FBI & DOJ Jurisdiction Starts From Jho Low & Riza Aziz’s Money Trail To Najib

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Sep 20 2015
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Last week, MRCB (Malaysian Resources Corp Berhad) and George Kent Berhad were awarded a huge project for the Light Rail Transit 3 (LRT3) linking Bandar Utama to Klang. MRCB is a GLC (government-linked company) by virtue of EPF (Employee Provident Fund) owning 38% stake in it. George Kent’s boss, Tan Kay Hock, is PM Najib’s golf buddy.

LRT3 Project - MRCB-George Kent Consortium Wins - Tan Kay Hock and Najib Razak

Ever since Najib Razak becomes the prime minister, George Kent starts winning LRT projects, one after another. It was like President Obama keeps awarding United States railway projects to golfing buddy Najib Razak. So, no surprise with MRCB and George Kent getting the projects, never mind George Kent knows nuts about LRT.


What raises eyebrows and shocks, however, was the extraordinary offer price tendered by the MRCB-George Kent consortium. At RM11.5 billion, it was at least RM2 billion more expensive than the lowest bid of RM9.5 billion. Even an experienced and better equipped player UEM, another GLC, could do the job for only RM9.88 billion.

Malaysia LRT Station

It’s mind-boggling why Najib administration thinks George Kent can deliver the LRT3 project within schedule when the company had so many problems with the previous construction work on the Ampang Line LRT extension project. And it now demands RM2 billion more than the lowest bid, mind you.


This is another proof that Najib doesn’t have problem with election funding at all. Can you see how he can easily raise RM2 billion funds from a simple mark-up in this case? So, it’s a myth that Mahathir’s minion – Khairuddin Abu Hassan – has travelled to a few countries to lodge police reports so that bank accounts linked to PM Najib Razak can be blocked and refused access to its funds.

Khairuddin Abu Hassan - Arrested at Mont Kiara Home

Now that Mr Khairuddin has been suddenly arrested by Malaysian police, amusingly for attempting to topple the (Najib) government, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has more reasons to be interested and has actually started investigations into PM Najib’s money laundering allegations.


It doesn’t help the matter that Khairuddin was arrested just two days before he was scheduled to meet agents from the FBI. If the prime minister is as clean as a whistle and didn’t use 1MDB as a vehicle to do money laundering, why on earth did the Malaysian police, obviously under instruction from Prime Minister Office (PMO), arrested Khairuddin?

FBI Officers in Office

Just like Mongolian Altantuya’s gruesome murder where her immigration entry records were deleted, the immigration authorities have once again abused its power by stopping Khairuddin from leaving the country. It’s funny that PM Najib didn’t ask his Deputy PM Zahid Hamidi to write a letter to FBI “declaring” the prime minister innocent (*grin*).


After all, Mr Zahid had written to FBI before in defence of a Malaysian gambling kingpin, Paul Phua Wei Seng, who was arrested in Las Vegas over 2014 FIFA World Cup football tournament. If Zahid had foolishly and desperately clarified to the FBI that Mr Phua wasn’t a member of 14K Triad, can’t he write again to the FBI to clear the name of Najib?

Gambling Kingpin Phua Wei Seng

Hmm, on a second thought, could Najib Razak be involved in Paul Phua’s illegal World Cup betting activities? It makes perfect sense if the letter to the FBI from Malaysian Home Minister Zahid Hamidi was actually to cover Najib’s track and involvement, and not to protect the gambling kingpin Phua at all.


It’s certainly not true that as long as a world leader is friendly to the U.S. government by sucking and polishing the POTUS’ balls, he’s safe. And Najib has not done only the “cleaning” jobs well, he’s also President Obama’s golfing buddy. But that doesn’t mean Obama is powerful enough to overwrite FBI by telling them to drop cases against Najib.

Obama and Najib at Golf Session

True, as long as corrupt and brutal world leaders do their killing and plundering without affecting the interests of America, most of the time the Government of the United States don’t really care. So, has PM Najib gotten himself into money laundering involving the U.S.? Perhaps the answer can be found if we travel back in time to May this year.


