so that she can fly into Turkey – with style.


Nothing seems to be the problem, except, according to Mr. Rafizi, the private jet was hired for 2 months, costing taxpayers’ money to the tune of RM86.4 million. In comparison, PM Najib’s golfing buddy, President Barack Obama family vacation to Honolulu, Hawaii, during December 2013 to January 2014 Christmas vacation cost only US$8,098,060.33.

President Barack Obama Family Vacation to Honolulu, Hawaii - Costing

That’s roughly RM33,064,377.96 based on today’s exchange rate. If Rafizi’s calculation was correct, it means Obama and his family of four could make 2 trips to Hawaii, with loose change of RM20.2 million left for exotic shopping. And Obama’s cost included Secret Service expenses totalling US$316,698.03 (RM1,293,077.96), not to mention the trip was on board Air Force One.


Najib regime has rubbished the RM86.4 million a pop trip to Turkey. But the government refuses to disclose actual cost to counter the allegations. Therefore, it’s safe to assume the cost was roughly there, or even higher. To spend so much to receive the 3G Children Welfare Award on behalf of early childhood programme Permata, the award must be more prestigious that Nobel Prize.

Emirates Airbus A319 Private Jet - Rosmah Mansor - Cost To Receive Award in Turkey - RM86.4 Million

However, the issue that has set tongues wagging was the leak of a video clip that shows 12 people carrying huge bags into the cabin of the private jet, as if precious stones, jewellery, gold bars and bundles of cash were flying out of the country. Why did Rosmah need such a luxury executive jet just to receive an unknown award? How luxury is the private jet?


{ 1 } This is the exterior view of Airbus A319. The 111-foot long jetliner typically seats 124 passengers. In comparison, the world’s largest purpose-built private jet, the Gulfstream G650, is 99 feet long.

Emirates Airbus A319 Private Jet - Exterior View


{ 2 } This is what economy class usually looks like fitting 124 passengers.

Emirates Airbus A319 Private Jet - Normal 124 Passengers Seating


{ 3 } Dismantle all the 124 seating capacity and re-design it for 19, and you’re looking at a personal board room for conferences and meetings, or even a private restaurant.

Emirates Airbus A319 Private Jet - Customised Lounge


{ 4 } The Emirates A319 private jet is split into two main zones. The first is a lounge area, near the front of the plane, which has a dining area and executive lounge designed to seat 12 people. Besides six lounge seats, there’re two sofas and mechanically activated tables can be raised in front of the two large sofas.

Emirates Airbus A319 Private Jet - Lounge Area Near Front of Plane


{ 5 } The lounge provides sufficient space for dining like a king, or in the case of Rosmah, like a queen. There’s also an executive team and multi-lingual cabin crew, ready to accommodate any special requests.

Emirates Airbus A319 Private Jet - Lounge Area For Dining


{ 6 } Throughout the journey, WiFi and mobile phone connectivity are available in the plane, important for doing business in the air, or in the case of Rosmah, checking latest Hermes Birkin bags or her private saving accounts.

Emirates Airbus A319 Private Jet - Lounge Area For Dining - WiFi and mobile phone connectivity


{ 7 } It can also be arranged with two large couches, four tables, and two 42-inch HD LCD screens.

Emirates Airbus A319 Private Jet - Lounge Area- two large couches, four tables, and two 42-inch HD LCD screens


{ 8 } The second zone (rear of the aircraft) has 10 private suites – similar to the ones found in Emirates’ First Class cabins. Everyone must be fighting tooth and nail wanting to travel with Rosmah Mansor.

Emirates Airbus A319 Private Jet - The Second Zone - divided into 10 private suites


{ 9 } Each private suite equipped with sliding privacy doors, a fully-flat bed after minor transformation.

Emirates Airbus A319 Private Jet - The Second Zone - Each comes with a lie-flat bed


{ 10 } That’s not all. Each suite also comes with a 32-inch HD LCD screen displaying award-winning ICE entertainment system. Rosmah can relax and enjoy up to 1,500 channels of on-demand entertainment. Of course, there’s enough space to rest some Hermes Birkin bags too.

Emirates Airbus A319 Private Jet - The Second Zone - And a 32-inch HD LDC screen


{ 11 } Did we mention the moon lighting, what’s private jet without moon lighting, especially when Rosmah traveled without her hubby, right? There’s also “Visitor’s Seat” with personal mini-bar.

Emirates Airbus A319 Private Jet - The Second Zone - Visitor's seat and a mini-bar in each


{ 12 } Rosmah might not be an oil tycoon but the “gold-plated everything” on board shower spa, finished in classic walnut and marble and stocked with fine linens and a range of luxury Sodashi spa products, surely makes her like a billionaire.

Emirates Airbus A319 Private Jet - Shower Spa


{ 13 } Besides luxury spa products, the shower spa is equipped with heated floors and is loaded with beauty products (not those from night market).

Emirates Airbus A319 Private Jet - Shower Spa - beauty products


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