Rally, Racial and the Race towards the Election

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Dec 07 2007
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It’s mind-boggling to read how two rallies being treated differently by Malaysian government. The first rally by Bersih was dominated by PAS-Malay although you can see Chinese and Indian joined the peaceful demonstration. Later part you’ve the second rally by Hindraf dominated by Indian Hindu ethnic protested to highlight racial and religious discrimination by the Muslim Malay-dominated government of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

While the first Bersih rally coverage disappeared as fast as the Russian Sukhoi made the Mach-2 flight by the government controlled-media, the rally by Hindraf was given quite a wide coverage by the same media. Abdullah accused ethnic Indian activists of stirring up racial conflict and threatened to use a draconian law, Internal Security Act (ISA), to detain protestors indefinitely without trial. The Hindraf case quickly gained international coverage. First it was India’s Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi but Malaysia’s Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Aziz told Karunanidhi to back off and mind his own business.

Now, you’ve the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom chairman Michael Cromartie who urged the administration of President George W. Bush to raise the matter with Kuala Lumpur and “insist that immediate measures be taken to protect sacred sites and prevent further destruction.” The commission said it was “concerned” by recent Malaysian government actions against the ethnic Indian Hindu minority “curtailing their human rights, including the freedom of thought, conscience, and religion.”

Let’s assume the ruling government headed by Abdullah Badawi didn’t care about the welfare of the Indian Hindu. Why after 50 years since Independence only now the issue was blown out of proportion? Most political analysts will tell you the most loyal voters who have voted the current government without fails were the Indian Hindu. Chinese and Malay votes were splited for the ruling parties as well as the oppositions. So, can we conclude the Indian voters were so primitive mentality (stupid would be too harsh a word don’t you think?) that they’ve been deceived by their leader a.k.a. Samy Vellu since 1979?

Hindraf Attorney GeneralDid you notice that suddenly the Malaysia Judiciary Scandal has taken a back-seat? Amazingly you saw the Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail suddenly taken great interest in making sure the 31 Hindraf supporters detained and charged with attempted murder causing mischief and participating in an illegal assembly were denied bail by the Sessions Court. Never mind innocent life was lost or blown off to pieces using C4 in Mongolian Altantuya case. Never mind billions of dollars were used in PKFZ’s bailout. Never mind if the nation’s top judge (or judges?) was fixed by a lawyer with businessman and politician connections. What’s important is to ensure the momentum of the Hindraf case is kept in such a way that all the government ministers got their chances in bashing (the Hindraf) and gain publicity for political mileage.

Today its IGP’s (Inspector-General of Police) turn to be front-paged. And to continue the subsequent episode to divert all the people’s unhappiness IGB Hindraf Terroristtowards the current government’s weaknesses, the Hindraf (Hindu Rights Action Force) somehow is amazingly link to the terrorist. Short of naming the terrorist group (is that you Osama bin Laden?) the IGP also hinted the potential of invoking the Internal Security Act (ISA). Just what’s the root of the plan and how could all the jigsaw puzzles fit into the picture? The nearest you can get was the theory (conspiracy one?) put on the table by Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK), the author of Malaysia-Today. The article made perfect sense if the PM Badawi is actually running out of time (and popularity) to declare the next general election.

Osama bin LadenI love history and I scored the top grade when comes to its exam. History doesn’t lies but the fact could be twisted or even altered, the same way Japanese government tried to justify their World War II brutality. But in this Hindraf’s case, RPK has a simple yet copy-cat version of how the weak Abdullah Badawi administration will continue to win the next general election. Who said lazy students who copied his smarter classmate’s homework or even exam will never succeed in his/her life? And so the plan was to copy the Operasi Lalang occurred 20 years ago – previously engineered by former premier Mahathir.

Long plan short – the objective was to unite all the Malay under a Operasi Lalang IIroof, at least temporarily until after the next general election. History said Malay will unite when threaten. So a systematic plan was put in place to play with Malay’s mind and emotion started with the pig farmers in Malacca to trigger Malay’s anger. Then it was time to demolish a Hindu temple in Selangor to trigger Indian’s anger. Of course somebody has to announce that the ruling government actually does not need Indian and Chinese votes to stay in power.

You also saw ruling party UMNO’s member asked that all Christian crosses and statues at missionary schools be removed. Race-cards had been used successfully for the last 50 years and the same tactic can’t be any different to yield the same result. Mahathir was the master in this area and now his student, Abdullah Badawi, might as well re-use the same method again without the need to reinvent the wheel. But then maybe the whole Hindraf thingy was part of the chess-game.

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