Uh-oh, Najib In Trouble – Get Ready For A Snap Election Next Year 2016

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Oct 18 2015
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Merdeka Center had conducted a national poll on Prime Minister Najib Razak recently. If the findings from the latest poll which was carried out in August are reliable, then the Malaysian prime minister who is allegedly linked to corruption, money laundering and murder is in deep shit. It seems Najib’s rhetoric isn’t effective anymore.

Satisfaction with Najib Administration - Merdeka Center - Jan and Aug 2015

The poll, apparently, showed that the crucial Malay vote bank for Najib regime stood at a pathetic 31% as compared to 52% registered in January this year. In other words, the pink lips has lost a whopping 21 percentage points since the 6% GST, RM42 billion 1MDB scandal, RM2.6 billion “donation” found in his personal bank account, and whatnot, exploded.


Interestingly when the poll was conducted, 5 major events haven’t happened yet namely – Red Shirts rally, Al-Jazeera documentary on Altantuya’s murder, Najib’s hiding from IACC conference, FBI’s investigation into 1MDB money laundering, and China Ambassador visit to Petaling Street (Chinatown). These events occurred only in September.

FBI Department of Justice DOJ - Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor - inset Riza Aziz

16th International Anti-Corruption Conference IACC - Question From Jose Ugaz - Najib Worry Inset

This month (October) we witnessed one of Najib’s warlords Tajuddin threaten to slap every Chinese that he could land his hands on. Then we have the biggest bombshell – a decree by nine Malay Sultans questioning 1MDB scandal. And central bank governor Zeti has since revoked permission for 1MDB to do investments abroad. So, you’ve roughly 3 events in October.


In short, after the poll which found Najib’s popularity dropped like a rock in August, the country has been rocked by another 8 major events or revelations. Throw in the ringgit’s spectacular depreciation to RM4.48 to a dollar (Sept 29), and you have 9 bad news stacked against Najib son of Razak. The latest toll hike adds the number to 10.

Altantuya Murder - Al-Jazeera - Murder in Malaysia

Najib Razak Worry Sad - Al Jazeera Exposed Altantuya Murder

You don’t need a rocket scientist to predict the result if a new poll is to be conducted today. None of the above ten events are advantageous to Najib. Was it a coincidence that PM Najib suddenly calls the ethnic-Chinese as “sons of Malaysia” today, instead of the traditional “migrants of Malaysia” label, after the poll found that only 5% of the race supported the regime?


Of course, if the ethnic-Malay support were to remain at above 50%, the money is on the table that Najib wouldn’t give two hoots about the local Chinese, who have been used as punching bag by Najib’s political party UMNO for as long as one can remember. Now that his own race is not in favour of him, he runs to the Chinese to suck up to them.

Bersih 4.0 - Charming and Creative Photo - Devil Najib King of Donation

UMNO Red Shirts Rally Charming Message - Eliminate Chinese SJKC Vernacular Education

The most mind-boggling result from the poll is of course the overall approval on the federal government, which tumbles from 38% in January to merely 23% in August. In a nutshell, this means if a general election is held now, his Barisan Nasional (BN) government is dead meat. Not even a great gerrymandering could save the BN from a total collapse.


Fortunately – Cash is King – is here to save the day. Therefore, the present regime has no other choice but to raise money for the next “Mother of BR1M” by hiking the toll rate at 12 highways. It makes perfect sense to rob money from urbanites where all these toll booths are located, and give it to ruralites. After all, most of these urbanites are anti-Najib.

Malaysia Dewan Rakyat Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia Office With Toilet Attached

Najib hopes to raise his regime’s approval rate back to at least 38% by giving away free money to ignorant folks. Together with gerrymandering, his BN government can still win a federal election with a simple majority. His minion, Mr. Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia, will most likely flush any no-confidence vote down his newly allocated gold-plated toilet bowl.


The PM is not too concerned about no-confidence vote against him. His primary challenge is to win the next general election, which has to be held latest in 2018. But we don’t think he will wait till then. Instead we believe Najib will most likely call for a snap federal election (not state election though) next year – 2016

Manifesto - PR vs BN - BR1M RM1200

We also believe that besides raising toll rate, other utilities would see some hikes. The regime needs money to be distributed for BR1M and to buy votes. The most glaring give away that Najib is preparing for a snap election is this – he has started sucking up to the Chinese, the same way he did it before the 2013 general election (*grin*).


The corrupt regime cannot wait till 2018 as planned simply because the Conference of Rulers could deal a deadly blow if Najib administration continues to play dumb and drag its feet and in the process insult the sultans’ decree. By then, it would be too late even if the corrupted UMNO warlords want to boot Najib.

Najib Razak - Pirates of the Caribbean

If PM Najib can win with a simple and reduced majority, it’s enough for him to send a signal to the sultans to back off. Most importantly, if he can still win with all the scandals and oppositions stacked against him, he’s literally untouchable and could most likely breach Mahathir’s 22-year-rule.


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Alternatively some riots can be created and voila NSC sprung into action hence no election, no parliament and no constitution.
Rosy and he can rule for ever.

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