Bug-A-Salt – Here’s Your Ultimate Rifle Against The Bugs

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Jul 05 2014
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Find your ammo in the kitchen, load it into your gun and get ready to hunt the enemy – the bugs. How does that sound to you? Well, insect hunting has just entered the 21st century with this fun, new non-toxic device. Ordinary table salt is utilized as a lethal projectile with accuracy range of within 3 feet. You just need to lift loader cap of a miniaturized shotgun and pour in ordinary granulated table salt (holds about 50 shots).

Bug-A-Salt - Pour Salt

Release auto-safety and aim at target and fire. Bug-a-Salt is the name of the plastic gun that sprays table salt in a spread pattern like a shotgun. Invented by Lorenzo Maggiore to kill houseflies, close to 100,000 people in the U.S. have bought it. Lorenzo was hoping to raise a modest US$15,000 via Indiegogo, but it was so successful that it was a blockbuster – raising more than US$500,000.

Bug-A-Salt - Components

Available online at a cost of US$39.95, it doesn’t need batteries, non-toxic, inexpensive to use and excellent for flies on windows or bugs on ceilings and in corners. And since it uses normal table salt and leveraged on air-powered instead of batteries, the cost of ownership or maintenance is extremely low. And buyers who had irritating problems with flies love their newly found weapon very much.

Bug-A-Salt - Spray Pattern

Of course, you’ve advised not to use this gun to shoot anyone in face. The enemies are flies, cockroaches, spirders, lizards and practically any bugs out there. It’s clean and no more dangerous chemicals and pesticides. Use it correctly, and you could probably set up a Bugs-Buster club with your buddies hunting down bugs in your neighbourhood, and voila, a new sport has just been invented.

Bug-A-Salt - Two Guns

This killing machine has an effective range of three to five feet (0.9 to 1.5 m) and holds enough salt for around 50 shots. Once filled via the loader cap on the top, the gun is primed by pumping the handgrip. This activates the pop-up sight for taking aim and the auto-safety, which needs to be manually disengaged before firing – to prevent firing into someone’s face, which is likely to sting like crazy.

Bug-A-Salt - Girls

The Bug-A-Salt fires just a pinch of salt (again, no batteries required) with enough force to kill a fly, while still leaving it intact. This makes it easy to dispose of the remains or if you prefer, just let the fly rot (*kidding*). But maybe you think it’s too cruel to murder those flies. Well, considering houseflies defecate every 4-5 minutes and lay eggs on your food and vomit on it before feasting, you may not be so forgiving.


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