Second Tsunami – Anwar to form the next Government?

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Mar 17 2008
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If you think that the recent political landscape changes are more or less would remains until the next general election, think again. There could be second wave of tsunami hitting the nation’s shore and just like the first round, the second round could blow your mind off (if it becomes reality). While Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi is locking himself within his office and residence figuring out the solutions for a sudden spike in problems after the Malaysia 2008 general election aftermath, the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was nowhere to be seen until today.

Abdullah Badawi is scheduled to announce his line of cabinet members tomorrow. Although several old faces are expected to be dropped, do not expect the Prime Minister to spring Anwar becomes PM finallysurprises with great personalities to take over from them. As usual, the time is not ripe to enter the stock market yet simply because the earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale that hit the nation on Mar 8th has NOT ended yet. There were rumors and speculation that opposition leader and former deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim was secretly away to the East of Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak) seeking extra parliamentary seats to form a new government.

That’s right – if you think the stocks are plunging due to Abdullah Badawi’s National Front coalition’s embarrassing defeat in maintaining two-third majority in addition to losing four crucial states to opposition parties, the stocks could be ready for another major freefall if the rumors that Anwar is very close to create another history in wrestling the government for the opposition is true. Days after the opposition parties (DAP, PAS and PKR) scored the mind-boggling victory, Anwar declared that PKR is the government in waiting instead of opposition. Of course you thought he meant the next 13th General Election which is five years down the road, didn’t you?

There’s a good reason why Anwar flew to East Malaysia especially Sabah as his preferred Anwar on shopping spreedestination. Sabah is known for having politicians who can be bought easily, the same reason why Abdullah Badawi’s National Front able to control the state without much problem not many moons ago. The opposition parties DAP-PAS-PKR is just short of 30 parliamentary seats (they secured 82 seats) in the 222-member Parliament to form a new government and where is the best place to start his shopping spree if not Sabah? Both Sabah and Sarawak have 54 seats won by National Front mostly by UMNO.

Today, Anwar claimed that many lawmakers in the ruling coalition want to defect to his camp after their election debacle. International news portal such as AP and Internation Herald Tribune picked up the news that while Anwar welcome such defect, no bribes will be paid to make them to cross over. Anwar also refused to say if the numbers (of defect) would be enough to topple the National Front government. But that’s not all. MCA, another party component of National Front is reportedly trying to control the situation by appealing to party members against “jumping ship”.

Anwar reportedly was having an “urgent meeting” with top officials including members of parliament from his party, PKR, today which prompted speculation that something big is indeed brewing. Already netizens are speculating that either PKR has secured enough extra defects to form the next new government or PKR could be joining National Front through some sort of pacts (though unlikely). Looking at Anwar’s age and assuming his mission is to become the next Prime Minister soonest possible, the shortest route is still to form a new government himself with PKR as the springboard. But before he can achieve that, he needs to become a Member of Parliament.

NEP replaced with MEAHowever, political analysts will tell you it’s still too early for Anwar to kick Abdullah Badawi from the corridors of powers. It could take months before Anwar could launch his final assault to claim the throne, if there’s any. In the meantime, the opposition parties of PKR-DAP-PAS might need to formalize their alliance and announce officially the replacement of the obsolete and bias NEP (New Economic Policy) with MEA (Malaysian Economic Agenda). Nevertheless Anwar’s next move would be under microscope watch by Abdullah Badawi’s government.

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