What a day to start the New Year – Sex DVDs anyone?

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Jan 01 2008
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What a day to start the first day of the New Year 2008. And if you’re living in the land of a nation called Malaysia, you should be proud of the great abundant of stories that never fail to amuse you. While everyone was celebrating the New Year with great fireworks, you have groups of Mat Rempit (illegal racers) pulling all kinds of stunts who might endangered other users. It’s amazing how this group of people still exists till today, thanks to the son-in-law of the Malaysian Prime Minister who endorsed and even called them Mat Cemerlang (bright and excellent racers?) not many moons ago.

Then you have the Works Minister Samy Vellu who said his resolution for the New Year is to uplift the standard of living in the Indian community, something he had never said before in his Samy Vellu Resolutionentire 30-year (if my old memory serves me right) as the leader who represent the Indian community in Malaysia. Equally surprising was the news that Selangor Chief Minister, Khir Toyo, was ready to have a dialogue session with Hindu temple representatives, something that you should not dream of if not for the controversy caused by the Hindraf. With so many news coverage and leniency shown by the government, would that portray Hindraf as the new Indian communities’ hero? After all without Hindraf the government would care nuts about them.

Not to lose out, you have the MCA (Malaysia Chinese Association, a component party of ruling government) president Ong Ka Ting who trumpeted and sing the song of praises to his own boss about the allocation of RM6.02 million for 32 Chinese schools. That’s a mere $188,000 for each school, mind you. Isn’t it the responsibility of the government to provide the basic education facilities to the citizen in the first place? So why the marketing talk?

But the most amazing story on the first day of the New Year is the Sex DVDs of a high-ranking politician in Johor who is related to MCA, the component party of the ruling government. The first and second DVD each lasted 56 minutes and 44 minutes respectively are believed to be closed-circuit television (CCTV) recordings in a hotel suite. Both DVDs showing a man resembling a prominent senior politician and a woman engaging in various sexual antics was first reported in the Chinese dailies on Sunday.

Now here’s the fun part. Instead of investigating the DVDs’ actor and actress, Malaysian Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Musa Hassan, hinted the police might start grilling the reporter who broke the story. Police also warned that anyone found in possession of the DVDs or caught distributing copies of them could be charged under Section 292 of the Penal Code and sentenced to three years’ jail or fined, or both. Is this another classic case of punishing the whistle-blower instead of the culprit?

And who’s this politician? It’s none other than the Health Minister Dr Chua Soi Lek, the Vice President of MCA, who Sex DVD Chua Soi Lekadmitted in the breaking news reported by MalaysiaKini and theStar, not that he can activate the denial syndrome again. In a press conference, Dr Chua said the girl is his “personal friend” and he apologised to the Malaysian public, supporters and his colleagues. But he said he will “not resign” over the sex DVD, not a surprise since nobody from the ruling government has ever resign voluntarily over scandals before. Perhaps his comrades could charge out and justify that being a minister, Chua is still a human being and needs sex just like ordinary person. Or maybe he’s just trying to promote safe-sex to the youngsters. Hmmm, that probably could do the trick.

The portfolio of Health Minister is traditionally reserved for MCA probably due to the rumors that the seat is cursed. Except for Chong Hon Nyan, past ministers didn’t have “good ending” in their political career. And with the current Sex-DVDs, it would take lots of encouragement (or thick skin?) to pretend as if the DVDs didn’t exist for Chua Soi Lek. Nevertheless ignoring the public embarrassment is one thing, facing his family members is another different thing. I’m not sure if there’re brave souls out there who dare to sell the DVDs since the issue is already sizzling hot but I’m pretty sure people will start googling to download the sex DVDs. Maybe it will make its way to YouTube sooner or later *evil grin*.

The next upcoming hot topic would be the fuel hike. Already rumors were spreading that the government is ready to increase petrol by 40 sen to RM2.32 a liter from current RM1.92 a liter. But I guess there’re enough amazing stories on the first day of the New Year itself.

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This beautiful country has been turned into one gigantic circus with mainly UMNO morons as clowns.
The whole world is laughing at Malaysia !!!

finally his boss request him to tender f….i think its for the sake of the march event show….too bad…too bad

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