Curse the Blogs, blogger to die before new PM sworn in?

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Feb 16 2009
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Could you imagine what would happen if today is the year 1993 or better still 1988? Both years are important because it was during these periods that Malaysia experienced her biggest Constitutional Crisis. And the mastermind who architected both Constitutional Crisis was none other than the father of Mukhriz Mahathir and its puzzling the son of the former prime minister is now crying wolf asking opposition DAP Chairman Karpal Singh to be charged under Sedition Act or the Internal Security Act (ISA). In the 1988 Judicial Constitutional Crisis Mahathir amended the Constitution so that the Judicial only has powers if the Parliament (Executive) thinks they may have it. In the infamous 1993 Monarch Constitutional Crisis Mahathir stripped the legal immunity of the royalty and with the amendments to of Articles 32, 38, 42, 63, 72 and 181 in the Constitution of Malaysia, the public can now criticize or even sue the Sultans or even the Yang di-Pertuan Agong without fear of Sedition Act.

RPK goto JailIt’s ironic that only UMNO can criticize and ask the Rulers to fly kite but when it was the opposition to point out that Ruler can be sued, thanks to Mahathir, all hells break lose. Not the world’s most powerful supercomputer can perform algorithm to derive the logic why it was ethical to harass and embarrass the Rulers in 1993 but un-ethical to re-read the current law that the Rulers can be sued. Silly isn’t it? But this article is not about the boring crisis again. This article is about the influence of blogs and how blogging has shortened the time of information-flow to the netizens. Only the federal government is still in denial mode about the influence of blogs despite what it (blogs) has delivered during last year’s general election. Can you imagine if blogging was a goblok’s hobby back in 1988 or 1993?

It was reported that independent investigator Harry Markopolos knew something fishy was going on with Bernie Madoff years before the Ponzi scheme burst. Unfortunately he couldn’t get the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) to move their fat-asses to start an investigation. Indeed if only Harry Markopolos had blogged about his analysis and why he thought Madoff’s business model was a Ponzi scheme after all then this scandal could be stopped and many peoples’ hard-earned money could be saved. Blogs travel at lighting speed and could spread better than wildfire if its content is explosive. Remember how the Malaysian government was protective of Lingam and Chua Soi Lek over their videos’ scandals? Government-controlled media did not reveal the names but the blogosphere were already updated with the actors’ indentity. And now we have Elizabeth Wong who claimed she was a victim when her nude photos were distributed on the internet.

Monopoly Goto JailTogether with YouTube, blogs can become very useful and informative or disastrous depending on which sides you belong to. People who were cheated and fed with lies or propagandas before the explosion of blogging are now banging their heads against the wall for their past stupidity. And if you’re trading the U.S. stock markets you’ll realize how fast information travel and the effect of blogs’ financial information to the stock prices. Remember how the speculation of Steve Jobs’ health in the blogs brought the stock price of Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) to its knees recently? Of course there’re risks associated with this new found journalism especially social-politics blogs. And we may read the first blogger to die inside the jail simply because he reveals too much about the dark secret of PM-in-waiting. The million dollar question is was RPK serious about it and would his death bring about smooth sailing for the PM-in-waiting? So far only Malaysia-Today has all the links and connections in exposing jaw-dropping scandals and life would be meaningless without “No Holds Barred” and “The Corridors of Power”.

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When RPK first wrote about the Altantuya murder and began naming names, he knew what he was pitching himself against – the entrenched arrogance of traditional power, financial as well as political (and Najib has virtually unlimited access to both as Orang Kaya of Pekan, defence minister on the take, and now as DPM-cum-finance minister as well as Umno president). RPK knew he was risking not only his own reputation and freedom, he was actually sticking his neck out for justice and truth. He did it because he loves this country and he loves fair play and freedom. Above all, he did it because he loves and honors himself as a representative of God on Earth. If John the Baptist could lose his head and Jesus the Christ could be arrested and condemned to death – and Nelson Mandela be imprisoned for 27 years – can there be any doubt left that those who would persecute and prosecute such heroic souls are themselves the most cowardly and disreputable crooks? And should you, for the sake of a few bucks, shake the hands of such despicable criminals masquerading as leaders, would you not be equally tainted? By tacitly accepting Najib Abdul Razak as Umno president and possibly even the 6th prime minister, the entire Umno/BN cabinet has shown itself to be corrupt beyond redemption. It may once have been “routine” for businessmen to wheel and deal with white-collar criminals, but the Age of Raksasa Rule is over… those who would sell their souls for material gain are condemned to 26,000 years of hardship and suffering. I kid you not.

hello antares,

indeed it’s hard and almost impossible to find another rpk’s replacement who’s willing to kiss millions of dollars goodbye in exchange for jail …

hopefully justice will prevails ultimately …

cheers …

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