Tale of a Producer that runs out of Stock

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Jan 06 2008
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Just what could be the problem with Malaysia’s fifth Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi’s administration? He got the highest votes from the public during his first election since taken over from former premier Mahathir but it appears he’s screwing it up pretty fast. Hold on! It was not only the votes that Badawi gotten the highest score. Let’s be fair and analyze both his achievements (if you can call it) and his failures.

He ended the ringgit’s peg to the U.S. currency which was implemented by his predecessor. The ringgit is now proudly at the highest traded at about 3.28 to a dollar, never mind that public might not enjoy benefit(s) out of it. Then during his regime the oil prices hit the $100 a barrel on third day of New Year but of course we can’t blame him for something that he can’t control, can we? Instead he was kind enough not to raise the fuel hike when all of you were happily celebrating the 2008 New Year as the PM only promised not to do so till 11:59pm on 31st Dec 2007. Rumor has it that the next fuel hike could be as low as 40 cents per liter although nobody can blame him if he decided to raise it to 90 cents a liter or even RM1.20 a liter.

Malaysia No Cooking OilThe country also achieved another milestone when the biggest scandal was revealed but as with the normal SOP it was business as usual. And then you have perhaps the highest number of peaceful demonstrations within 1 month, not to mention the biggest rallies since 1998. And when you thought how bad the New Year 2008 could be, you were entertained with the sex scandal on the first day of the year when the PM’s comrade somehow couldn’t keep his cuckoo to where it belongs. Yeah, he was setup and he was actually in a rehearsal for a programme to teach youngsters the concept of practicing safe-sex – big deal.

The greatest achievement of all could probably be that the local stock market is at its highest, much to the envy of Mahathir. The country also saw the creation of the the biggest listed palm oil producer in the world in terms of output. Surprisingly the country is facing shortage of cooking oil based on the same commodity that the country was proud of in the first place. It’s like saying Switzerland is facing shortage of Rolex watches, Japan is facing shortage of Toyota cars and Saudi Arabia is facing the shortage of fuel. Interestingly this is not the first time the nation is facing shortage of such basic fundamental needs.

The solution by Malaysian government – rationing which limit customers to two 5kg bottles of palm oil based cooking oil each. As usual the respective ministry and even the deputy PM put the blames on middle man, consumers who panic easily and thus contribute to the shortage, smuggling and all sorts of excuses that could only insult your intelligence. Heck, if only the country is so vulnerable that a simple trick of creating a shortage would pull the nation to her knees, could you imagine the reaction of current administration if the same old George Soros was to attack the currency again as in 1997 Crisis?

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well written but then he is still in bed zzzzzzz..to even hear you out.

yes anonymous … how pathetic to have a leader who administers by pushing the auto-pilot button …

In 2004, market crashed after BN win big in elections. If BN win this year election, market will crash and you will lose money. Vote Opposition!

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