Tiger at Home but Useless and Hopeless against Outsiders

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May 25 2008
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Actually the article I wrote yesterday was rather long, too long that I need to split it into two or three articles. Although both, of which the second part will be revealed in this article, seemed to be of different topics it was in actual fact related – it’s about Jaguh Kampung or Village Champions. You might argue that Malaysia does not have any more top brains to fight for the nation’s own sovereignty (as in the case of Pedra Branca or Pulau Batu Puteh) because the government was so successfully with their “brain-drain” program to shoo away intellectuals. But why didn’t the country engage lawyer VK Lingam *grin*? This guy might be corrupt and arrogant to the highest level but at least he could deliver the result and by the time Singapore discovered that all the judges from the ICJ (International Court of Justice) were “fixed” from day one, it would be 20 years late so what the heck right *grin again*?

Anyway, about 10 years ago I often drove to this place to buy pirated-VCD. Yes, I know I shouldn’t promote piracy but it was the buzz and almost a sin to not own any pirated VCD during those days. This place by the name of Desa Setapak was probably the VCD-heaven within the whole Klang Valley. You could almost swear that there were hundreds of stalls selling VCD, naturally converted the parking lot into what seemed to be a bazaar. And when I asked how they could evade the law enforcer, DBKL, almost everytime, the young chap (seller) just smile and said everything had been “settled”. Sometimes you could see even the DBKL themselves were busy choosing the latest VCD on sales, during the pirated-VCD glory days. Of course those happy days were history and the memory of the stalls normally flashed in together with the infamous pink-colored mini-buses.

Desa Setapak bulldozed by DBKLDesa Setapak hawker center reduced to rubbleDesa Setapak also exist for another reason – cheap foods from hawker stalls at the infamous four-corner surrounding the roundabout. Many poor students whose applications to local universities were rejected despite good result ended up in TAR-College. And this place was sentimental to almost all TARC graduates because somehow the cheap foods in Desa Setapak fed them. But it appeared all these 20-year-old hawker centers are gone, vanished into the air because DBKL somehow decided it was time to show their power (brutality). DBKL bull-dozed the decades-old hawker center for obvious reason – the previous MP Yew Teong Look lost the seat to opposition Wee Choo Keong and its payback time.

Platinum Victory development projectPlatinum Victory development projectThe sudden vengeance action shown by DBKL could be due to two reasons. The first reason could be because the new MP Wee asked DBKL to investigate whether developer Platinum Victory Sdn Bhd had all the required approvals for its housing projects. Platinum Victory was a newcomer and it was puzzling how the company gained vast amount of lands (near the lake at Danau Kota) during the previous administration. If the Grand Saga could mobilize police troops to spray tear-gas at innocent Bandar Mahkota Cheras residents, I guess the action by DBKL to pull down Desa Setapak’s hawker centers was justifiable.

The second reason could be the loser (previous MP) was at work to punish the voters. One has to remember that this curly-hair ex-MP was the same person who started the chair-throwing at MCA assembly (can you guess under whose instruction?) during the MCA internal fight between Team-A and Team-B. So he’s someone you don’t want to mess around unless you fancy your head gets beaten.His career skyrocketed and was made Territories Ministry parliamentary secretary. It’s hard to imagine this guy will just keep quiet and play PS3 at home after the defeat. Strangely from the hearsay I gotten, most of the hawkers whom their stalls were demolished were MCA diehard fans.

DBKL Mahadi Azlan Yew Teong LookAs blogged by Wee Choo Keong in his blog one Azlan bin Abdullah from Jabatan Perancang (Planning Agency) was the person who ignored directives from Ketua Pengarah DBKL and sent the demolition team. Despite the stay of action for 14 days given by Ketua Pengarah DBKL, it was mind-boggling to read the excuse given by Azlan’s immediate superior, Mahadi – he did not read SMS sent 5 (five) days ago by his boss Datuk Hj Salleh, Ketua Pengarah DBKL. Whether Mahadi and Azlan are working alone under different payrolls to suppress the innocent citizen or the whole gang including the Ketua Pengarah DBKL, the developer and loser-MP were equally involved, this is a classic example of Bully cum Jaguh Kampung (Village Champions) oppressing innocent citizens.


Don’t you wish the authorities were as efficient as this bunch of DBKL demolition-men in taking down the structures built by Singapore to show the country’s sovereignty on Pulau Batu Puteh years ago. Can you imagine how havoc could it be if the Anwar-led Pakatan rakyat (People’s Pact) managed to topple the current government this year? Why only knows how to bully your own people but was helpless and hopeless against outsiders (Singapore)? If this is not Jaguh Kampung or Village Champions, I do not know what is.

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Can’t agree more. But it amazes me (and maybe our conscious fellow Malaysians) that the excuses or reasons these politically motivated people give (when they screw up) always strike me less than intellectual. Oh please, not another lame excuse of “Opp I forgot to check my hp” (for like the almost a week, besides it’s an obvious fact that the hp is an indispensable daily tool) until the vengeance-conceived deed was done. This scenario reminded me of a real life experience in which a classmate in my form-three class claimed that his cat ate his homework, in a futile attempt to cover up for being lazy. Please give us (the people) more credit for our I.O.

cat ate his homework huh? maybe in this case it would make more sense if he said he misplaced his phone and left it at “golok” during his vacation there *grin* …

cheers …

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