Will Malaysians wake up to face the Economic Challenge?

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Nov 02 2008
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One of my favorite cakes is indeed the tiramisu cake from Secret Recipe. My only complaint is its price because I normally will buy the whole cake instead of a slice or two. I’m not sure if the cake has shrunk since the price increases but I suppose if you like it so much you’ll still pay for it. The tiramisu cake will be super nice if you “chill” it in the fridge. At least the tiramisu has not shrunk (assuming they did not add extra baking powder) compared to other foods whereby the portion was ridiculously small even after they raised the price in tandem with the fuel hike.

Lately the politicians are fighting nail and tooth to justify their candidacy as the most powerful person in their respective country. Sadly while the Americans may see Barack Obama as their first black President of the United States, Malaysians are still very much a racial country. No doubt the cake of wealth is shrinking as we speak because there’re too many people talking while too few people are building the wealth pie. In fact the country is reaching the tipping point whereby the cake is not enough to be distributed to the lazy and greedy cronies of politicians that the same pool of cronies might end up cannibalizing each other.

Barack Obama U.S. first black PresidentThe mandatory requirement of 30 percent equity for bumiputra ownership of companies under the NEP (New Economic Policy) started in 1970 was already obsolete and flawed in the first place. Frankly who would work his life away only to give away 30 percent of his company’s stake to bumiputra? Even if they’re willing to do that in order not to anger these people who always scream they may run amok if provoked, wouldn’t 50 years are too long a time to spoon-feed these parasites? The fact is if this wealth of 30 percent equities were to be distributed “equally” and “fairly” to the bumiputra, you should see the genuine improvement of bumiputra’s lifestyle since 50 years ago.

But NEP’s objective was the eradication of poverty irrespective of race so why the need to constantly find a bumiputra and beg him / her to take your 30 percent stake away? Strangely despite the equity given out, the bumiputra’s stake was claimed to be still at 19 percent since 1970. Of course professional thieves are always creative in their justification that the loots are never enough. And what better way then to use the companies’ shares par value, a stagnant and nonsense method, to ask for the 30 percent freebies forever? Best still, exclude the ownership of GLCs (government linked companies), EPF (employee provident fund) and other state-owned companies. In this way the non-bumiputra would work for generations like cows to generate the wealth so that these bumiputras can enjoy the fruits of hard labour. However even the most hardworking cow can work for so long before give up and “migrate” or “transfer” their wealth overseas. Hey, don’t under-estimate the cows because with the current internet technology, anything is possible.

bumiputra onwershipIn reality the genuine poor bumiputras were never there to receive the golden eggs laid by the NEP. It was the small elite and cronies who armed themselves with shoe polishers that enjoyed the bumiputra equity ownership which was believed to have reached as high as 45 percent. But the illiterate villagers value the slogan of “30% bumiputra equity” more than anything else, never mind that they still do not enjoy basic facilities such as electricity and clean waters. Stupid or purely ignorance, the politicians knew such explosive firearms can be ignited with ease and they never fail to amuse me with their propaganda. You can’t blame the villagers (and even graduates) because the “divide and rule” strategy deployed by former dictator Mahathir Mohamad was so successfully that such racism mentality is still strongly entrenched in the minds of the bumiputras, well the Malay-bumiputras to be precise. So you should not be surprise when these people ran wild with the idea of having Low Siew Moi as acting general manager of PKNS (Selangor State Development Corporation) despite her capabilities and qualifications – because she is a Chinese and not bumiputras.

We’re already living in a borderless world and with each recession every 10-year, you don’t need to be a heart surgeon to realize the impact on the economy if the country is not prepared. If the politicians and the UMNO-bumiputras still think they are invincible, can demand 30% free stakes and more whenever they like and the tiramisu cake will continue to grow itself, this country is a very risky place for foreign investors to pour their money in. Get real! While the local non-bumiputras have no choice, the foreign investors are pampered with many alternatives.

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Yes, why don’t we migrate to Singapore where the Chinese rule and no Malay Bumiputera can take advantage of us. It is the perfect country and we can live happily ever after.

Are you a racist? I think so judging from your postings.I’m all out for Malay Bumiputera to be independence and do away with all the special rights but it should be done gradually because it take time for cultural and mindset changes.I know you advocate only the strong win.But that’s like the law of the jungle where the weak, the less fortunate and the economically disadvantage will be sideline.I believe we should strive instead for a fair and equal races in all aspect economy,social,politic.More malays should be in business and more chinese and indians should be in governments like in the army or police or officers.Then we can be proud to be Malaysian.

hello me & a malay,

hmmm, it appears my experiment works … the moment the word "bumiputra" word is mentioned you shows how ignorant you are despite the fact that my target was never aimed at "genuine" poor malay … read the posting again will ya …

unless you're part of UMNO cronies, it's sad that you could be provoked so easily after what your UMNO has done to you people …

i guess what RPK wrote all this while is correct after all …

think and read with an open mind, please …

cheers …


I’m not even an UMNO member or any other political parties.

In fact i’m just a poor malay trying to earn a living.

I’m not just referring to this posting but also the previous postings.

In my opinion you are too bias.Its ok to give constructive criticism but I found that you are too emotional like you are harbouring a grudge or something.

That’s just my humble opinion. Sorry to upset you and your ‘experiment’.

To solve the racial economical problem, only Malays can work work in PKNS, only Chineses can work in Chinaman Co. and only Indians can work in Samy Co.

We are all fed up with all these !

hello a malay …

as i replied, unless you’re part of UMNO cronies, it’s sad that you could be provoked so easily after what your UMNO has done to you people …

yeah, i’m harbouring grudges – too sad and mad that people of all races were stupid enough to vote-in BN for the last 50 years …

you didn’t “upset” me but has instead confirmed my theory once again; even though you may already be the second generation since NEP but still …

cheers …

hello k l,

i suppose it’s true that most of us are not mature yet to put nation’s interest above race and religion …

so, we deserve what we’ve having now …

cheers …

yo! malay,
you detected something correctly. most of us non malays are pissed off with being 2nd class for 50yrs.

that the country has institionised racism, to the extent that non malays cannot contribute to a country they call their own. so what is new? you are surprised?

and will chinese join the police, the army? knowing they are 2nd class? why would malays become businessmen? well. many are businessmen when they can get govt contracts. but why start small, when it is safer and easier to makan gaji kerajaan?

if you can sincerely rise above this, i congratulate you..otherwise go to the “other” older posts and enjoy kicking bodohwi’s ass.. only 4 mths to go!!

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