Meet The 6 Thuggish HK OCTB, Who Kicked & Beat A Defenceless Protester

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Oct 17 2014
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By now, the whole world knows about Hong Kong Police’s brutality. Well, they’re no ordinary police in uniform unleashed by corrupt CEO C.Y. Leung firing tear gas and pepper spray. Nor they’re triad gangs used by Mr. Leung to intimidate teenage students involved in the pro-democracy demonstration. Those were so juniors and like kindergarten kids fighting over toys. This time, the Hong Kong Police elite team in plainclothes were called into action.

Hong Kong CY Leung Corrupt Scandal - Wiping Sweat

You don’t have to be rocket scientist to know what do these plain clothes policemen do for a living. They’re the best breed who roam both worlds – the white and the dark. They’re under police payroll but they’re also more brutal than the underground triad gang members. What makes them deadly is they have license to kill. As sickening as it looks in a video footage showing these elite police force beating a defenceless protester, the victim should thank his lucky star that his head didn’t get blown off.

Hong Kong Police Beat Protester Ken Tsang - Ken Tsang Giving A SpeechHong Kong Police Beat Protester Ken Tsang - Ken Tsang Wheel Out of Hospital

Apparently, Hong Kong chief C.Y. Leung has make good on his promise that the pro-democracy protesters will never succeed. These plainclothes policemen were actually attached to Hong Kong OCTB – Organised Crime and Triad Bureau. Amazingly, Chief Inspector of Police Wong Jhou Seng, the highest ranking officer in OCTB was involved in leading the brutal scandal himself. Another senior officer – Senior Inspector Lau Cheok Ngai – was said to be a graduate from UK.

Hong Kong Police Beat Protester Ken Tsang - Wong Jhou Seng - Hong Kong OCTB - Chief Inspector Hong Kong Police Beat Protester Ken Tsang - Plainclothes Police Taking Ken Tsang - Wong Jhou Seng - Hong Kong OCTB - Chief Inspector

And what has OCTB got to do with a pro-democracy demonstration? Hong Kong OCTB unit is suppose to investigates major organised and serious crime involving all types of activities such as theft or smuggling of vehicles, human trafficking, firearms, vice, debt collection, syndicated gambling and extortion, not to mention triad societies. Now do you understand why those triad members who terrorised the protesters were not afraid of the police at the earlier stage? (*grin*).

Hong Kong Police Beat Protester Ken Tsang - Plainclothes Police Taking Ken TsangHong Kong Police Beat Protester Ken Tsang - Plainclothes Police Taking Ken Tsang - Lau Cheok Ngai - Hong Kong OCTB - Senior Inspector

Caught with their pants down, or rather gloves on, six Hong Kong plainclothes officers in police vests leading the man, identified as Ken Tsang Kin Chiu – a social worker and member of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy Civic party – away from a protest site, his hands bound behind his back. Ken Tsang seemed to have been pepper sprayed or beaten slightly. He was taken to a dark corner behind a nearby building and threw to the ground.

Hong Kong Police Beat Protester Ken Tsang - Ken Tsang Inset

Hong Kong Police Beat Protester Ken Tsang - Wong Jhou Seng - Hong Kong OCTB - Chief Inspector Kept Watch

While Chief Inspector of Police Wong Jhou Seng kept a watch, the rest of the policemen kicked and beat Ken Tsang endlessly, for about 4-minutes. The fact that the action was recorded and exposed by local TVB, a usually pro-government television station, speaks volumes about the glaring proof of rarely seen police brutality, let alone the silent objection of such action by TVB.


Outside the North Point Police Station on Wednesday night, Mr. Tsang said he had been “brutally” assaulted by the police during the protest and again at the police station. He  lifted his shirt to reveal the “damages” and soon pictures showing Mr Tsang in the aftermath of the attack, with cuts and bruises on his face and neck, and circular welts (likely from police baton) running down his back, spread like wildfire on Facebook and Twitter.

Hong Kong Police Beat Protester Ken Tsang - Ken Tsang Injury - 1

Hui Chun Tak, a spokesman for the Hong Kong police, claimed the protesters had behaved aggressively toward the police, tossing objects onto the road from a highway overpass, charging the police lines, kicking officers and hitting them with umbrellas. Now-TV, another local television station, reported that Ken Tsang had thrown stream of water from a bottle onto officers, hence anger the policemen.

