Mahathir quits UMNO, so what? It’s Lingam-Gate diversion

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May 19 2008
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Almost all the local news media be it government-controlled electronic or print media and bloggers screamed “Mahathir quits UMNO”. Should this former prime minister and dictator’s decision be given such a coverage? Perhaps his decision to quit was the hottest news so far hence the front-page privilege. Seriously I would only be surprise if he quit Malaysian citizenship to take-up the Zimbabwe’s citizen so that he could spend his remaining years with his close buddy, Robert Mugabe. Heck, if he hates Abdullah Badawi so much don’t you think he should goes to the extreme to prove his disappoval of his own hand-picked successor? Only then I believe UMNO members might (hopefully) desert the party in droves *grin*.

But no, this hypocrite 82-year-old chose to play the same dirty and obsolete child-game of throwing tantrums just because Badawi decided to punish this stubborn child of UMNO after the Royal Commission of Inquiry found there was evidence that the former premier Mahathir, lawyer Datuk V.K. Lingam, tycoon Tan Sri Vincent Tan, Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor and former chief justices Tun Eusoff Chin and Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim were involved in a conspiracy to manipulate the appointment of judges.
Six involved in Lingam scandalA master of racial card player, Mahathir has recently said that the Malays’ grip on political power had been loosened to a point where non-Malays no longer respected them and their institutions. Only a sicko and senile old dictator such as Mahathir would resort to such cheap and obsolete tactic. The fact is the Malay has increased their grip as can be seen by the increased number of seats won by Malay candidates – both government and opposition combined. Of course this old fox who has selective memory thought otherwise. His final goal before he goes to the grave-yard is to get rid of Abdullah Badawi, comes rain or shine. Any Tom, Dick and his dog knows it’s all about personal grudges after Badawi went againts the old man by dismantling his legacy one after another resulting in Mahathir’s cronies being put on cold storage as far as government contracts are concerned. That’s the whole root of the tussle between the current and former prime minister.

If Raja Petra’s master piece landed him on sedition charges, I don’t see why Mahathir couldn’t be charged the same way. He’s now calling all the UMNO members to quit which is tantamount to inciting hatred against the existing government. If Badawi couldn’t see through this, then either he’s stupid enough and deserved to be kicked out from this throne now or he dares not pick up the gauntlet. Badawi could easily throw Mahathir into ISA if not for the latter’s old age. I guess that was the reason why Mahathir dares to publicly challenge the government to charge him and put him into jail on the Lingam-gate scandal. Mahathir is now diverting the issue of the judge-fixing scandal.

Mahathir quits UMNOGet real! Almost all UMNO politicians are there for a simple reason – to enrich themselves. They would stay as long as Badawi is in power. Furthermore it’s not easy to unseat Badawi thanks to the quota system introduced by Mahathir himself. Has the old Mahathir forgotten that almost all of UMNO leaders today were produced from his own assembly line during his 22-year in power? He should be proud to see his architected system was built with such high robustness, so much so that it would be equally difficult to unseat the prime minister even if he’s a school dropout.

But do we really need to kick out Badawi now? He might be weak but at this moment, I believe Anwar would perfer the weak and indecisive Badawi to warm the chair before all the missing pieces are glued together for him to take over as the new prime minister. Dictatorship under Mahathir was a nightmare that nobody would wants to taste anymore, let alone having this senile old man controls the administration from behind the curtain. And to have another candidate who strangely fancy tossing around military-grade C4 explosives as if those are hamburgers would makes Abdullah Badawi a darling, don’t you think so? The joke on the street is Mahathir quit UMNO because he admires PKR so much that he’s joining the party and in the process ask UMNO members to follow him *grin*.

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