Hey Mr. PM Badawi, I have an Apple iPhone too

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Mar 11 2009
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Apple iPhone is finally here. It’s a must-have gadget especially if you’re looking for the coolest device to brag around. And it’s a perfect gift for your love one. Who could resist this gadget that is loaded with the most innovative technology and tons of applications? Heck, even the sleepy outgoing Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi has one although it could take him months if not years just to learn how to use this gadget. And hopefully Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief Ahmad Said Hamdan could advise his son not to load the device with any child pornography when travelling into Australia – if he planned to get one (or already have one).

The main reason why iPhone was late to Malaysia market is due to Apple Inc.’s (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) notorious business model that sucks lion share from the service providers’ monthly subscription fees. And to do that requires many months of negotiation between Apple and local service providers and it seems Apple has decided to partner with Maxis in offering the much awaited Apple iPhone. Maxis is offering 4 postpaid plans namely i-Value 1, i-Value 2, i-Value 3 and i-Value 4 with monthly commitment of RM100, RM155, RM250 and RM375 respectively. It was also the hope of Maxis to increase its 3G customer base and usage with the introduction of iPhone 3G that comes with two models – 8GB and 16 GB.

iPhone Coming to TownIf you sign up for the i-Value 4 package (RM375 monthly commitment) over a 24-month period *ouch* you’ll get iPhone 3G 8GB for free (why not the 16GB you stingy Maxis). You can buy Apple’s iPhone at different pricing rate depending on the package that you choose. However it’s advisable to read the terms and conditions before you rush into the plans. Frankly should you rush and make the order now so that you can become the proud owner come 20th Mar 2009? Knowing how creative cell-phones business is it’s a matter of time before you can get the gadget without subscription but to crack it so that you can use it with other provider such as Celcom and DIGI. I’ve come across many friends who has done that so rest assure it works (crack the iPhone). But who can stop you from becoming the first subscriber of Maxis for this iPhone plan?

Maxis iPhone 3G PlanRate Plan Terms & Conditions :

  • 1 Port-in customers are not eligible to sign up for the i-Value Plans with a 24 month contract.
  • 2 The minutes of usage included in i-Value Plans applies to domestic voice calls only.
  • 3 Data included in i-Value Plans applies to mobile Internet usage only and excludes SMS, and other subscription based services. Data bundle is for local usage only. The maximum charge for local usage is up to RM250. While roaming overseas, the prevailing data roaming charges will apply.
  • 4 Advance payment is waived for existing Maxis Postpaid customers with tenure of more than 6 months AND current monthly commitment usage of RM250 and above. Advance payment will be refunded from the 1st month onwards over the next 5 months. The account must be active at the time of refund.
  • Non-Malaysians without an existing Maxis service will have to pay an additional RM1000 refundable deposit. Existing non-Malaysian customer will have to top up to a RM1000 refundable deposit.
  • Purchase of iPhone 3G must be accompanied with any of the above contracted rate plans. Maxis reserves the right to rescind some of the privileges of the rate plans should the registered line not be used with the purchased iPhone 3G.
  • Downgrade of rate plans will be subjected to penalty.
  • Customer needs to ensure that their line is active at all times in order to receive the free data in the Value Plus plans (6 month contract).
  • Use of the iPhone constitutes acceptance of the iPhone terms and conditions and other third party terms and conditions found in the iPhone box.
  • If your Maxis mobile service is in contract and you choose to recontract and purchase an iPhone 3G your existing Maxis contract will stand and you will have another contract running concurrently starting from the date you collect your iPhone 3G. You will only pay the monthly subscription of your new plan, but should you have a temporary suspension of service, downgrading of price plan and termination of line pre-termination and/or liquidated damages charges for both contracts apply.

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Wow..so many fine prints..Lucky i bought earlier in the States..hehehe

yes kris, it’s not the time to rush into this maxis deal yet … more to come …

cheers …

[…] Hey Mr. PM Badawi, I have an Apple iPhone too […]

[…] Hey Mr. PM Badawi, I have an Apple iPhone too […]

[…] Hey Mr. PM Badawi, I have an Apple iPhone too […]

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