Let the Peaceful Marchers Walk, Stop Wasting Bullets

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Aug 01 2009
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So, another round of massive demonstration and another round of horrible traffic jam within the city. The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, was actually shut-down on Friday itself. I planned to go back early on Friday after a gathering but somehow couldn’t make it and spend some good hours wasting expensive fuels, thanks to the super-efficient police force in setting up road-blocks as if a batallion Genghis Khan’s army was invading. If only the police force would do the same to catch snatch thieves, murderers or at least the mat rempits. I bet people would applause to watch FRU sending their tear-gas and spraying acid rain to mat rempits, no?

PM Najib Razak was super quiet during the massive “Bersih” demonstration – happened early Nov 2007 when his predecessor Abdullah Badawi was in office. Heck, who can forget those days when Badawi’s administration was laughed and joked at for having an Information Minister such as Zainuddin Maidin, who took offence by Al-Jazeera? But now that Najib Razak has taken office he has to face the same massive demonstration, estimated to be between 50,000 to 100,000 people who took part in various parts of the city. Unlike Badawi who wasn’t prepare for such scale of voluntary demonstrators, Najib with the help from his cousin, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, is well prepared this time around.

The rally by “Bersih” succeeded in penetrating (or rather tricked) the police and intelligence unit during Badawi’s administration but today’s (Saturday) rally was not able to deliver their memo to the palace. But this was expected because it would be a slap on the face of Najib, not to mention his administration would look really silly and stupid, if today’s demonstration was successful. In reality, the PAS has shown its strength – it could mobilize its’ “troops” without paying a single cent while Najib’s friendly “pro-ISA” was a letdown. Of course you don’t expect Najib’s UMNO party could order even 1% of its so-called 3 million members to show their muscles without giving away “allowances”, do you?

Some may accused the demonstration had caused inconvenience especially the unbearable traffic jam but the fact is none of this would have happen if the police did not prostitute themselves to the politicians. The road-blocks were the main culprits although it was unnecessary. If only the police could stay independent and grant the organizers (both pro-ISA and anti-ISA) the permits to rally peacefully, one after another, the demonstration would have went smoothly and before you know it, it’s over. Past anti-government demonstration has proven that these people just wanted to have a peaceful walk. Instead of sending rounds of teary gas and in the process anger the people, the ruling government could try the gentle way to show that they (the ruling government) are not barbarians and respect human rights.

Mahathirism way of adopting dictatorship, oppression and suppression no longer work and is outdated. Relying on illiterate Sarawakians and Sabahans to deliver the seats in maintaining federal government is a risky business. The way police showed double-standard and cruelty to the peaceful marchers will be well-documented in the cyberspace especially blogosphere hence Najib Razak may just be the last Prime Minister from the BN coalition parties (until the next general election) if he continues to use the same old method from his predecessors. He should know better than anybody else that he can’t shut the mouth of the voters as long as internet exists. If you can oppress and suppress your own people literally you can do worse things to foreign investors.

The old chap Mahathir may be senile and thought he was the GodFather of the country and everybody should listen to him. He may still be very sentimental and proud of his past achievements but the youngsters are not only smarter and literate, they are also brainwashing their parents about the reality – who is the real corrupt-monsters. The political landscape has changed and if Najib Razak continues to have “advisors” such as Nazri and Hishammuddin, his mentor Mahathir may be still be alive to see his UMNO Baru dies before Mahathir himself. That would not be such a bad scenario though. Just let the peaceful marchers walk on the street. It’s a good exercise to reduce their fats. If this had happened in other countries such as South Korea, USA or European countries, the police would have been kicked, spitted and probably slapped for their brutality. Thank God the demonstrators have been extremely peaceful so far.

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Dear Encik StocktubeI cried reading this..thanks…

Very good article, indeed!I hope somebody somewhere is keeping a record of all these criminal acts by UMNO, the PDRM, FRU, etc and will bring them to face trial after Pakatan Rakyat forms the next Federal Government!!!

Who had roadblocks and therefore caused massive traffic jams?The police.Who started aggression, using water cannons and tear gas?The police.Who ordered the shops to close?The police.

I support you 100%. Those bastard police are the culprit and UMNO/BN is their evil master. But calling Sarawakians and Sabahans 'illiterate' is very rude and uncalled for. I'm a Sabahan and I'm not illiterate. I'm sure the Sarawakians are not very happy to see your remark as well. I'm not sure if you have ever come to this side of the country but I've been to that side of the country and I dont see any difference. You go to the kampungs and you will see 'illiterate' people all the same.We all hate UMNO/BN, but please be careful not to show our insensitivity & shallowness, otherwise you are no different from them.

Don't hide behind anonymous!It means you can be engaged in libel & slander or you can write nonsense.

Dear Mr. Stocktube,I like reading your blog. You are one of those intelligent stock bloggers. You are also so dammed good in politics. Your analysis of the rally is very accurate. I am sure you are not another Tom, Dick and Harry. Why not write a political to enlighten more Malaysians. Syabas to you.

And yet they kept putting BN in power over and over again, the latest in Batang Ai.

while i agreed to most of your points, but i was annoyed that you are pointing the Sarawakian/sabahans are illiterate..you should have do more homework before putting up such remarks on people from Swak/Sabah…

I am still bothered by your remarks on our Sabahans/Sarawakian brothers & sisters as 'illiterate'. I think an apology would be nice…Well, sometimes it is hard to admit our mistake and say sorry but certainly it is not that difficult if you try..I have a close friend who is a Sabahan and came from a rural kampung. With an Honours Degree in Sociology & Anthropoly plus psicology, I certainly do not call him illiterate….

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