Why you should become a politician in Malaysia

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Jan 22 2008
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Do you know why so many doctors (medical practitioners) finally found out that after spending years studied medicine nothing beats being a politician – provided you’re part of the Barisan Nasional, the ruling government since independence? First of all you get to make tons of “money” without having to work your heads off. Secondly as long as you carry balls you’re above the law, not any judiciary officer dare to lay their hands on you. Thirdly you get to go on all-expenses-paid overseas holiday in the name of “education trips (lawatan sambil belajar)”, never mind the sole purpose is to learn how clean the toilets were in Mauritius, South Africa and Japan. And I can go on and on with thousands of benfits of becoming a pro-government politician in Malaysia.

But the best part of all the benefits is the ability to enjoy immunity from almost any wrongdoings. Based on the 101 SOP (standard operating procedure), if you’re caught with your pants down (I still couldn’t figure out why the former Health Minister, Chua Soi Lek, didn’t read the manual), your next course of action is to deny it as much as possible, pretend you can’t remember a single thing or even to claim the other party is mad or drunk. In the Judiciary Fixing Scandal, former Prime Minister Mahathir and former Chief Justice Eusoff Chin have done great by competing in selective amnesia (Malaysiakini). Tourism Minister Tengku Adnan followed the guidebook by claiming the lawyer currently in hot soup as “Mad and Drunk” since Adnan can’t possibly use the “memory loss” tactic due to his age. And so all the above politicians and former chief justice will be let off the hook, not that the Royal Commission can do anything about it in the first place.

Thaipusam EPF solve problemAnd now you have the main actor in the Judiciary Fixing Scandal video clip, V.K. Lingam, admitted he “talk rubbish when he drinks”. Lingam’s brother and former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar’s applications to stand as witnesses were denied. You’re indeed mad and drunk if you think anyone could be implicated in this highest judiciary scandal. But all these are expected as Malaysian has short memory as can be seen with former premier Mahathir. Furthermore how hard could it be to win the hearts of the voters regardless of tons of scandals queuing up at the corridors of power? Throw in an extra holiday such as the case for Indian’s Thaipusam and the votes are flocking into your ballot boxes.

2007 EPF dividend 5.7%If that’s no enough the EPF (Employees Provident Fund) just declared a 5.8 percent dividend for 2007 compared to 5.1 percent in 2006, not that I’m complaining. In no time you can expect things back to normal and the whole process repeat again. Ever wonder why the ruling government is the undisputed champion of all the politics in the world? It’s because the people enjoy watching them on the throne.

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the RCI Chair reprimanded Wee and told him to grant some respect. i thought respect is earned and not give. so far, he has earned none and his track record is the same from the “seal” day.

People are supposed to tell the truth before the judges. Certainly we expect the politicians to do the same but sadly it seems that they are not going to cooperate. Politics is dirty and it shows in this case. For those who believe there is justice in Malaysia, it show how naive they are.

Chua Soi Lek was too lazy to read the manual.. now he regret for being such a lazy person…

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