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Dirty Politics and Economy – Choose Wisely, Najib

Sometimes you can’t help but wonder if this old fox was really senile or just pretending. The explosion of Perak Constitution Crisis created dilemma to the same people who had been lauding the Perak Sultan as the most learned and respected Ruler ever seen. Suddenly they couldn’t accept the fact that their beloved Ruler has […]

... written on Feb 10 2009

UMNO is big Bully but that’s because PKR-DAP are Babies

I didn’t know that my previous article (read here) was picked and published by the famous and cotroversial Malaysia-Today (read here) until one of my readers alerted me (thank you). And from the comments received it appeared almost 100% of them are against the decision by Sultan of Perak’s decision to “award” the trophy to […]

... written on Feb 08 2009

Perak, PR, BN and Gamuda – It’s all about Business, Stupid

Dubai is probably the best yardstick to measure the economy of the Gulf region; at least Dubai was the most prosperous city within the region. People might not know where Oman is but they can’t miss Dubai. For years people have been flocking to this city hunting for their first pot of gold. As with […]

... written on Feb 06 2009

Yippee! State Governments for Sale – Any Top Bidders?

Finally, the honeymoon is over for Pakatan Rakyat after 11-month running the Perak state. The Sultan of Perak seems to think that state assembly dissolution is not necessary over the current crisis. Interestingly police and FRU were speedily fast in taking over the State Secretariat building after outgoing Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) Nizar was reportedly […]

... written on Feb 05 2009

It’s 100% Profit, small amount compared to RM10 Million

The breaking and hottest news must be the current political crisis that is brewing in the state of Perak. In the latest twist it seems the Barisan Nasional Perak has secured the majority of state seats to form a new Perak Government after four Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen left their respective parties and pledges allegiance to […]

... written on Feb 04 2009

Money is Evil? But it can buy you Frogs (Cheap Postman)

The saying goes that money can’t buy everything but then without money you can’t buy a single thing and so people still worship money till today. People still debates if money can buy true love, happiness and so forth but it’s quite subjective, really. Individual who can’t live without money thinks money can actually bring […]

... written on Feb 03 2009

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