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Obama Got Osama, ID Verified and Body Buried At Sea

Osama bin Laden was killed by a bullet fired by a United States Navy SEAL during a 40-minute helicopter assault on a fortified compound of a US$1 million “mansion” outside of Abbottabad, about an hour’s drive (50 km) from Islamabad, Pakistan. A helicopter involved in the raid suffered mechanical failure and was blown up by […]

... written on May 03 2011

Should You “Sell In May And Go Away” This Round?

As we enter the month of May (2011), we’re once again greeted with the question of whether we should “Sell in May and Go Away”. With earnings season coming to an end, investors will shift their focus to economic data next week such as the April employment report on Friday as investors will scrutinize the […]

... written on May 02 2011

Did NATO Strike Really Killed Gaddafi’s Youngest Son?

The Libya crisis took a new twist when the NATO strike killed Colonel Gaddafi’s son and his three grandchildren, at least that was what the Libyan government claimed today. However Gaddafi and his wife, who were in their son’s, Saif al-Arab, house when it was targeted escaped unharmed and are in good health. If you […]

... written on May 02 2011

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