Here’s Why Baltimore Riots Is Solely Obama & Democrat Problem

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Apr 30 2015
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Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old African American, was taken into custody by the Baltimore Police Department for possession of a switchblade. He died in police custody a week after being arrested. Claimed to be in good health at the time of his arrest, Mr Freddie later sustained injuries to his spine and larynx. Six police officers have been suspended (with pay) pending an investigation.

Baltimore Riots - Freddie Gray

Peaceful protests were organized after his death, but soon the demonstrations turned into civil unrest and violence. At least 20 cops have been injured and 250 people arrested, not to mention thousands of police and National Guard troops have been deployed. Needless to say, a state of emergency was declared in the city of Baltimore, the largest city in the state of Maryland.

Baltimore Riots - Peaceful Demonstrators

There you go again – another city destroyed by black Americans. But before we put the blame squarely on the ordinary black people, could there be other explanations? Have the people of Baltimore City been ignored by their own government due to race, so much so that a case such as Freddie Gray would spark such an unimaginable riots? Have they been governed by a dictator, with little freedom and no food on the table?

Baltimore Riots - Rioters on a Destroyed Police Car

If it’s the President George W. Bush from the Republican who is running the White House today, it would be a no-brainer to park all the blames on him and his party. In case you still haven’t figure it out, President Barack Obama is the POTUS. Interestingly, Obama won a staggering 87.4% of the Baltimore City vote. As far as Maryland state is concerned, Obama won 61.7% and 62.1% of the vote for the 2012 and 2008 presidential election respectively.

Baltimore Riots - Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

Since 1969, there have only been two Republican governors of the State of Maryland, including the present Governor Lawrence “Larry” Hogan, who took his office early of this year. And since 1967, all the mayors of Baltimore have been Democrats. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is a black woman, as was her predecessor, Mayor Sheila Dixon. Of course, Anthony Batts, the Baltimore City’s seventh police commissioner, is a black man.

Baltimore Riots - Police Commissioner Anthony Batts

There’re more – Elijah Eugene Cummings, the Congressman representing Baltimore since 1996 is a black American too. Every single member of the present Baltimore City Council is a Democrat. In short, Obama’s party – Democrat – practically runs the city of Baltimore, the unions, the schools, the police force and whatnot. In fact, it was reported in 1992 that “within a year or two, of those holding any rank above major in the Baltimore force will be black”.

Baltimore Riots - Congressman Elijah Eugene Cummings

Unlike Ferguson riots where racism could easily be justified as the root for violence, the same cannot be said about Baltimore. Perhaps the riots wouldn’t have happened if not for the comment made by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake herself – “we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that” – which troublemakers took it as a license to riot. WTF – this sounds quite like Obama allowed ISIS creating havocs, by doing nothing.

Baltimore Riots - Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake - we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that

As much as Obama and Democrats may like to argue, the looting and violence happened in a Democrat-run city, voted by Democrat fanatics who are living under Democrat policies. Baltimore City’s poverty level is 23.8% with median income of US$41,385, much better than Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Memphis, Tucson and whatnot. There’re tons of other cities that are poorer than Baltimore, but they don’t riot and burn down buildings.


Sure, there’re still poor Baltimore people but which city doesn’t? It would be an exaggerated statement to say people in this city riot because they couldn’t put food on the table. At best, they are victims of their own choices, so perhaps they should consider voting for Hillary Clinton, another 800-pound Democrat, as the next president. Yeah, why not. After making history by sending the first African American to the White House, how about the first woman?

Baltimore Riots - Walking after LootingBaltimore Riots - Looted Shop

The fact is, many black Americans feel even more marginalized than they did before President Obama came to power. They feel even less “equal”, even more exposed to injustice. Most (not only Baltimore) are just as poor and badly educated as they were before Obama got to the White House. Sure, Obama is a hero when come to making emotional speeches. He’s equally good in putting arms around you and starts making (empty) promises. But that’s about it.


Perhaps, the black communities should start doing what Toya Graham, a single mother of six, did to her 16-year-old son Michael. Apparently, when she spotted her son rioting and throwing rocks at police in Baltimore, she got so angry that she chased, grabbed and smacked his ignorant son, because she doesn’t want his son to be a “Freddie Gray”. The Maryland mother becomes an internet sensation instantly.

Baltimore Riots - Toya Graham Smacked Rioting Son

The amazing part was that she recognized her son even though he was wearing a black ski mask that covered up much of his face. That’s precisely what every mother should do. Protect your children from the influence of violence outside your home. Take control of your kids and don’t think twice about smacking their heads if they’re about to get themselves killed for doing something stupid. Obama or Democrats doesn’t care about your kids.


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