Broom Award for the Information Minister please

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Nov 13 2007
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Do you know which news hit the “Most Viewed” of the day from theStar? It’s the “Broom Award” presented by Selangor Khir Toyo to two government agencies for failing to collect assessment above the 50% mark required for 2006. It might sound insulting but in fact it could probably be the most creative (or insulting) method in getting those fat-arse moving away from the comfort chair to become more productive.

The broom might only costs RM3.80 a piece but the values associated with it was high, so much so that certain agencies magically hit 97% in terms of revenue collection just to prevent from the embarrassment of getting it. Maybe the Malaysian government could take this newly found Malaysia Broom Awardeffective method to a new level in achieving higher productivity and efficiency. Now, who should get the broom award amongst the Ministers? I would suggest the Information MinisterZainuddin Maidin a.k.a. ZAM for his latest “contribution” to the nation.

If you think Foreign Minister Syed Albar was pathetic enough for the award, wait till you hear the quality shown by ZAM during the phone interview with Al-Jazeera on the day when Malaysia’s Biggest Rallies since 1998 – KL under siege. Apart from the denial syndrome, ZAM went a level ahead of everyone by single-handedly brought Al-Jazeera to “shame” and “speechless” when he lectured the Doha, Qatar-based television network about the real meaning of democracy.

Not only that, he probably surprised every Tom, Dick and Abdullah Badawi when he shown to the world how the highest level of English should be spoken. ZAM was a former journalist himself so he can’t be wrong, can he? Furthermore as the top man sitting on the important Information Ministryship, he is the most (and bestest) informed person of the nation and whenever he speaks, the country and even Al-Jazeera should listens.

And to deny the police the rights to shoot water and chemical cannon plus the dozens of tear-gas to the peaceful marchers are as guilty as Saddam Hussain in killing their own people. Heck, it’s even worse than Pakistan’s military rule and Myanmar’s (Burma) crackdown on the monk’s peaceful demonstration. Oh! Did ZAM say Burma and Myanmar were two different countries? Well, he was misquoted, as usual, by the interviewer.

Of course the Information Minister was right that whenever the country held the election without fail, that tantamount to fair and clean election, never mind that voters as old as 100+ years and as young as 8 years can cast their vote. Tell me which country in the world can be more democratic than this. Also the gathering was illegal because the organizer doesn’t have the police permit. In the true, virgin, first-version and highest level of democracy, any gathering of 5 or more persons is as good as illegal.
ZAM Broom AwardSo, Al-Jazeera, CNN, BBC, Reuters, KyodoNews, ChinaDaily and all the foreign news providers out there better get the definition of democracy right or else Malaysian people government will laugh at you. Now where’s the broom award for the Information Minister?

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you are spot on. after zam, you will find the loud mouth, Nazri. you know something. the guys in UMNO are trying to undo each other: to be the perfect idiot for all and sundry to see. bet, this prize is bigger than the broom, no?

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