Land of Paradise with Great Leader and Mathematicians

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Feb 12 2008
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There’re not many investment heavens in this globe with Malaysia being one of the paradise. To justify Malaysia as one of the best managed countries you just got to look at some of the astounding announcements by the government. Heck, this could be the only nation that everyone should fight their heads off to become citizen or at least enroll in the “My Second Home Program”.

Malaysia Second Finance Minister Nor Yakcop claimed the country per capita income rose by 40% in 2007 compared with 2004 – RM22,345 (US$6,452) compared with RM15,819 (US$4,163) previously. Strangely the country’s GDP (gross domestic product) only grew by 5.0, 5.9 and 6.0 percent respectively in 2005, 2006 and 2007. One would wonder why U.S. didn’t snatch such a brilliant fellow to replace Ben Bernanke who did a pretty bad job. Maybe Uncle Ben’s mathematic sucks big time compare to Yakcop.

PM Badawi lazy and hardly work?Guess it’s true that in the land of the blind, the one-eyed Mamak is the king – that’s because the Finance Minister who happens to be the Prime Minister himself didn’t do much except to read from the prepared text during Budget Day. The best part is where the same person who wiped the nation’s coffer of RM30 billion from currency speculation scandal in 1990s is now the most powerful person in the Finance Ministry. But those were just paper-losses, no big deal. Nick Leeson who lost U$1.38 Billion and bankrupted Barings Bank went to jail because his magnitude of loss was just a fraction of what Nor Yakcop did.

Again in the land of the retards, the idiot becomes the oracle and so Nor Yakcop’s outrages claim that the nation’s inflation was just over 2 percent caused everyone’s jaw dropped to the floor. Such an expert is needed badly during the current election fever. It’s all about how you play with the numbers. You don’t think the election is still a year away when after decades of uncertainty suddenly more than 900 farmers in Coldstream New Village, Bidor, were given a 30-year lease for the land they have been toiling on, do you?

Today the land of the paradise is presented with yet another set of amazing figures – total trade surpassed RM1 trillion mark, again. In actual fact the RM1 trillion was the value of export and import combined – RM605.1 billion and RM504.57 billion respectively. Knowing most of the people living in the nation would most likely jump off from their bed pounding their chest in pride with the “trillion” word, the International Trade and Industry Minister played the psychology game very well indeed. It’s like saying you earned a monthly salary of RM6,000 but spent RM5,000 yet declared your total money of RM11,000. This is another minister the developed countries such as U.S. or U.K. should snatch if they need great brain.

The ability of the Prime Minister Badawi with his great vision of multiple “Coridor projects” indeed had put his predecessor Mahathir to shame. The newly Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (Score) that managed to attract RM500 billion worth of private investment made in 24 memorandum of understanding (MOUs) on the first day of the launching itself speaks volume. Where else could you find such a quality leader? He finally shared his great sorrow recently when he said he works very hard, taking great offence of people who said he didn’t work. If Malaysia is not a land of paradise I do not know what is.

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You definitely make the picture clearer. It is fun reading your stuff!

After years of application, suddenly Chinese schools are getting funding, right before election.

yes kclau … somehow i forgotten about the chinese schools funding … maybe we shouldn’t be so surprise on this (school) matter since it was expected …

cheers …

what a great leader! hail Badawi. oops, what if the corridors dont take off? are we still a trillion dollar trade nation? our GDP inexplicably will continue to rise by 40%?
oops, what if there’s no more Mamak FM? will our country collapse without his expertise? give him credit, he lost billions for the country and heis given the second bite to lose another tens of billion.

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