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Feb 15 2008
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The heat of 12th Malaysia General Election already started this year, 2008, although it has not reach the climax and boiling level yet. It’s not too much to say that most of the politicians are still warming up their belly since the final candidates list is not officially out yet. Majority of the “potential” candidates, except for the top leaders of the respective parties, are still in the dark whether they’ll be picked. For example there’re rumors that the controversial (or rather incapable) Works Minister, Samy Vellu, might be dropped after serving for 30-years. Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi neither acknowledged nor denied Samy be sent packing.

The most surprising news to all including oppositions is definitely the generous 13 days of campaigning period. But everyone was willing to bet their life & soul that it was more to do with PM Badawi’s lucky number rather than being nice guy and generous. His official car registration number is 13 and he decided to follow the advice of his feng-shui master to dissolve the Parliament on 13th Feb 2008. Born in the year of Rabbit his master said he would benefit from the number 13 and having his grandson born on 13th, it’s hard for Badawi not to be superstitious.

Now, for 4-D punters there’re more numbers to bet. There’re 222 parliamentary and 505 state seats up for grab. Nomination date is 24th Feb 2008. Depending on your creativity, the list of numbers that you could bet might be huge:

Malaysia General Election 4D 3D Bet4-D numbers to bet:

  • 1313 – PM’s favorite number
  • 2402 – Nomination date, 24th Feb
  • 2139 – Last 4 digits being 10,922,139 registered voters.
  • 1085 – Last 4 digits from 221,085 postal voters
  • 8308 – Polling date of 8th Mar 2008

3-D numbers to bet:

  • 222 – Parliamentary seats
  • 505 – State seats
  • 803 – Polling date of 8th Mar 2008

There you are some of the hot numbers which could strike big. You might want to consider 0000 as the potential lucky number as well. Why 0000? Let’s give the PM Badawi the PM Badawi forgotten to dissolve Parliamentbenefit of doubt that he lied about the Parliament dissolution. So why he announced the dissolution when less than 24 hours ago he denied it? Besides lying through his teeth the other theory was he actually “forgot” (thus the number 0000) about the dissolution date. Now, stop snoozing and remember to rush to the nearest number forecast outlet if you wish to strike good money.

Forget about stocks investing for the time being and ignore those analysts who said you should jump into stock market now the election is confirmed. With Bernanke’s confirmation of U.S. sluggish economy and the current KLCI at above 1,400 points, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you the election rally has already been discounted. The attention should be, at least temporarily, at the outcome of the coming 12th general election. **Please buy me some beers if the above numbers strikes**

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