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Congress To Reveal 9/11 Secrets, Saudi Isn’t Happy So They Blackmail U.S.

The “September 11 Attacks” is close to 15 years old but it was the mother of terrorist attacks that is still full of mysteries and conspiracy theories. Depending on who you ask, the speculation behind the attacks could be spookily inspiring. Former Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed would tell you that if the U.S. could […]

... written on Apr 17 2016

Few Americans In Panama Papers – Top 50 U.S. Companies Hide US$1.4 Trillion

Days after the Panama Papers were leaked and shocked the world; people are still arguing and debating why the lack of Americans being named. Preliminary reports indicate that more than 200 people with U.S. addresses are named in the Panama Papers, a pathetic number considering that the leak implicates 214,488 companies involving 11.5 million documents. […]

... written on Apr 15 2016

Here’re 2 Methods To Skin Najib, But Election Is Not One Of Them

Contrary to what Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s band of supporters and bloggers would like to believe, the 1MDB scandal is too messy and too scandalous to go away. And that’s good news to them because that means Najib regime would have to keep paying their wages as cyber troopers – earning an average RM3,000 […]

... written on Apr 13 2016

Forget Terrorism, The Arab Mafia Families Control Berlin Underworld

Who says the Arab only excels in terrorism? Thanks to certain Western leaders who have nothing better to do than championing human rights and freedom of everything “excessively”, regardless of the consequences, the Arab has taken over one of the most profitable businesses in Berlin – underworld organized crime.   The Middle East migration has […]

... written on Apr 12 2016

Egyptians Angry Their President Gives 2-Islands To Saudi – For Money

At least 11 people have been arrested for “protesting without a permit” in Egypt, shortly before Saudi King Salman was due to give a speech to Egypt’s parliament. Besides street protest, thousands of Egyptians have taken to the social media expressing their anger at their own President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, to the extent of calling him […]

... written on Apr 11 2016

Rayani Air May Go Bust – World’s Shortest-Lived Shariah-Compliant Airline

The bet was it wouldn’t last more than 365 days. Rayani Air, however, is proving the critics wrong and may be on its way to business closure, sooner than expected. Just 110 days into operation, Rayani Air, proclaimed Malaysia’s first “Syariah-compliant” airline, has suspended itself before even the relevant authorities could do so (*grin*).   […]

... written on Apr 10 2016

1MDB Parliament Report – Blames Everything & Everyone Except Najib Razak

After wasting precious time dragging its feet, the Malaysia’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has finally tabled its findings to Parliament yesterday. The verdict – Prime Minister Najib Razak (*yawn*) is as clean as a whistle and as smooth as a baby’s butt. But really, does anyone out there expect a different result? Najib’s innocence was […]

... written on Apr 08 2016

Netherlands “Rejects” EU – A Slap For EU Elites, A Boost For Brexit

With less than 3 months before British citizens decide in a referendum whether to leave the EU altogether, the Dutch has given those who support “Brexit” a boost. The Dutch voters have opposed and said “NO” to the European elite, well, sort of. Nope, they didn’t vote to quit EU but to reject a European […]

... written on Apr 07 2016

Najib Regime Interested To Buy Russian Su-34 & Su-35 Worth Billions?

Syrian War was a place to sell military hardware and gadget. Through real life experience of killing and bombing, it has provided the best “proof of concept” of the capability of Russian war machines. With a declaration of pulling out from Syria, an old chapter had ended but a new chapter has begun – selling […]

... written on Apr 07 2016

How Come “Panama Papers” Haven’t Exposed U.S. Big Guns?

After the explosive “Panama Papers” bombshell released by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) over the weekend – the biggest leak in history – some world leaders could be brought down. Before we start bitching, here’s how massive this project was to the ICIJ and those involved during their 12 months of hard work. […]

... written on Apr 05 2016

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