Getting $600 Free Money, dream of a lifetime

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Feb 14 2008
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If you’re a good American citizen who pay taxes or earn at least $3,000, you’re one of the 130 million lucky people selected by President Bush for the “Rebate Checks” scheduled to arrive at your doorstep around May 2008. Most taxpayers will receive a check of up to $600 for individuals and $1,200 for couples, with an additional $300 for each child. Bush’s $168 billion rescue package, Economy Rescue Bill, passed with lightning speed could easily become one of the envies to other parts of the world.

Just imagine what the same money could do to the drooling Malaysian voters who are scheduled to cast their votes in early Mar 2008 after the PM Badawi dissolved the Parliament yesterday. The prime minister who was labeled to have done almost nothing throughout his four years against his 2004 election promises could easily repeat the same victory, no?

Free $600There are 10.9 million eligible voters in this nation of 27 million people and to give away $600 to each of the voters will cost the coffer $6.54 billion, a small amount to pay considering the recently launched Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (Score) managed to attract a whopping RM500 billion worth of private investment. Just keep launching more “Corridors” and the “election investment” will pay for itself. Am I genius or what? Stop dreaming!

Anyway, the Economy Rescue plan by Bush was to force the money into American’s pocket so that they could spend and energize the U.S. economy to prevent it into recession, officially. But the plan might not work because according to a poll done, 45 percent people indicated they planned to pay off bills with 32 percent said they would save or invest the money. With only 19 percent said they would spend their rebates money, Bush could see the plan goes down the drain. The $168 billion hot money at best could push the recession timing into 2009 instead of current 2008.

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