Best time to deny BN two third Majority, Fact or Myth?

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Mar 07 2008
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In less than 24 hours eligible Malaysian will become the “decision maker” of their own destiny – to vote their candidates and parties in the 12th General Election. This is the only chance to make things right after most of them screwed up big time four years ago when the slogan of empty promises were drummed into their ears. Strangely this time around the posters war wasn’t that fierce although oppositions managed to make fools out of Gerakan’s sloganeering, one of the component parties within the ruling Barisan Nasional (National Front) coalition.

Huge crowds numbering to a staggering 50,000 were seen braving rain and traffic for the sake of listening to oppositions’ speeches in Penang, Malaysia. But the billion-dollar question is will these people who enjoyed the spectacular speeches are brave enough to put the cross (for opposition) onto the voting paper tomorrow? Opposition party DAP should still remember how despite the same huge crowds back in 1999 the Penangites sent the party packing. It was disastrous and DAP was speechless after the Penang Chinese chickened out.

DAP ceramah at Penang attracts 50,000It was quite easy to check-mate DAP really. Everything boils down to the Chinese voters who are very scares of the slightest threat. Forget about common sense and logical thinking. The Penang Chinese could easily be intimidated with the simplest yet silliest threat of all. Just throw in threat such as the Chinese representatives in the government will be reduced to almost nil. Tell them that the next Chief Minister will not be Chinese if they vote oppositions. Better still throw in the threat that all the multinational companies will pull out from Penang if opposition wins, hence potential loss of jobs. Also threat them with no more education allocation for Chinese schools if Penangites vote for oppositions.

Despite being complex, Penang Chinese are as kiasu and kiasi as Singaporean and are definitely not risk-takers despite being fooled by the National Front again and again without fail. Oppositions are claiming this is the best time to deny the arrogant National Front their two-third majority and could even form the new government but let’s get real. It’s easier to strike RM20 million lottery than to capture 75 parliamentary seats necessary to deny Abdullah Badawi’s team. The stars are not aligned in favor of oppositions.

Chinese voters easily scaredWhile the oppositions could rely on the already irritated Indian to swing most of the votes, the same cannot be said about Chinese votes especially Penang. Chinese votes will be split for the opposition as well as the National Front leaving the Malay votes quietly send the National Front to victorious. That’s the most likely scenario. It holds water the argument from the author of Malaysia-Today author, Raja Petra Kamarudin, that while the Indian somehow awaken from their 50-years sleep the Chinese and Malay are still in their stupid mode. It’s true that while Indian has already got their Hindraf, the Chinese are still thinking of bank-draft while Malay is enjoying their over-draft.

Hindraf Bankdraft OverdraftOn the other hand let’s see what if somehow the opposition miraculously able to deny the National Front their two-third majority by capturing 75 parliamentary seats. You don’t expect the BN to sleep through it (I know, I know, the Prime Minister has the tendency to sleep on the job), do you? How hard could it be to spend a couple of millions to buy over some oppositions to make up the two-third majority, not that the oppositions had not crossed over before. MalaysiaKini managed to interview former dictator Mahathir who shared his view on why
we need opposition (now he’s talking), Samy Vellu should be kicked out (can you believe this old fox?) and the feel good factor is simply not there.

And please don’t forget the bonus or reserve votes specifically tailored made for National Front to the tune of over 200,000 army votes. The bias Election Commission can deploy this huge votes anywhere required to cheat help National Front again. Need I say about the phantom votes again? So, the time for National Front or BN to be toppled has not yet arrived. Maybe if the Penangites are ready (and brave enough) to come forward by voting for oppositions tomorrow, it could provides the first step towards the chance of denying National Front its two-third majority in the next coming 13th General Election.

Enjoy the campaign (ceramah) video by Raja Petra Kamarudin in SS2 below. Can you imagine what could happen if there’s no YouTube? Oppositions will be slaughtered by the government-controlled print and electronic media. Perhaps Abdullah Badawi should consider buy over YouTube instead of the stupid “Corridors” projects.

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the dacing need to be taught a lesson, so they won’t be so lansi, deny them 2/3 majority

By taking some clever and dirty steps to keep its power, BN can win without the support of minority races as long as the Malays do not vote for the opposition. That is the truth. They ultimately decide the direction of our nation.

One of the dilemma of the voters is that there are not a lot of good candidates out there. We need more professionals. It is hard to think of anybody from BN who is capable of lifting this nation to another level. Unfortunately, those from the opposition does not provide a good alternative. Their speech often give me an impression that they clearly do not know how to run a government.

I do not like BN but I am also disappointed at the opposition.

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