Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the biggest liar of all?

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Jan 30 2008
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Politics are dirty so they said, but to become the ultimate survivor it’s all about how excellent you are in lying. Hey! What happens to the Mongolian model case, Altantuya Shaaribuu, whose remains were destroyed with C4 explosives? Sorry mighty Genghis Khan, your people’s case is as good as forgotten. The good news for local media publication business is the fact that this nation called Malaysia will never runs out of hot and spicy stories or scandals. It could easily put all those entertainment magazines out of business, seriously.

And if a prominent lawyer such as V.K. Lingam could lies without blinking his eyes even once, what do you think of other politicians, except for the idiot former Health Minister Chua Soi Lek Lingam biggest liarof course, could have possibly done? The degree Lingam lies could easily put the President of America, George Bush, to shame. No doubt some “invincible hands” are pulling the strings in this Judiciary Fixing Scandal’s video clip. Rumors have it that the current government is out to seal former premier Mahathir’s mouth, at least till the coming election is over. Of course the old fox denied almost everything about the scandal, leveraging on his old age. Former Chief Justice Eusoff Chin, Tourism Minister Tengku Adnan, businessman Vincent Tan and almost everyone mentioned in the video clip would deny any involvement either directly or indirectly in the judge fixing scandal.

The fact that the Royal Commission of Inquiry was told that the main actor, Lingam, was actually bullshitting and bragging shows how much the lawyer (Lingam) took the scandal lightly, not to mention smartly, knowing how to play the game of merry-go-round with the commission. When Lingam said the person in the video looks like him, sounds like him but can’t say for 100% that’s him, he was making a fool out of the Royal Commission especially the commission chairman Haidar Mohd Noor.

Right, so robbers robbing goldsmith or banks but get caught pants down can now claim they’re bullshitting as they’re only using their toy-guns to brag to their friends how brave they are, not to mention criminals caught on CCTV could create uncertainties to their case by this so-called “looks like me, sounds like me but can’t say 100% it’s me”. Criminals walk away free and everyone happy, no?

It’s not a fair fight when you place the trust on a Royal Commission of which the members posses third class intelligence compared to the first class lawyer like Lingam but then probably that’s the main objective. Maybe Karpal Singh should be made the chairman of the commission. Then only you can start the real grilling process. But the intention here is not to put Lingam or anyone mentioned in the video clip behind bars – just a little diversion for people who are critical on the current administration, well, a little busy. However it appears the old Mahathir has started his latest salvo that Badawi has overstayed (MalaysiaKini) – current sleepy PM is not supposed to serve more than one term.

Lingam Eusoff Vacation New ZealandLingam Mohtar Vincent Tan Vacation SpainNow it appears Lingam is drawing a bigger circle of this little fun game. He claimed Robert Lazar, one of the lawyers representing the Malaysian Bar, had asked him to broker his appointment directly to the Court of Appeal. Boy! This Lingam should be a stock-broker since he’s really good in “brokering business”. Who else could this crazy lawyer brings together with his downfall? Maybe Lingam could drop another bombshell that the current Prime Minister Badawi owed him big for brokered his appointment with former premier Mahathir. Yeah, that would add more entertainment and prolong the inquiry after which the impotent Royal Commission could declare business as usual.

Lingam T-ShirtSo if you think this Lingam is in deep shit, you are terribly and horribly wrong. He’s in fact enjoying every moment of it. He’s an instant celebrity. Don’t believe me? Ask any lawyer or people interested in this scandal their favorite T-Shirt – obviously it’s the special made “Lingam was speaking to me!” t-shirt. Furthermore Lingam is too much into Malaysian politics that if he opens the can of worms, not even the current government could repair the damages. Seriously, he’s as good as a free man with celebrity status.

What can you learn from such scandal? Stockpile and display some whisky or wine bottles at your home, just in case.

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