Here’s What Happen On Internet Every 60(Sixty) Seconds

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Dec 28 2011
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World Wide Web (WWW) is easily one of the greatest things since sliced bread. Since Tim Berners-Lee played with hypertext (and subsequently web’s http) in 1980, the world has been changed beyond imagination. Investors, traders, speculators and average-Joes for the first time can buy and sell stocks online and access latest information real-time. Of course along the way, it also creates havoc to some governments in the form of anonymous hacking.

From the early growth of the WWW in 1992-1995, early web-commerce in 1996-1998, Dot-Com boom and bust in 1999-2001 and maturity of internet business model in 2002 to the present day, not to mention the new era of social networking, one wonders what else will happen to the World Wide Web. Already, once cruel and invincible dictators were overthrown in peoples’ uprising, started in the Middle East and now spreading its tentacles to the Putin’s Russia.

The WWW’s growth is so rapidly that you can actually measure what is happening in seconds. If the fact that more than a billion new pages are added to it every day doesn’t raise your eyebrows, consider what is happening to the WWW every minute or 60 seconds:

Things Happen on Internet in 60 sixty Seconds

– more than 13,000 iPhone applications are downloaded

– more than 600 new videos are added into YouTube

– more than 6,600 new photos uploaded on flickr

– more than 695,000 facebook status updates

– more than 694,445 search queries performed using Google

– a staggering 168 million emails are sent

– more than 320 new twitter accounts are created and 98,000 new tweets

– more than 1,500 blog posts are added

– about 710 Intel-based computers are sold

– about 925 iPhone 4 and 81 iPad sold

– about $75,000 in revenue is added into Google’s coffers.

– about 11 million conversations on instant messengers

– 1,100 acres of land farmed in FarmVille

– about 2 million internet users watched porn online

– and the list goes on … click on picture to enlarge

Things Happen on Internet in 60 sixty Seconds

Now, do you understand why Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG, stock) is so freaking scare of Facebook’s growth, not to mention why Facebook was toying with the ideas of creating its own search engine and smart-phone?

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