Meet UMNO, The Obnoxious Scrounger Worse Than Communist China

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Nov 28 2014
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Mahathir Mohamad told UMNO delegates to be brave and openly criticise PM Najib Razak. But when he was the Malaysian prime minister from 1981 – 2003, anybody who criticised him would be dealt severely. Abdullah Badawi told UMNO delegates to manage the country fairly for the advancement of all races. But do you know that during his rule from 2003 – 2009, he always emphasized that (UMNO) Malays get the meat while leaving the bones to others?

Mahathir Badawi Najib

It’s amusing, isn’t it, that the above two former prime ministers said different things altogether, now that they’re out of office. Not to be left out, comedian PM Najib Razak has dropped a bombshell during the present UMNO assembly. He has made a U-turn about repealing Sedition Act, hence created much brouhaha. Does anybody in their right mind actually believe Najib would dump the colonial-era law into the dustbin in the first place?


Anyway, that’s UMNO leaders for you, a dictator Mahathir, a clueless Badawi and a coward Najib. Actually, UMNO assembly is such a boring event which keeps repeating the same rhetoric every time like a broken record. In fact, people who despise their racism, extremism and corruption practices are willing to vote for them just once more, if only they could spare the motorists the agony of traffic jam caused by their non-productive meeting at PWTC.

Najib Coward, Badawi Clueless, Mahathir Dictator

Everybody knows UMNO assemblies are non-Malay bashing and self-interest serving events, year in year out. And they need Sedition Act more than anything else to protect their shameless acts. Now PM Najib has even up the ante – adding juices to Sedition Act to protect the sanctity of Islam, curb insults against other religions and to punish anyone who called for the secession of Sabah and Sarawak from Malaysia.


What this means is, if President Barack Obama somehow fart while shaking PM Najib’s hand, the POTUS can be prosecuted for insulting Malays, Islam and the King, under an amended 1948 Sedition Act, cheekily speaking. And if malnourished, old, sarong and slipers wearing Sulu Sultanate followers were to claim back their “lease” Sabah, Najib administration will unleash Sedition Act against them as well.

President Obama Fart - Charge Under Sedition Act

Oh, in case you’re having orgasm, it’s wise not to read about “curbing insults against other religions” too much. One should take that statement with a pinch of salt. That’s just cosmetic – just like in any commercial advertisements. Chances are “racist taikor” Ibrahim Ali would tell you that non-Islam religion can be insulted as long as UMNO version of Islam needs protection, never mind how silly and childish their justifications will be.


Most importantly, if anyone dares to question Auntie Rosy’s next multimillion dollars diamond ring, or Mahathir sons’ billions dollars fortune, or boobs star Shahrizat’s Part 2 CowGate scandal, or any UMNO warlords’ corruption, never mind the compelling evidences, they would face the Sedition Act’s music. In communist China, such scumbags would have been shot by firing squad (now replaced by lethal injection), before billing the families for the cost of bullets.

China Firing Squad Prosecution

Sure, China was once the most corrupted country on planet Earth. Regardless whether it was merely a political chess play or for the survival of the Chinese Communist Party itself, President Xi Jinping has his balls intact by eliminating cronies of the country’s Great Father of Corruption – Jiang Zemin. But in Malaysia, do you think PM Najib dares to do the same to Mahathir Mohamad, who allegedly has the same title under his belt – Father of Corruption?


Amazingly, there’re a whopping 47.38% or 5,237,699 voters who still couldn’t see through how UMNO is sucking their hard earned money by toying with their emotions about Malays and Islam losing power, dignity and whatnot. We can only assume these 5 million idiots are infected by “Chlorovirus ATCV-1” virus. While the Chinese Communist is enlarging their economic cake for its people, UMNO Malaysia is sucking peoples’ hard earned money for their own politicians.

UMNO Assembly - Retain Sedition Act means Maintain Corruption

That’s right, in case you still couldn’t get the wires right in your head, the Sedition Act should be renamed as Suppression Act. UMNO should be proud and open about this – uses Suppression Act to suppress anybody who dares to question their corruptions. After all, their rice bowls derived from bribery. Their end results are always about money. Islam, Monarchy, Malays are merely excuses to justify corruptions.


It was like a sex maniac telling Kate Upton that he wanted to help her because sex burns as many calories as a 30-minute jogging, before raping her (*grin*), get the juice? So, by flip-flopping PM Najib hopes to prolong his stay at Putrajaya, while his family members and cronies continue to scrape the bottom of the barrel, for whatever is still left. That was the only reason why Mahathir wanted Ah Jib Gor replaced.

UMNO Assembly - Kate Upton in BikiniDo Not Disturb, Sedition Act in Session - Sex in Session

Going by the rate the nation treasures are plundered, there won’t be anything left for Mahathir’s son. By then, which could be another two general elections, it doesn’t matter if opposition Anwar makes it to the premiership. The country would be in trillions of dollars in external debt, and even double-digit GST taxes will not be enough to serve the country’s debt interest. When that day comes, China would eat its humble pie and surrender its crown as the world’s most corrupted country – to Malaysia – Yay, Woohoo!!!

Malaysia The Most Corrupt Country - Congrats by China President


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Better have communist China then !.

very obvious, you have very little ideal about what China Communist really is.

check out the histories especially during the land reform, “overtaking UK and US” effort, the great leap forward & cultural revolution. no country ever come close to China (don’t even mention surpass it).

perhaps only 1 thing they did right was the Deng’s market reform.

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