Sold Out In Less 30-Sec, Here’s Proof Xiaomi Bluffs

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Jun 03 2014
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Actually this article shouldn’t be published as we do not want to give free publicity to Xioami Malaysia. But for the sake of consumers who had been taken for a ride by the Chinese company, we feel we should at least publish this last article to save them precious and productivity time. We have to admit that Xiaomi has done an awesome job in its marketing, though it was a gimmick one.


As of time this article is being drafted, Xiaomi Malaysia facebook has close to 50,000 likes. Now, how come previous Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen never thought of such marketing gimmick but to spend a whopping RM2 million on some facebook pages to promote tourism? Can you imagine the tourism auntie boast about selling 5,000 tickets to National Zoo in record 30 seconds.

Xiaomi Malaysia FlashSale Gimmick - 30-Sec SoldOut - Teach Ng Yen Yen

That’s right, Xiaomi’s claim today that additional 5,000 units of power bank were sold in record 1 minute 2 seconds was actually an understatement. We’re surprise that Xiaomi was being so humble with its super success sales this afternoon. In actual fact, Xiaomi managed to sell it all in less than 30 seconds.


Now, stop laughing although our team couldn’t help ROFL when we tested this latest promotion. We tried both methods – auto-filling as well as feeding (garbage) dummy shipping information before checking out from their store. Guess what, it was game over in less than 30-seconds – out of stock.

Xiaomi Malaysia FlashSale Gimmick - 30-Sec SoldOut - Bluff 1

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And to read those poor souls who actually care to type their shipping and mailing address from Xiaomi store only to get disappointed, again. We’ve some screen captures to show how the allegedly 5,000 units of power bank were sold out within 1-minute. While our time shows all was over at 12:01 pm just now, we couldn’t show to the precise second since our windows taskbar doesn’t do that.


Nevertheless, how long does it take to click 2-units or powerbank into the cart, hit auto-fill and rush to click check-out? Surprisingly, today’s flash sale was super smooth as compared to previous two sales. There were no processing lag time and white blank screens. Everything was so smooth as if you were the only buyer in the whole universe (*grin*). Does that make you smell rats?

Xiaomi Malaysia FlashSale Gimmick - 30-Sec SoldOut - Bluff 2

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Well, by now you should realize that Xioami has up a few notches in their marketing gimmick. Their sold out time is getting so ridiculous that you couldn’t help but laugh at their silliness. Selling 5,000 units in less than 30-seconds is equals to 166 units in 1-second, provided you actually believe there were 5,000 units to begin with.


Understandably, that was not of Xiaomi’s concern. Of course, this is not a scam because there’re lucky people who actually got it. But this is definitely a marketing gimmick that would work even if there’re another 999 rounds of such flash sale. And we’re willing to bet our last penny that there weren’t 5,000 units available for sale just now.

Xiaomi Malaysia FlashSale Gimmick - 30-Sec SoldOut - Confirmed Sales Gimmick

So do yourself a favour – stop skipping classes and taking annual leaves for such silly stunt. Your education and job are more precious than this power bank. Xiaomi was just teasing and toying with your psychology. After all, it was a free advertising for them. Can someone get Ng Yen Yen to learn from Xiaomi about Gimmick Marketing 101?


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Being the analyst that u are, over the next 1 week, u may want to walk into any main fedex and ups branches and enquire the number of xiaomi parcels they need to deliver. it will be more than what u expect.

Why would I want to trouble myself, Low, when Xioami can conveniently prove they’ve sold more than 15,000 power banks themselves over the last 3 flash-sales, if they indeed do have the numbers?

because u’re the one willing to bet ur last penny?

and also that’s what some analyst would do…

it’s “guilty until proven innocent” over here, don’t you know that? so the burden is on xiaomi (or perhaps you?) to prove it …

I guess you are the one of the frustrated one that is begging to get one but too bad, somehow I don’t pity you who trying to get some fame here.

Let’s get your analyst correct: 5,000 units when one order can buy two units means we only need 2,500 people buying at the same time. Based on the facebook page, there are 50,000 people, how hard is it to get 2,500 out of that? Last 2 sales, they were selling phones at the same time, of course the server will become lags when it takes more network to process the data. I personally bought 8 powerbanks at 1 shot. Get a life. Cheers.

keep it up nzw … you seem very proud about getting power bank … xiaomi needs more people like you around … please buy more … cheers.

I don’t believe NZW, it seemed so easy for him while others cursed. And I don’t believe those hits either… 50K after been scammed once, those who still liked it must probably be idiots and deserved to be cheated. For a company like that how can you trust them for aftersales service or the hardware itself. To me it is just a piece of junk.

I really don’t like their marketing strategy. What a shame for a company that claims would like to be like Apple?
Even Apple products is selling like hot cakes,it is still easy to get one very fast. Buying Xiaomi like killing our own time, to be honest their products is not so spectacular at all. I love much my Honor 3C.

I believe there is that much of units for sale and there is that much of units send out, but I don’t believe that all are sold via online or people that order from them.

There is and always be people cutting corners like selling an amount of the PB to shops or online market (something like the Galaxy Note 3 Neo happen recently) , so making the total amount of units lesser for other people buying online.

I just bought a MI3…. I think the quick sale is probably true. Thos who want to purchase only need to click BUY and add to cart. One is given 24 hours to make payment.

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