Here’s A Guide On Cheapest & Best Time For Your Trips To 25 Popular Tourist Destinations

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Aug 08 2014
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Unless you’ve tons of money to burn like the wealthy Arabs, or belong to one of the 13 million “high net worth individuals” globally, you need to spend wisely especially on your next vacation overseas. Beside flights, the next biggest chunk of money spent on vacation is hotel accommodation. Of course there’s always the shopping list, but while you can tell yourself not to buy unnecessarily, you cannot sleep on the street, can you?

Agoda - Best Time To Book Hotel in 25 Cities Calendar

Agoda, one of Asia’s leading hotel booking sites and a subsidiary of Priceline Group (Nasdaq: PCLN, stock), has recently released an interesting results in its “Travel Smart” study. Based on booking data from hundreds of thousands of users who used Agoda in 2013, its data warehouse analyzed hotel prices around the world. The results – a calendar that shows the best and worst time to book hotels in 25 most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Agoda - Best Time To Book Hotel in 25 Cities - Monthly Compilation

Apparently, it seems the best time to get cheapest hotels is in the beginning of the year, especially the first two weeks of January. If you travel to Rome or New York in the first week of January, you will save as much as 40% off the average room rate. On the other hand, you should visit Istanbul between December through March only because you could save about 25%. But do that in the middle of May and get ready to pay as much as 50% more in room rate.

Rome and New York - Best Time Holiday on January

Visits to Oslo in May would be a disaster as you could end up paying more than 50%. In March, good deals can be found for holidays to cities such as Barcelona, London, Oslo and Amsterdam. Planning to go Dubai, Milan or Vienna? Try it during the month of June and July for cheaper room rate. Despite the general assumption that December is high season without any great deal, Oslo, Stockholm and Riyadh offer good bargain.

Dubai, Vienna and Milan - Best Time Holiday on June and July

Now, the bad news – budget travellers looking for deals in Asia will be disappointed as there’s no such thing as low season for this part of the planet. There’s absolutely no great offers from either Bangkok, Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore or Taipei, let alone Tokyo. Even the cheapest time to travel to Tokyo in the first week of January will only get you a pathetic 17% cheaper room rate.


Hence, you can only save money to Asia destinations by hunting for cheaper flight tickets from budget carrier such as AirAsia Berhad’s (KLSE: AIRASIA, stock-code 5099). The only place in Asia that has great offer is shopping paradise Hong Kong, particularly their Summer Sales promotions, normally during July to September. Still, avoid the month of August as hotel room rates could cost you an arm and a leg – choose September instead.

Oslo, Riyadh and Stockholm - Best Time Holiday on December

As Chinese New Year and Ramadan Aidil-Fitri could fall on different month of the year, you should plan your holidays carefully. Nevertheless, since Chinese New Year does not deviate much and normally falls between January to March, you’re spoilt with choices – Holland (Amsterdam), Spain (Barcelona), Turkey (Istanbul), UK (London), United States (New York), Norway (Oslo), France (Paris) and (*phew*) Italy (Rome).


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