Two days before the FIFA presidential election on May 29, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s Department of Justice indicted 14 soccer and marketing officials and unsealed six guilty pleas in a US$150 million bribery and racketeering conspiracy. Interestingly, it was the Zurich that started the arrests, not U.S.

FIFA Corruption Scandal - World Cup of Corruption

But how could the US DOJ spread its muscle on a global federation such as FIFA, let alone extradite FIFA officials from Europe, South America and the Caribbean back to the US to face trials? Heck, soccer or football is not even American’s favourite sport. Well, as long as the corruption offences took place under US jurisdiction or used the US financial system, the DOJ is involved.


In the case of 1MDB, all the dots connecting money laundering and corruption allegations are pointing to two persons – Jho Low and Najib’s stepson Riza Aziz. FBI just needs to investigate the source of income that had enabled Jho Low purchased a US$23.98 million apartment in the Park Laurel condominiums in Manhattan.

Wolf of Wall Street - Riza Aziz, Joey McFarland, Jho Low

Just like Leonardo diCaprio in the film “Wolf of Wall Street”, Jho Low’s high profile partying with Paris Hilton doesn’t help the situation. Besides the US$23.98 million Park Laurel apartment, Jho Low (real name Low Taek Jho) also bought a mansion in Beverly Hills for US$17.5 million. Both real estates, amazingly, were then sold to Riza Aziz.


Even if the US DOJ and FBI can be convinced by Jho Low that he was nothing but a runner scouting properties on behalf of his clients, Mr Riza Aziz has plenty of explanations to do as to his source of income, not only in purchasing real estates but also in Hollywood films production, which in this case were “Wolf of Wall Street” and “Dumb and Dumber To”.

Wolf of Wall Street - Sex Not Allowed Scene

Like it or not, it’s a matter of time before PM Najib is forced to explain how his US$100,000 annual salary enables his stepson Riza Aziz affords hundreds of millions of dollars in properties and movies production. The fact that American-based New York Times and the Wall Street Journals have published “evidences” of allegedly “dirty money” related to Najib means FBI investigations could open a bigger can of worms.


And since the money trail and business transactions were conducted using the US financial system, FBI and DOJ have jurisdiction over Najib Razak, unless the prime minister decides not to travel out of Malaysia for the rest of his life. The fact that the Swiss authorities have already frozen tens of millions of dollars means money laundering involving 1MDB is not merely hearsay.

FIFA Corruption Scandal - US Justice Department

Perhaps that explains why Prime Minister Najib Razak hasn’t travel to any foreign countries ever since Khairuddin started delivering packets of information related to 1MDB scandal to the authorities of Switzerland, Britain, France, Hong Kong and Singapore. Silly Zahid Hamidi actually thought that by arresting Khairuddin, FBI will not investigate further.


So, in the same breath, if Switzerland and United States believe that Najib Razak had allegedly involved in money laundering, the Interpol could be used to arrest the prime minister. If he travels to Singapore, for example, he could be arrested and extradited if he’s on Interpol’s Red Notice, similar to the case of FIFA corruption scandal.

1MDB Scandal - Money Trail Into Najib Razak Private Account - Transferred Back

Not only have foreign medias New York Times and the Wall Street Journal exposed corruption and money laundering allegations against Najib, Al-Jazeera has also joined the bandwagon on an investigative documentary on the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu, which again is being linked to him.


If FBI is convinced that Najib is linked to money laundering, either through his stepson Riza Aziz and Jho Low, or gambling kingpin Paul Phua, he could be in deep shit. He also desperately and stupidly unleashed his Red Shirts rally which has turned it into a racial demonstration, thus destabilising the country.

FBI Department of Justice DOJ - Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor - inset Riza Aziz

The last thing the US government wants is for an ally like Malaysia to be transformed into a country like Thailand or even Syria where vulnerable Malaysian Muslims could easily be influenced by the doctrine of ISIS. Surely not a single country within ASEAN wants neighbour Malaysia to become an assembly line generating ISIS fighters.


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No worry man, Najib can always claim diplomatic immunity in United States in the event that he is arrested by US government.

Najib is far from being the only corrupted politician from Malaysia, and the title of “King Korup” still belongs to Mahathir!

One does not need to look far — where and how Mahathir’s children managed to obtain their $*MULTI-BILLION* in the first place?

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