Hillary Clinton Presidency Hits Its First Hurdle – The Childish “H” Logo

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Apr 13 2015
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Hillary Clinton has taken off the suspense surrounding her plans, finally. In her 2-minute-18-second video released on Sunday, she announced (*yawn*) that she would run in 2016 to become, hopefully, the first woman President of the United States. If there’s one advantage that Hillary has over her competitors to win the White House race, it has to be her celebrity status.


Almost every Tom, Dick and hamster knows who is Hillary Clinton. If you still do not know who this woman is, perhaps her own Twitter biography could nicely summarise it – wife, mom, lawyer, women & kids advocate, FLOAR, FLOTUS, US Senator, Secretary of State, author, dog owner, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, glass ceiling cracker and soon – POTUS. Still not very sure? What about President Bill Clinton’s scandal with Monica Lewinsky?

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky - Old Photo - Birthday Wish to Monica

Ahh, that rings a bell. Hold a second, you mean the wife of that Clinton guy is now running for the presidency? Yeap. Oh No! Not another lame duck and liar Democratic for the president. Haven’t we got enough of Barack Obama? Well, this time it’s going to be different. We’re pretty sure Hillary would do better than Obama, as far as lame duck contest is concerned. But whether she’s a better liar than Obama, time will tell.


Now, enters Hillary Rodham Clinton’s marketing talks. The first woman POTUS wannabe claims she wants to fight for the economic futures of regular people (yeah right). She also openly thinks that everyday Americans need a champion, and she (shamelessly) wants to be that champion. It seems she’s quite honest about how she wants to be seen as Americans’ new superhero (or rather super heroine in this case).

Hillary Clinton Presidency 2016

Perhaps her first failed attempt in 2008 for the presidential bid had taught her to keep a low-profile and cut the unnecessary beating-around-the-bush rhetoric. Born Hillary Diane Rodham on Oct. 26, 1947 in Chicago, she graduated from Wellesley College and Yale Law School, where she met Bill Clinton. After marrying in 1975, the Clintons lived in Arkansas where Hillary practiced law, and Bill Clinton eventually became governor.


When Bill Clinton was elected president in 1992, Hillary Clinton became the first American first lady to have had a fully independent career. And if she could win this job, her credentials would set a new world record – not only as the first woman president in the history of America, but also as the only woman president who had became a senator as well as the Secretary of State too.

Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton - School

Having said that, Americans are cautious about sending her to the White House. If Hillary could lie through her teeth now, what more if she becomes the most powerful person in the U.S.? Amusingly, she talked about being “dead broke” when she and Bill Clinton left the White House, despite owning two mansions and commands up to US$300,000 per speech. Then, there was the infamous 30,000 e-mails controversy.


Within 24-hours after 67-year-old Mrs Clinton announced her  intention to run for president in 2016, her campaign on social medias hits an embarrassing moment. Her new campaign logo – blue “H” with a horizontal red arrow – was being ridiculed. Twitter was abuzz with jokes that her logo looked like a road sign pointing to a hospital. Some said it looked too similar to the FedEx logo.




Even Wikileaks joined the party by accusing Hillary Clinton of stealing Wikileaks’ innovative twitter logo design (*grin*). Other tweets pointed out the arrow-crossed “H” resembled a stock logo available for purchase from the commonly used image database Shutterstock. Although such hiccups could be considered minor, it doesn’t bode well for the campaign. If Hillary couldn’t even get her logo professionally designed, can you trust her as the new POTUS?


Anyway, unlike her 2008 campaign where she tried to project herself as a tough “Wonder Woman” who could take the role of the president, this round Mrs Clinton plans to use the soft spot approach – highlights herself as a grandmother and urges the voters to create history by sending the first woman to the White House. She wants to be seen as a humble grandmother rather than an arrogant iron lady.

Bill and Hillary Clinton with grandchild

Like it or not, she has very little room for error, considering her second attempt for the position and her age, not to mention all her glittering credentials. Those qualifications could make or break her, depending on how she’s going to sell her policies to the Americans, which she has yet to announce. The voters expect nothing less than the best from Hillary Clinton, simply because she has occupied the White House before.


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