Hong Kong Police Beat Protester Ken Tsang - Ken Tsang Injury - 2

Sure, nobody likes to be splashed with water, since this is not a Thailand Water Festival. Still, there’re two words to have six well-trained Bruce-Lee-liked policemen beating a defenceless civilian, his hands bound behind his back – coward and brutal. The Civic Party, said the beaten democracy advocate was a party member and volunteer social worker who specialized in helping street children.


As many as 45 other people were also arrested during the now famous “tunnel demonstration”, and that five or six of those had also complained of having been slapped, kicked or punched, even after being handcuffed. However (or rather fortunately) none appeared to have been injured to the same extent as Mr. Ken Tsang. Nevertheless, at least eight protesters were reported to have been escorted to Ruttonjee hospital by police

Hong Kong Police Beat Protester Ken Tsang - Photos of Six OCTB Officers

The good news – following X-rays and a CT scan, it has been confirmed that Tsang has no broken bones, and there is no sign of internal bleeding. Initially, Secretary for Security Lai Tung Kwok told lawmakers the officers involved would be redeployed to other duties as an investigation is carried out. But now Hong Kong police announced that the seven officers filmed beating unarmed protester and Civic Party member Ken Tsang have been suspended, probably due to public pressure and glaring evidence.



The Hong Kong police have a highly professional image that dates from the territory’s days as a British colony. The 28,000-strong force still has about 100 British-born officers.  However, Beijing has sent growing numbers of its own security officials to work closely with the local police. And mainland security officials have been known to have rougher and thuggish way of doing their jobs. With the latest police brutality, the Hong Kong police image has score another new milestone – the lowest since taken over by China.


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Somehow you must really hate the existing people who are running Hong Kong so much that you refused to look at both sides of the story.

The scum who was bashed up by the Triad Bureau is NOT a student. He is a professional protestor and has taken part or led various protests in Hong Kong, often ending in some form of scuffles with the police. At the time of his arrest, he was at a bridge splashing a barrel of unknown liquid onto the policemen at the road below. Did you not watch the news? There were rumours online that the unknown liquid was urine.

The illegal occupation of the trunk road that night by that scum was not sanctioned by the student group. Earlier that night, the student group had decided to concentrate their occupation on selected areas and have started to heed the Hong Kong community’s appeal to minimise impact on ordinary Hong Kong residents. The students came out openly to say they are not involved and will stay neutral.

The scum and his goons decided to take matters into their own hands and rushed onto the trunk road. The police saved one bloke from getting run over by an oncoming truck. Did you not watch the news? This scum and his goons were nowhere close to being unarmed and peaceful. They were fighting the policemen with their umbrellas, lifting their arms high as they kicked the policemen. (The media will not show this on TV and in photos because it will seriously contradict what they have painted the whole thing.) They also removed a lot of concrete drain slabs and stacked them across the trunk road. This is extremely dangerous.

There are also allegations that the entire protest is funded and supported by a foreign government wanting to destabilise China, like what they did in other places like Ukraine and Egypt. ‘Evidence’ of this have been reported in the media. Did you not watch the news?

honky tonk,

thanx for confirming OCTB was used in this operation …

sorry to disappoint you but we only despise police or govt brutality, not unnecessarily hate HK govt for the sake of hating …

– if he splashed urine or even acid, can’t the police arrest and charge him according to the HK law?

– if he had acted alone and not representing the students, there’re more reasons to arrest him, if he has committed any offence punishable by the HK law, shouldn’t he?

– if he beat the police and had acted violently in anyway that is against the law, can’t he be arrested and charged according to the HK law?

– yes, we’ve also wrote article that this is about democracy sponsored by U.S vs China’s communism, didn’t you read that?

so, the conclusion is – he should be arrested and charged, if he had committed any offence punishable under the HK basic law, but certainly not pulled him into a dark corner and beat the heck out of him for 4 minutes … you do believe in democracy, don’t you?

the question is – why wasn’t he arrested and charged in a proper way? and why the need to use OCTB? was he a triad gangs or involved in any activities within the jurisdiction of OCTB?

cheers …

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