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Dec 10 2008
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It seems the Bukit Antarabangsa tragedy is still the hottest news till today. No doubt most of the population within this hillside area consists of the “wealthy” group but I suppose money couldn’t buy back their loves one who perished under the rubbles. While these rich and famous can afford to buy or build another multi-million dollar mansion elsewhere, this tragedy nevertheless invited many horror stories especially concerning the rescue personnel. I doubt many of them have insurance coverage that included landslide because most of them thought the CF (Certificate of Fitness) was the super-guarantee-paper that their houses were as tough as M1 Abrams tank.

Just like the terrible floods in Johor two years ago during which the outgoing PM, Abdullah Badawi, somehow thought the priority was to fly to Australia to officiate Nasi Kandar Restaurant than to stay back to ensure everything was in order, this time it was more “carnival-like” (with lots of nice foods and goodies) at the Bukit Antarabangsa site. Needless to say the Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar shot to fame instantly with many accusations pointed at his leadership (was there any in the first place?) especially when he defended his men for refusing to help but instead threw a spade to a victim who was digging with his bare hands trying to rescue his wife while waiting for rescue personnel. To the victim’s horror the rescue personnel asked him to dig for his wife, accountant Ng Yee Ping, himself.

Rescue Personnel LootingThat was not the end of the story. Soon, when the victim’s father (Ng Yee Ping’s father-in-law) returned to the house he almost fainted to discover several men in uniform lying on his bed smoking and apparently enjoying their newly found treasures. This bunch of thieves was drinking expensive wine and even has the cheeks to ask the owner if he still wanted the wine else they would take it away. Several branded watches worth RM180,000 and 80 bottles of expensive wine worth RM160,000 were lost. And to have the police chief Khalid justified (or rather lying?) that rescue personnel didn’t help the victim to dig and rescue his wife because they were untrained has again insulting your intelligence.

I bet he has just put Malaysia as the laughing stock again when he proudly said “to dig and save someone, one has to be trained and we should respect their decision not to help (the victim to dig)”. With police chief like Khalid who needs “America’s Funniest Home Videos”? At first you might think the victim made up the accusations out of frustration. But there were also reports that rescue personnel refused to help stranded victims of Johor floods unless money changed hands. Surely victims of two (actually there’re more) separate tragedy couldn’t have made up stories just to paint a bad picture on these rescue personnel.

Selangor Police Chief KhalidIf it was true that these rescue personnel are untrained then why let them roam the “dangerous” area in the first place? And if they are not trained than who are they and can they be called rescue personnel in the first place *scratching my head*? Most importantly do you need special training to be a certified “digger” (not grave-digger, mind you)? Maybe everyone should just exclaim “ooohh” and “aaahh” before start snapping pictures but stop of rescuing road accident victims because we did not receive proper training. Already the actual number of deaths reported was disputed with claim of higher figure of dead bodies. A local newspaper also claimed that police refused to let the victim of looting to bring in journalists to snap photos of evidence (of looting). I wonder if these wealthy families voted for the same government that breeds these scumbag rescue personnel. No wonder Malaysia police scores one of the highest points again in the Corruption Index.

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If this true, it is really sick. appalling!i wonder will malaysia ever going to change for better or will we keep deteriorating into a bottomless pit!


indeed it’s getting really sick anonymous …

Just a bunch of clowns in politics and civil service in Bolehland !

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