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MAS to acquire AirAsia – Can’t Beat so Eat them Alive?

When the managing director of MAS, Idris Jala, said the company is interested in M&A (mergers and acquisitions) with other Asia Pacific carriers to grow the company, it didn’t raise my attention. The reason was quite easy – on its own, the Malaysia Airline System (KLSE: MAS, stock-code 3786) does not have the financial strength […]

... written on Feb 19 2008

Badawi attracted international attention, the wrong way

There’re many ways to skin a cat, so goes the saying. As far as a leader of a nation is concerned, there’re many ways to attract international attention as well. Former premier Mahathir chose to worship the Japan while blasted the Western during his dictatorship, so much so that he was labeled as anti-Semitic by […]

... written on Feb 18 2008

Astro trying to make money with Virgin

Astro which has a virtual monopoly on pay-TV services in Malaysia has almost nowhere to expand except internationally although its venture into Indonesia was met with losses. Reuters reported that Astro All Asia Network Plc (KLSE: ASTRO, stock-code 5076) is now trying to bid for United Kingdom-based SMG Plc.’s (LON: SMG) radio broadcaster Virgin Radio […]

... written on Feb 17 2008

Affordable and Magic of Air Travel with Silverjet

Donald Trump used to be a billionaire and lost everything with lots of debts, so much so that once he envied man on the street because those people have more money than him. But he learnt his lesson and diversification was the name of the game. He’s back to the status of a billionaire now […]

... written on Feb 16 2008

Make Money TIPS for 4-D and 3-D Punters and Gamblers

The heat of 12th Malaysia General Election already started this year, 2008, although it has not reach the climax and boiling level yet. It’s not too much to say that most of the politicians are still warming up their belly since the final candidates list is not officially out yet. Majority of the “potential” candidates, […]

... written on Feb 15 2008

Sluggish Bernanke – Bear will roam till end of the year

The last thing you wish to see, or rather hear, is the pessimism from the most powerful person in charge of nation’s economy. This of course applies to person(s) who is transparent about the economy status and do not beat around the bush, never mind he was late in taking the necessary action to put […]

... written on Feb 15 2008

Tradewinds Boss raised the previous Pathetic Offer

Four months ago businessman Syed Mokhtar tried to purchase stocks he didn’t own from shareholders cheaply. The offer prices were ridiculously cheap as if he was trying to insult the shareholders’ intelligence, although his primary intention was to ensure he get hold of the RM597 million to repay debts totaling RM355 million. For example his […]

... written on Feb 14 2008

Getting $600 Free Money, dream of a lifetime

If you’re a good American citizen who pay taxes or earn at least $3,000, you’re one of the 130 million lucky people selected by President Bush for the “Rebate Checks” scheduled to arrive at your doorstep around May 2008. Most taxpayers will receive a check of up to $600 for individuals and $1,200 for couples, […]

... written on Feb 14 2008

PM lied, Parliament dissolved, Elections on, Rumors won

One day after Malaysia Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi lied denied the Parliament will be dissolved (today) the guessing game came to an end when the PM announced today that he had met the Yang Di Pertuan Agong (King) in the morning and received His Majesty’s consent to dissolve Parliament. The PM apparently made the announcement […]

... written on Feb 13 2008

Land of Paradise with Great Leader and Mathematicians

There’re not many investment heavens in this globe with Malaysia being one of the paradise. To justify Malaysia as one of the best managed countries you just got to look at some of the astounding announcements by the government. Heck, this could be the only nation that everyone should fight their heads off to become […]

... written on Feb 12 2008

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