Contamination – Dead votes & soldiers’ Double votes?

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Feb 29 2008
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The over 90 percent seats won by previous ruling government (I mentioned previous because there’s no government as the Parliament has been dissolved) was in fact could be explained in layman term. It was basically a protest vote against former premier Mahathir Mohamad’s racial discrimination and dictatorship rule. There was a strong reason why Abdullah Badawi was chosen instead of Najib Razak – to leverage on Badawi’s image as “Mr. Clean” in order to bring back supporters. Add some slogans and the voters blindly threw their support and within hours Badawi scored the highest win ever recorded. It was an easy win.

Whether there’s a gentlemen agreement between Mahathir and Badawi that the latter should enjoy the power for only one term is open to speculation. The fact is it’s hard for anybody who has tasted the power (of dictatorship) to willingly give it up. Despite unlimited control of the air time on TV and radio, as well as the mainstream print media, not to mention cash (that’s your money, mind you) one cannot rule out the obvious fact that this time around Badawi’s team could lose some seats though he will surely wins. Not only people on the ground were fed-up with Badawi’s empty promises made in 2004, they also do not see him as a capable leader that could bring the country to the right direction.

You just have to listen to the grumblings on the ground to gain tips on how the coming 12th Malaysia General Election will end up. The Chinese are not happy with the racial statement and economy while the Indian awaken by Hindraf of how they were marginalized, so much so that their basic needs such as temples were demolished without a blink. But all the Chinese, Indian and Malay have common dissatisfaction – the rising cost of living. The oppositions can smile this time as all these issues fall onto their laps without much effort. The former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has been going around telling how the oppositions would lower the fuel price if elected and form the next government. Is this for real?

Badawi and Najib (his deputy) called it a bluff as the country will goes bankrupt if fuel price was to be lowered. But Anwar justified that it can be done by taking RM10 or RM20 billion off Petronas’s (state-owned oil and gas company) RM80 billion annual net profit to reduce the fuel price; it’s laughable to even think the nation could go bust. Whether you like Anwar or not he’s definitely a very charismatic politician, not to mention a very eloquent person compared to Abdullah Badawi. Corruption scandal such as the 114 million euros (RM530 million) “commission” received from submarine deal that somehow lead to the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Sharribuu was trumpeted into the ears of people who gathered during his campaign.

malaysia candidate peeling prawnsUsing his past 8 years as former Finance Minister, Anwar ridiculed Badawi’s multiple “Coridor” projects that amounted to trillions of ringgit – something that is not possible financially. Anwar also ridiculed and made fun of the low-quality of Ministers under Badawi especially the (previous) Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin’s interview with Al-Jazeera. But those are not the end of it considering how primitive Badawi’s team is in votes fishing. It’s perfectly alright 20 years ago if the candidates help fishmongers peeling prawns, washing squids and frying noodles with their smiling face ready for the photographers to take the shot to be front-paged. But it’s a total joke to perform the same stunt at this age.

Meanwhile Malaysian netizens are watching anxiously if Jeff Ooi could become the “first blogger” to enter the election (under opposition DAP) and win a ticket to the Parliament. Jeff however is fighting an uphill battle considering his is an ageing constituency with only 15 percent people below the age of 35 and thus majority might not access his blog. Nevertheless oppositions are relying on technology such as blog and YouTube to carry their messages across, although the effect is yet to be seen. Is Abdullah Badawi’s coalition party shivering nervously at their prospect this time around? Yes and No.

Yes, judging from the high frequency of propaganda advertised on local media (they have spent over RM1 million within 3 days of campaign) and how their candidates were booed and jeered during their campaigns. For example one Donald Duck Lim got what he deserved when he used Malaysia and Burma (Myammar) as a comparison as to why voters should vote Badawi’s coalition party.

Malaysia phantom votersNo, because the Election Commission has the backup plan for coalition party in terms of “phantom voters”. Due to proofs (exposed by oppositions) of voters above 100 years old still in the electoral roll, the Election Commission finally admitted there’re a staggering 8,666 voters aged over 100 including two 128-year-olds but refused to take them out as they’re presumed alive. Oppositions on the other hand are ready with their cameraman to congratulate these super-seniors should they come out to vote before apply to the Guinness Book of Records. There’re also claims that soldiers’ would contribute double-votes for Badawi – as postal as well as civilian votes.

Oldest Voters to enter GuinnessFor gamblers who wish to strike big in 4-D, 3D or lottery, you can try the following numbers. These are the people who are over 100 years old but still alive and kicking. Enter them into here and tell me if the whole electoral roll is not contaminated.

  • 890211-05-0014 ( born: 1889 )
  • 961022-50-5236 ( born: 1896 )
  • 971219-75-0079 ( born: 1897 )
  • 991230-71-0156 ( born: 1899 )
  • 991025-74-0081 ( born: 1899 )

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