Now I bet you would like to welcome Badawi back as PM

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Jul 17 2009
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Someone commented that I should shut-up and give Najib’s administration an opportunity to perform hence I shouldn’t be so negative about the current ruling government. Maybe this guy/gal did not have the opportunity to visit the infamous MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) office and tasted a cup of their aroma coffee. I wonder if this smart fellow would sing the same song of praise for Najib if he was humiliated, his/her loved ones threaten, made to stand for four hours and numerous other interrogation techniques used by MACC. That’s right – Najib’s 100-days were full of promises *applause* but thereafter (post 100-days) scored the first death in the hand of MACC.

All of a sudden the whole episode made you think if MACC consists of thugs, the same league as the Royal Police force. Maybe both MACC and the Police are racing against time to show who is the best in their interrogation techniques; hoping to win applauses from Najib’s administration. But wait, I shouldn’t be so negative because it was not Najib’s fault that MACC used such technique and in the process caused the death of a soon to be father (political secretary to a Selangor state executive councilor) Teoh Beng Hock. It wasn’t Najib’s fault in the first place that such stupid MACC officers were recruited. But a baby is set to arrive to this world without a daddy and that’s sad. To tell the baby later that his/her father was threatened and “accidently” murdered by a bunch of supposedly anti-corruption officers is beyond words.

Suddenly you may think and hoped that Abdullah Badawi was still the Prime Minister. Sure, he slept on the job but at least he did that openly and never hides about it. But now you’ve a new Prime Minister whose policy amongst others encourage and adopt dangerous intimidation and interrogation style that could cause deaths. Which would you prefer – a boring or a hellish administration? In reality there was no death under Abdullah Badawi’s administration (under anti-corruption) but now the country is entering an era where one’s life is so cheap that throwing you out of the window is like throwing a piece of tissue paper *gulp*. Perhaps those morons who still think Najib’s administration is still finger-licking good should tell that to the face of Teoh Beng Hock’s fiancée, 28-year-old teacher Soh Cher Wei who was two-months pregnant.

To deny the fact that the current MACC is mirroring the thuggish police and has nothing to do with Najib’s administration is an under-statement. The fact that Najib’s administration was quick to warn everyone not to link the death (Teoh Beng Hock) to MACC was sufficient to show that the current intimidation, threat and physical torture policy of the current government is set to continue and most likely flourish, whether you like it or not. The ball is now in Najib’s court. You don’t think MACC’s latest action in targeting the opposition parties was done without the endorsement of Najib’s administration, do you? If you still think Najib’s administration is as clean as babies’ diaper *yuck* then you’re a moron, stupid and deserve to be rape by the current government.

Unless Najib give instruction in bringing the real culprit(s) to face the music the perception of the public will remains the same – Najib’s administration is involving in the murder of innocent citizen. But knowing how the ruling government works, this murder case will be stamped with “No Further Action” and everything will be business as usual until the next unfortunate person experiences the Malaysian style’s bungee-jump again. Najib has to do the right thing and that is to come clean with the murderer, there’s no two ways about it. And to the oppositions who cries for Royal Commission – please shut up because it has been proven many times that Royal Commission is another toothless and powerless get-together-and-have-coffee session. There’s nothing special with that “Royal” word anymore. If Badawi is still around maybe this poor chap will not die so cheap but then both Badawi and Najib are still the same product coming from the same factory *sigh*.

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This is the worse time for malaysia society situation, but this is also the best time for malaysia to reform.

Yes, totally agree with you that royal commission is no use. Whatever bottle (even made by gold) you use, as long it's shit(najis), it's still shit(najis) inside the gold bottle.

Strong words. I share your sentiments. Actually, ever since the PAS Muktamar my support for Pakatan Rakyat had started to waver so much so that I decided to split my votes in the next GE – Parliament for BN, State for PR.But Teoh Beng Hock's killing has changed all that forever. I will never and can never in good conscience vote for BN ever again, not until the person(s) responsible are brought to the hangman's noose.I was thinking that what if it was my best friend or my nephew or my brother who plunged to his death? And the news that his wife is pregnant just breaks my heart. I can never ever bring myself to vote for BN ever again.The mainstream media, the police, MACC, the federal government, UMNO, BN ministers, BN members and supporters, rich tycoons and taipans alike can spin all they want on Teoh Beng Hock's death. But deep in my heart, I know and that is enough for me. Like Mahatma Gandhi said, even if the whole world is against you and you are a minority of one, that doesn't make the lies of the majority any closer to the truth.

"In reality there was no death under Abdullah Badawi’s administration but now the country is entering an era where one’s life is so cheap". Indian and Mongolian murders (during Bodowi's time) don't count nor matter to us. Only Chinese ones. It's sad that you don't even realize how racist you are.Freudian slips are a bitch mate. Choose your words more wisely my friend if you don't want to show your inherent racist side.

Stocktube,What about Kugan? Kugan died while in police detention. Kugan died during Badawi administration.I disagree with you that nobody died under Badawi administration.You ask oppositions to shut up viz-a-viz crying for RC. I agree with you but more importantly we should spread the message to our friends and relatives to change the opposition. This mean we must vote next time to change BN into becoming the opposition. Yours truly,A Malaysian

DAPman & Anonymous, maybe I should make correction that under Badawi nobody dies under anti-corruption agency … but now it seems things get so worse that even under anti-corruption, you're not safe …

"If Badawi is still around maybe this poor chap will not die so cheap but then both Badawi and Najib are still the same product coming from the same factory *sigh*." I agree with you whole-heartedly! After the pseudo-Malay Mahatir's regime! This man shall be the curse of all Malaysians in future.Sadly, there are still people believing in him. Another "sigh".But, how to extracdite ourselves from such deviated thoughts implant in the ruling party now? Vote OPPOSITION. No other way. Let them taste what they have given. See they would feel.

I think you better stick to analysis of stock market.Your perception of events are jaundiced and coloured with your political believes.

he is never white before – he came into power tainted. can you really expect him to rule with clean hands?

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