Imagine Obama As A Stock – At 38% Low, This Share Is Crashing!!

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Sep 05 2014
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President Obama’s approval rating has dropped to the lowest – again. At 38% as measured by Gallup polling, the President of the United States who looks more like a golfer than a leader has now hits the all-time low. But here’s the good news, this is not the first time he scores the goal. In fact, Obama proudly hit the 38% before, in late August of 2011.

Obama Job Approval At Lowest 38 Percent

Interestingly, his disapproval rating is at 54%, which puts him 16 points underwater. It seems the Republicans’ chance of winning control of the Senate in the coming November general election is brighter now. According to George Washington University Battleground Poll, a whopping 70% of voters feel that the nation is on the wrong track. Just 21% say that the nation is headed in the right direction.


Majority of Americans disapprove Obama administration in handling budget and spending (61%), in foreign policy (58%), on working with Congress (57%) and on immigration (57%). In spite of Obama’s constant campaigns against income inequality which won him the re-election, Federal Reserve reveals that the richest 10% were the only income group of Americans who see their median incomes actually rise.

President Barack Obama - behind Seal

Survey of Consumer Finances which covered data from 2010-2013 found that even though real GDP (gross domestic product) grew by 2.1% and Americans unemployment fell from 9.9% to 7.5%, family in the middle income bracket (40th to 90th percentiles) saw “very little” change in average real incomes and still have not recovered losses from 2010 and 2007.


Amazingly, while the top 3% wealthy Americans saw their fortunes climbed from 44.8% (1989) to 51.8% (2007) and 54.4% (2013), the bottom 90% Americans’ wealth plunged from 33.2% (1989) to merely 24.7% (2013). Already criticized for golfing while American journalist (James Foley) was beheaded, Obama is now in Wales, surrounded by NATO allies. But will the meeting ends up again with, No-Action-Talk-Only, as usual?

President of the United States - Best and Worst

After the barbarians ISIL beheaded a second American journalist, Steven Sotloff, two days ago, and warn about doing the same on a third hostage – a British – it seems both Obama and British PM David Cameron have started to show some concern. Still, between both leaders, Cameron seems to show more courage than Obama. Of course, Cameron is no Churchill and Obama is no Reagan.


As much as both Obama and Cameron love competition to become a rhetoric champion without much action, Cameron’s rhetoric was seen to be tougher. Hence, it’s not surprising to see Obama hits his lowest approval rating once again. What a double whammy. But do you know how President Obama performance would look like on a stock chart, assuming this POTUS is a stock?

President of the United States Performance as Stock

With data compiled from Gallup, the stock chart that we’ve fine-tuned of the past POTUS is pretty awesome. Traditionally, past presidents starting from Harry S. Truman to the present Barack Obama have their ups and downs. Believe it or not, the president who actually had the highest approval rating since 1945 was George W. Bush, thanks to the terrorist attack on Sept-11. Bush scored 90% at his highest.


Just like Truman who got involved in the World War II, any American president will see his rating skyrocket if he goes to war, provided he can justify and get the blessing from the Americans. From the past twelve presidents since 1945, only John F. Kennedy had his lowest rating at above 50%. If there’s anything that Obama can be proud of about his performance rating since becoming the president, he’s not the one with the lowest rating of them all.

President of the United States - 1945 to Current

Although it’s hard to imagine Obama, as a stock per se, could tumbles as low as 22% like Truman, this share is crashing!! Perhaps Obama doesn’t really care as he had already won two terms as the president. But his Democratic party could lose the Senate to Republican, after 8-years ruling it. But could Obama deliberately plays dumb as most Americans are not interested about going to war?

United States Senate

Too bad if it’s true because both James Foley and Steven Sotloff would then be collateral damage. Also, too bad Obama as POTUS is not a stock in the real world, otherwise it would be splendidly idiot not to buy at the current oversold price (*grin*). Nevertheless, it could still go further down south.


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What if I tell you, no matter who is the President, it will influence by the corporate giants who are running the show. Sad fact but true.

Of course they are, Lance … In fact POTUS is not the most powerful person on planet Earth for the simple fact that they’re there for max 2-terms, while the “Corps” will be there forever …

Still, we need someone with better courage to “intimidate” people such as Putin, Abbas or that Jack Jihadist … Why do you think Putin suddenly rises and becomes the new Godfather, after so many years leading Russia quietly?

Cheers …

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