Why Terengganu Palace Strips But Keeps Ahmad? It’s Snap Election, Stupid

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May 02 2016
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We’re not sure why our server had gone bonkers 3 days ago. What we know is it happened right after we published our article about GST hike to 8%, planned to be effective next year on 1 April. We also know it wasn’t due to traffic simply because we had experienced 3-time more traffic on other articles but the server didn’t go down.

Malaysian Ringgit - Old GST 6 Percent - New GST 8 Percent

Therefore, our educated guess is the article hit the bullseye and our server was attacked ferociously by “Siapa yang makan cili, dia terasa pedasnya (Whoever eats chilli, he will feel the spiciness which means whoever has done something wrong, he will feel the guilt)”. It appears GST is indeed a very sensitive issue with the Sarawak state election in full swing.


But there could be something more serious (than hiking GST to 8% from the present 6%) that Najib administration doesn’t want people to know. And that secret is a plan to call for a snap election this year, if everything goes according to the prime minister’s grand plan. A sudden snap election would put the disarray opposition parties and even Mahathir Mohamad off guard.

Satisfaction with Najib Administration - Merdeka Center - Jan and Aug 2015

After a huge drop in crucial Malay vote bank support to a pathetic 31% last year, Najib is desperate for a new mandate because the “world is ganging up” against him on his 1MDB scandal. Now, there’s another proof that a snap election is written on the wall, thanks to Terengganu Palace mini crisis with its Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) Ahmad Razif.


Terengganu Sultan Mizan apparently had stripped Ahmad Razif, an UMNO minion handpicked by PM Najib Razak, of all state titles bestowed on him effective April 22. Without those titles, Mr Ahmad is as naked as any ordinary people on the street. Clearly, he’s not an UMNO warlord else he would have other “spare” titles from other Sultans.

Terengganu Crisis - Menteri Besar Chief Minister Ahmad Razif - Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin

What had cost Mr Ahmad his Terengganu state titles is equally amusing. He was reportedly offered 3 islands in Tasik Kenyir, Terengganu, to a terrorist in preacher clothing Zakir Naik, allegedly to be used as Islamic research centre for the South-east Asian region. It was reported that Mr Ahmad made the decision without referring to the state executive council, let alone the palace.


As a minion of PM Najib Razak, Mr Ahmad could have had mistaken his Menteri Besar post to be an automatic recognition as the most powerful man in the state, one that even Sultan Mizan must respect and “give face”. But the arrogant Ahmad didn’t realize he has essentially usurped the Sultan’s power by giving away islands as if they were his.

Zakir Naik – Every Muslim Should Be A Terrorist

As powerful as an UMNO Menteri Besar may look, any use of government reserve land in Terengganu must be accompanied with the necessary approval of the Sultan. But Mr Ahmad had none and he didn’t bother to seek one. Not only he didn’t respect the Sultan, he might have committed treason for promising to give away state land to a foreigner Zakir Naik.


But why was Sultan Mizan so angered with Ahmad’s giving away the islands to preacher Zakir Naik? Isn’t this Mumbai preacher so holy and powerful that he could convert anyone within 100-km radius? For the betterment of Islam, sacrificing 3 islands is worth every dollar so the Sultan should be grateful instead that of all the places in the world, Zakir chose Terengganu.

The Wall Street Journal - Money Flowed To Najib Account - Najib Razak Sorrow and Sad

Perhaps Sultan Mizan is smarter and could see through the scam, realizing that Zakir Naik is nothing more than a snake oil salesman trying to milk money, and in this case three valuable Terengganu islands. After all, the world’s most explosive scandal – 1MDB – began as Terengganu Investment Authority (TIA) but ended as PM Najib’s piggybank loaded with debts.


There’s also no telling what Zakir would do with the islands. What if he decides to create a cult of extreme religious movement like the Al-Ma’unah militant group, which infamously raid a Malaysian Army Reserve camp in the early hours of the morning and stealing weapons from the armoury on 2 July, 2000? Worst, he could turn the islands into ISIS or al-Qaeda training camp, could he not?

Terengganu Chief Minister Ahmad Razif and Sultan Mizan

Going by UMNO convention, it’s a humiliation for an UMNO Chief Minister to walk without a state title. Except Ahmad, all UMNO Chief Ministers walk with state titles hanging around their neck. Without a title especially from the same state that Chief Minister Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman governs, it’s hard to see how his government could function without the palace’s support.


Surprisingly, after an audience between PM Najib Razak and Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin on Saturday, an agreement was struck – Mr Ahmad can keep his job, for now. Was the prime minister so influential that he could tell the Sultan what to do? With a razor-thin 17-14-1 (BN-PAS-PKR) majority in the state government, the opposite is true and Najib could have begged Sultan Mizan not to rock the boat.

Terengganu Tasik Kenyir - Kenyir Lake

There’s only one reason Najib Razak could have had used to convince Sultan Mizan not to sack the disrespectful Ahmad Razif. And that reason is none other than a plan to call for a snap election this year, after the Sarawak state election. Together with parliament, Terengganu can dissolve the state assembly, preventing an UMNO-Terengganu Palace crisis.


Hence, the Terengganu Sultan can afford to let Ahmad Razif stays for a couple of months pending a state election, knowing very well that a new Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) favourable to Sultan Mizan will be appointed. This is the logical explanation why the palace agreed to keep Mr Ahmad. Indirectly, Najib is saved from an embarrassment of potentially losing Terengganu state.

Barisan Nasional 2013 General Election Campaign - Najib Razak Poster

If you’re still not convinced that a snap election is on the card, consider this. Last year November, Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS), a component of ruling government Barisan Nasional, passed a resolution for the election of its supreme council to be held in 2018 instead of this year (2016). Why do they need a staggering 2 years buffer?


Coincidently, another component of Barisan Nasional – United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (UPKO) – did the same stunt 2 days ago. UPKO’s Supreme Council also has decided to postpone their party election, scheduled for October this year, in preparation for the 14th national election not due until 2018.

PM Najib Razak – Parliament To Be Dissolved In 2016

Suddenly 2016 has become a jinxed and cursed year. So, here’s the burning question: What is so important that both PBS and UPKO saw it fit to postpone their party election this year by another 2 years to 2018? The answer – something big is about to happen this year. Nope, Najib is not about to resign but is ready to call for a nationwide snap election.


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Finance Twitter, u r spot on. obama is trying very hard to be a war president by sparking WWIII in 2016. his last chance to be president for life. but chances it won’t happen. thus, by Nov 2016 …..Trump wud be elected president. then it wud be too late for Najib, to change horse. unlike obama, Trump got better things to do n wud not intervene n prevent the Justice Dept from doing their job, of persecuting Najib for MLA.

by 2017 or 2018, a convicted Najib wud be non-electable no matter how much money he pours into the election fraud. thus 2016 wud be the only year, Najib has some “air muka” left, even to be fraudulently re-elected as PM

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