Did NATO Strike Really Killed Gaddafi’s Youngest Son?

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May 02 2011
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The Libya crisis took a new twist when the NATO strike killed Colonel Gaddafi’s son and his three grandchildren, at least that was what the Libyan government claimed today. However Gaddafi and his wife, who were in their son’s, Saif al-Arab, house when it was targeted escaped unharmed and are in good health. If you think this Saif who was reportedly dead was one of Gaddafi’s favorite son who defended his father’s act of barbarism, you may have mistaken it with another son.

The reportedly dead Saif al-Arab is different from Saif al-Islam, who amused many people when he claimed Libyan troops loyal to Gaddafi had opened fire at civilians because they were not trained to handle civil unrest and that “drunkards and thugs” were driving tanks about the streets, and many rioters were fuelled by drugs. The 29-year-old Saif al-Arab Gaddafi is one of the low profile of Gaddafi’s seven sons who studied in Germany.

Gaddafi's Son Saif al-Arab
Gaddafi’s YoungestSon Saif al-Arab


Libyan government spokesman condemned the attack as an assasination attempt but wouldn’t reveal the identity of the three children except to say they were nieces and nephews of Saif al-Arab and that they were younger than 12. However President Obama’s administration cannot confirm the casulties. Libyan opposition however doubted the report of the death and believe it was fabrications by Gaddafi’s regime in a desperate attempt to get sympathy especially from Russia and China because the so-called Saif al-Arab spend much of his time in Munich.

Earlier, United States official has alleged that Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi supplied Viagra, a drug to treat sexual impotence, to his forces to encourage them to commit mass rape. Al Jazeera news had claimed Libya-based doctors found Viagra in the pockets of pro-Gaddafi’s soldiers.

The fact that the report of Saif al-Arab’s death came from Gaddafi’s administration within an hour after the strike shows it was well prepared with the breaking news. Local salesman Ahmed Sidan believes the report was a lie, just like how Gaddafi lied in 1986 when he said his daughter was killed but somehow is still alive. Even if the news was true, Ahmed Sidan said it was immaterial because hundreds of local people were killed by Gaddafi’s soldiers.

Another local said unless the body of Gaddafi’s son is shown, nobody would believe the news. Some said Saif al-Arab would most probably in other Libya-friendly country such as Uganda by now – with new IDs and passport.

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